Mujuru backtracks on corruption, says she was misquoted

via Mujuru backtracks on corruption, says she was misquoted | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 

Vice-President Joice Mujuru, facing a barrage of criticism for her comments on corruption, has backtracked claiming she was misquoted about wanting to gag the media for exposing the rot in parastatals.

Mujuru’s remarks have badly tainted her image and were uttered during an address to members of the ZANU PF Women’s League in Mashonaland West.

She warned the party to be wary of individuals who have infiltrated it with the aim of destabilizing it from within; accusing the media of being part of the plan. She said they should stop exposing the scandals.

The comments have sparked furious reaction from many Zimbabweans, both inside and outside the country and so she has backtracked and denied that she is against media revelations on corrupt activities. Then she blamed the media for allegedly misquoting her.

Analysts said while she may want to distance herself from the storm she created, they say it’s apparent the comments were directed towards individuals from the other faction led by party stalwart Emmerson Mnangagwa.

It is her insinuation that corruption should not be exposed in the media that has touched a raw nerve. Businessman and opposition politician Charlton Hwende said it is understandable why Mujuru is not comfortable reading about corruption in the media, because she belongs to a party that is corrupt to the bone.

‘If you look at Mujuru, the late husband was probably one of the most corrupt people to live in Zimbabwe and the whole ZANU PF machinery is oiled by corruption. From 1980 until now, you will see that ZANU PF has been sustained by corruption, so we are not surprised that Mujuru is defending the rot.

‘Even if you look at Mugabe, he’s now fighting for a $5 million mansion in Singapore, where did he get that money? asked Hwende.

The MDC-T national executive member said the furore caused by Mujuru was a result of factionalism pitting her against Mnangagwa. He said Mujuru was not wrong in pointing a finger of accusation at her rivals.

‘The exposés can be directly linked to Mnangagwa’s camp that is now hitting back after their provincial losses in the party elections to the Mujuru’s faction,’ Hwende said.


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    Granted Munangagwa may well have reason to milk the Mujuru flogging story for as long as is possibly. He of course is a fool if he believes that his own spots will be washed clean by flogging the dead horse that is Joyce. He is an even bigger fool if he thinks Zimbabweans do not know him for what he really is. A thief and a murderer. The only endorsement he gets is from within the rotten Party he and Joyce belong and the few Greenbombers who are paid in splifs of cannabis. The ordinary man on the street would not urinate on either of them if they where on fire. So trying to hijack this issue of corruption to fight their own wars is naive and only goes to show how selfish he is. In a free and fair election neither of them would win which is why they want to be ‘appointed’ by Mugabe as if that will endear them to the nation.
    We have always known that corruption was rampant within the ruling Party going back to the days when Thomas Mapfumo sang about it and was vilified for it. It just didn’t make huge headlines then as it has in the last couple of weeks.

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    Chatunga 7 years ago

    Never knew that Joyce would stoop so low by protecting thieves

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    die groot wyt aap 7 years ago

    Chatunga my friend, of course Comrade Mujuru doesn’t want thieves investigated. I believe she’s already been caught at least once trying to sidestep sanctions by selling 3 tons of gold looted from mines in the Congo and no mention of the diamonds as well. If they are ever recovered, they should be returned to the people of the Congo.

    sweet dreams comrades, sweet dreams

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      Doris 7 years ago

      Wasn’t there some scandal with Joyce and her daughter dealing in gold in Spain? Or was that someone else?

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    The Shona people never voted for ZANU in 1980 or thereafter. The British helped Mugabe to win in 1980 and have been helping him ever since. Please check your facts before accusing the Shona people

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    Senzachena 7 years ago

    Majuru opened her mouth, changed feet and is now caught with her pants down (What a ghastly thought). She like the rest of them is a liar, apart from being a murderer and a thief. Her time is fast approaching together with the rest of they rotton crew.

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    Yep! There time is fast approaching. Zimbabweans must find their voice and their courage to demand real change. To wait for 2018 is totally unacceptable to me. What are we thinking? We demand free and fair elections now!!!!! Lucy, who ever you are, methinks you maybe leadership material!

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    The nation of Zimbabwe must rise up again and force these rats out. They are eating us dead. They are fat and blouted and we are thin and emancipated. Where is the justice in this. Woza I will be marching with you tomorrow.

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    Death or freedom

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    honestly Mujuru cannot qualify to a president for tomorow. To justfy this,let us eliminate these parasites by voting Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

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    topheavy 7 years ago

    Jay c, my intention is not to criticize you, but in all honesty, the Shona majority actually voted for Zpf for quite some time. It was never wrong to have voted for the first time in your life time for a movement that helped to decimate the shackles of oppression. One must never feel guilty for having voted for a political party they thought shared the same vision and aspirations as them. But after realizing the misplacement of priorities by a now pompous and ruthless cabal in Zpf, which instituted the black friday that plunged the nation into the abyss of hyper inflation after dolling out unbudgeted for monies to a restive war veteran constituency,followed by a heartless destruction of livelihoods of a lot of perceived Mdc supporters in the form of Murambatsvina, it only made sense that people divorced themselves from Zpf. Its a known fact that of the two liberation movements, Zpf was arguably the bigger in terms of the coverage during the struggle and obviously in 1980, at elections, a wider constituency covered by Zanla forces voted Zpf for very obvious reasons. But lets not translate this to mean hatred for Zapu.Its also wrong to to assume that the Ndebele are naturally calibrated to be immune to corruption as evidenced by the activities of one Obert Mpofu, who is ndebele as they come. And like wise, we also have very politically astute persons in the Shona who have demonstrated that though power is sweet, you need to give it up at some point like Eric Matinenga who never needed a negative reason to quit. So, Jay c, don’t feel faulted by being associated with Zpf as Shona, at some point, for even Morgan Tsvangirai was at one time a staunch Zpf supporter, who has just happened to now differ with their ideological mentality. But if you did not vote for them, believe me a lot of Shonas did, for a very long time.