Mugabe ignored report on obscene salaries, says ex-minister

via Mugabe ignored report on obscene salaries, says ex-minister | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

President Robert Mugabe knew of the obscene salaries earned by executives in public institutions as far back as four years ago but did not act, a former cabinet minister has said.

Former minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals, Gorden Moyo, said that he presented details on corporate corruption to a full cabinet meeting and Mugabe was made aware of the extent of the rot.

Moyo’s comments come after minister of State in the President’s Office, Didymus Mutasa, claimed that prior to the ongoing exposés Mugabe was not aware of the ‘obscene salaries.’ Mutasa was quoted in the press claiming that Mugabe is a ‘principled man’ who could not have ignored the extent of corruption in public institutions.

But speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme on Wednesday Moyo said details were contained in a report compiled by his ministry following a six month investigation exercise. According to Moyo out of the country’s 78 parastatals only 45 responded to their research while only 35 revealed the salaries of their top management. At the time, Moyo said, the average salary of an executive was between $15,000 and $20,000 a month, minus the allowances and benefits.

Moyo also revealed that cabinet then directed that all the ministries whose parastatals were cited in the report should act on the issue of the high salaries. Moyo said his ministry was later informed that the salaries had been cut to between $3,000 and $5,000 a month.

Moyo said: ‘We were just told, but as you already know that was a lie. Behind the scenes they just increased the salaries.’

The MP for Makokoba said the results of their research led to the corporate governance framework document, which clearly stated who should sit on a parastatal board and who should not. The document also recommended how salaries should be bracketed and how allowances should be decided. According this document Presidential spokesman George Charamba was an ‘improper’ member of the Premier Service Medial Aid Society board, where he earned $100, 000 as a board member last year.

Moyo said Zimbabweans should not expect any of the disgraced executives to be prosecuted because they were earning some of the money on behalf of the service chiefs and operatives in the President’s Office.

Little has yet been done about the corruption in parastatals but on Tuesday transport minister Obert Mpofu dissolved the board of the corruption-embattled Air Zimbabwe, alongside those of four other parastatals.

The national airline is at the center of an $11 million insurance scam which has led to the conviction of company secretary Grace Pfumbidzayi by a disciplinary tribunal. Other parastatals whose boards were dissolved are National Railways of Zimbabwe, Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe National Road Administration and the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe.


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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    beyond all the issues about salaries and corruption etc,name a single parastatal that is operating to any level of competence..the dismal failure is 100%the fault of Zanupf and its attitude toward party politics rather than giving a damn about what happens to the country and its people, the revolution was over 34 years ago but the mentality remains in order to cover up gross mismanagement and ‘jobs for the boys,industry has failed, agriculture is no longer commercial and the people are starving and have no jobs,the only capital being generated is from mining ,which has bypassed the government coffers to be payed out to the chosen few and the even more corrupt chinese miners who treat Zimbos with more racism than the whites ever did as they have no real stake here, they are not Africans, black or white and are exploiting the Zanu failures with a smile on their faces, our conservation has fallen by the wayside and tourism is confined to a couple of areas…ask yourself this question-why would anyone in their right minds ever vote for Zanu again,unless of course you are Zezuru or your are forced into it by the killers in our so called army and police….wake up and cry the beloved country out loud!!

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    If at all Mugabe was a’principled man’ as the likes of Epidydimis Mutasa want us to believe he would sack the whole bunch of thieves masquarading as Ministers starting with Chombo right down to that defunct Minister of Psychomotor stuff and replace them with new people.ALAS Bob has lost his mabbles I doubt very much that he is the full ticket these days. Cant even control his own bladder let alone a group of rouges in Parliament. So we are saddled for the long haul by incompetency and greed.Stll hopeful that something will give soon.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    That is what caught my eye. The reference to Mugabe as a “principled” man. Diddy probably even believes this. Here are a couple of principles we absolutely know Mugabe owns

    What is yours is mine

    Torture is ok

    Murder of innocents is ok

    Pauperise and entire country is ok

    Racism is good

    It is fine for a married man to fool around

    My rights are the only ones that count

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    Indeed he knew. The CIOs knew everything. Maybe they tried to do their job and were told to back off. Jonathan is just trying to misdirect the public from real issues affecting them and sacrificing a few here and there. Why is the Chronicle silent on Chiyangwa’s barbaric torture? Its another Baba Jukwa myth that misled people into believing that Zanupf’s empire was crumbling while they had put up a smart strategy to outplay the stupid opposition.

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    masvukupete 8 years ago

    In steps the independent media. There should be minutes and copies of the reports out there somewhere. Please release the reports and minutes. We want to know how far up this issue goes. If we dont expose it then we will have failed dismally. Maybe we will make better decisions in future elections.

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    The Thieves under the leadership of the Chief Thief would never really act against each other – they know too much about each other’s thieving and looting. If one person ever ends up in court – he may start bleating about the others.

    The present screaming and shouting is a storm in a teacup. The mentioned thieves will be redeployed to other positions where they can do the same – the Chief thief will not punish his corrupt underlings. The storm will blow over and ZANU-PF will announced that all measures to correct the situation have been taken and everything is now in order.

    Meanwhile the looting will continue unabated – even on a larger scale than was prevalent in the past.

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    There is nothing that is going to stop corruption in Zimbabwe. What we need is GOD INTERVENTION.

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    Harry 8 years ago

    Not revolbutionaries but “REVOLTARIES”-sounds like lavatories which need regular flushing in this society and deposition at the Chikarubi and Wha-Wha Sewage Works for institutionalised cleansing before being ploughed back into society

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    Well done Gordon Moyo for speaking out. Where are the real men and women of ZPF? Are there any? does anyone in that party stand for the truth? Truth has fallen in the streets and no one demands justice. God’s justice is surely falling! It is either repentance or judgment for ZPF now!

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    NBS judgement? What judgement? From which God? Do you believe in the same God as Family Of God leader Wutanashe, the Celebration, Church YavaPostori YaBaba Johane Masowe and many others mushrooming all over created by the very looters but claiming to be worshiping God? This looting process is being prayed for I tell you. Perhaps the best is to look for a simple human practical solution. God will intervene at His time in His own way because even looters are His crations. Remember Obert Mpofu is an SDA member and Chinoz muporofita and so was Boarder Gezi.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    He does care, does he! His boys and girls on a party mission!

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    sorry I wanted to say the even looters are His creations

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    The ICC has received a dossier and action will be taken my Zimbabweans. Zanu your time to exit is near. The children of our country must have a better future than this. PASI NE ZANU

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    Joe Jones 8 years ago

    Another strategy to rig the economy wait until end off year, all of sudden all will be well in Zim,nikuv is busy with a special task to produce a better result out ZIMASSET.