#mugabe ‘no longer fit to govern’

via Mugabe ‘no longer fit to govern’ – The Zimbabwe Independent May 16, 2014 by Owen Gagare

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe  is once again in Singapore for a week-long private visit where he will undergo “a routine eye check-up” according to government, his third visit to the Asian country this year alone — signifying his deteriorating health while raising the question whether he is still fit to govern.

Mugabe (90) was in Singapore during his annual leave in January, but that did not stop him from visiting the country in February again for further treatment.

Prior to that, Mugabe also visited Singapore in November and in June last year, a month before last year’s July general elections.

The latest Singapore shuttle comes after many Zimbabweans felt sorry for him when he struggled to read a speech during the Independence Day celebrations last month, with his right eye evidently giving him problems.

This, coupled with Mugabe’s confirmation he has a knee problem, and persistent reports of prostate cancer, has inevitably led to concerns about the president’s ability to provide effective leadership to the nation, especially as it becomes increasingly clear that he intends to extend his leadership at the helm of the ruling party at the Zanu PF congress come December.

Of particular concern to most Zimbabweans is that the country is facing serious economic problems, particularly the liquidity crunch hampering companies’ efforts to retool and improve capacity utilisation while forcing some to close down. This has led to massive jobs loses and fuelled unemployment.

The company closures have resulted in a decrease in government revenues and a fiscus crisis.

Questions are therefore being asked as to whether Mugabe, who maintains he has unfinished but yet to be specified business to take care of, still has the capacity and stamina to resolve the plethora of problems bedevilling the country.

Mugabe, who reportedly has prostate cancer besides battling eye problems, has been visiting the Far East country since 2011 but the frequency of the visits has been increasing each year, amid concerns that his ability to exercise leadership have been diminishing as his health deteriorates and age inevitably takes its toll on him.

Government sources told the Zimbabwe Independent this week that the president has “slowed down” as evidenced by his reduced appearances in public.

“He no longer has a firm grasp of issues, but he tries to be in control by meeting ministers regularly so that he is up to date with developments. But the energy and interest are gone; the man is now a shadow of his once vibrant self even though he still chairs cabinet,” said a senior cabinet minister.

Mugabe has been at the helm of Zanu PF since 1977 and has ruled the country since 1980. He has refused to relinquish power despite his generation of leaders and contemporaries who came after him having made way for fresh leadership.

For example South Africa, which attained freedom in 1994, has had four presidents in Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma now serving his last term.

In Mozambique President Armando Guebuza is expected to quit when his second term expires in October paving way for Defence minister Filipe Nyussi to take over. Mozambique has had Samora Machel, who died in a plane crash in 1986, Joachim Chissano and Guebuza as leaders since Independence in 1975.

Several southern African countries are holding elections this year among them Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia, which will bring changes in the countries but that change has eluded Zimbabwe which has been stuck with Mugabe for one reason or the other over the past 34 years. Political analysts say Mugabe’s inability to provide energetic and efficient leadership is one of the causes of the increase in corruption by government ministers, state enterprise executives and individuals, besides other government failures.

Dr Ibbo Mandaza said the health problems the president is facing are not unusual for a 90-year-old but pointed out Mugabe no longer has the capacity to continue running the country.

“The question which Zimbabweans and the media should be answering now is: At which stage is one regarded as being incapacitated and who decides whether one is incapacitated or not? Is it parliament, is it another body?” he said.

“That is what parliament should be seized with. I would say that anyone at 90 is incapacitated and should not be in a public office. The question is why should one continue for so long; what are the circumstances that warrant such a long stay?”

Mandaza said there is evidence that government is not operating at full throttle and attributed this to Mugabe’s failure to provide effective leadership.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Dr Eldred Masunungure said Mugabe’s health should be a concern to all Zimbabweans, moreso because of the acute problems the country is facing.

He said at 90, Mugabe did not have the capacity to turn around the fortunes of the country, adding it would be in the best interest of the country if he was to take advantage of Zanu PF’s congress in December to step down and hand over power to another official.
“Zimbabwe is in a limbo. No one is in charge to steer the country away from the precipitous fall which it is about to plunge into,” said Masunungure.

“We have to bear in mind that leading a country is a heavy burden for anyone. Look at Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria. At 56 he is crumbling under the weight of problems but add 30 more years in Mugabe’s situation and you see the task he faces.

“Zimbabwe needs someone to run it with energy and mental and physical stamina. At 90, I don’t think he has the stamina that is needed for a country with so many problems. Those close to him should have advised him it was time to take it easy, but they are either too selfish or too timid to do so.”

Masunungure said Zimbabwe is bound to remain trapped in doldrums until a new leader, with a fresh vision and masterplan, takes over from Mugabe.



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    Reverend 9 years ago

    The dude is NOT going for eye treatment, he goes for total blood transfusions, and colapsed after a politburo meeting and they managed to get him back to life….The eye rubbish is just a curve ball which of course is a lie.. methinks his day is very soon…hopefully.

    • comment-avatar
      MikeH 9 years ago

      Yep!!! It’s my guess, you are right. His end day is close.

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    Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

    Rigging the 2013 elections was a job and a half and it left Mugabe thoroughly exhausted; it was the first elections he has had to rig without having to resort to his tried and tested method of using violence. He had to find the billions of dollars required to pay hired crowds to his party rallies, the party youths who were bussed around to vote, the CIO and other Officials who made it all happen, NIKUV who corrupted the voters roll, etc. All in all it must have costed billions of dollars which left the party and nation stone broke.

    Irony of ironies in rigging the elections he inadvertently started an even bigger prob-lem for himself the economic melt-down. After the reckless spending to finance the vote rigging the country had no money to finance the economic recovery and the party’s anti-investor indigenisation rhetoric to win domestic votes had scarred away all outside investors. So Mugabe was left holding an empty $27 billion ZimAsset begging bowl but without getting even one dollar to rattle the bowl. Not even the Chinese would give me even one Yuan!

    Holding that empty begging bowl for nine months would depress a spring chicken and Mugabe is no spring chicken! I would challenge the cabinet minister, whoever he/she was, to hold that mocking begging bowl for a month, just one month and they too will know just how stressful it is.

    Even if Mugabe was to retire tomorrow whoever takes over and has to hold that empty ZimAsset begging bowl will have the “poisoned” chalice! No wonder the fight to replace Mugabe has been eerily quiet these last few months; who wants to inherit a crown of thorns?

    • comment-avatar
      Reverend 9 years ago

      Crown of thorns!??,….rather blasphemous I reckon Wilbert..You started off well but fell into your usual hole.oofff.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Jrr I agree he’s wasn’t ever fit to rule or govern

    • comment-avatar
      chasura utsi 9 years ago

      Vakomana chinzwirei tsitsi chidhara ichi chingadiivo pasina anoda ku take over mu zan macho.Noone wants to inherit a crown of thorns-Well said Mr Mkori

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    Britain, the US, South Africa and the rest should be ashamed for handing a first world country in a third world continent to a bunch of thieves and murderers.

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    Mugabe is definitely too old to govern the country. His daily routine is probably similar to what any fit 90 year old does. Short walks, lots of naps, a bit of TV. But long detailed meetings about the economy, the state of education, infrastructure renewal, city water supplies…. I don’t think so. He must step down immediately.

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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    One can only hope he is suffering horribly.

    • comment-avatar
      Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

      He enjoys our suffering, he is the devil’s incarnate.
      ZANU,, the sellout party.

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    Mahlaba 9 years ago

    The old man should have retired long time ago! The problem is Grace, she still wants to be first lady.

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    He is now literally a resident of singapore. He however frequently visits zim his milk cow to loot.

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    George 9 years ago

    Look Folks he is gonna go. But when he goes I hope you all wont be jumping up and down in jubilation. Give him a just funeral. BURY HIM LIKE A KING. While he has wrecked the economy and allowed massive corruption to fester, he has left you one thing…the idea that you can be MASTER of Your own destiny. NEVER AGAIN will you be a second class citizen in yor OWN country…Yes welcome foreign investment, guarantee private property rights, work to grow a Middle Class…Invest in infrastracture(electrical power plants and clean water)

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    MikeH 9 years ago

    The thing is though, mugabe hasn’t governed for many a year ….. Joint Operations Command has been doing that.

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    He was exceptionally good at masking his true colours that everyone who voted him in in 1980 thought Yesss ..he was one to take the nation forward.

    Alas you it all came out in the wash over the years now we all know the true jackal he really is. The jackal that has devoured our children’s future and is unapologetic about it.

    Hind sight is a terrible thing.