Grace #mugabe ill in Singapore [??]

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | ‘Grace Mugabe Seriously ill in Singapore’ – Rumour by Mary-Kate Kahari 16 May 2014

An online publication,  The Telescope News, claims that the First lady, Grace Mugabe, is “seriously ill” and  “secretly receiving medical care in Singapore.”

HARARE – First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is the one who has been flown to Singapore, for urgent medical attention, contrary to reports on Wednesday, that her husband, President Robert Mugabe was the one going for routine cataract check-ups, The Telescope News claims.

Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, appears to have sold a dummy to the media, by issuing a “cover-up statement”, suggesting that, the ailing Zanu PF leader was the one undergoing a routine cataract check-up.

“His Excellency the President Cde R.G. Mugabe, left Harare this afternoon (Wednesday) for Singapore on a week-long private visit to that country. During his visit President Mugabe will undergo a routine eye check-up following a recent procedure on the same,” said Charamba. “The President was seen off at the Harare International Airport by the Honourable Vice President, Cde Joice T. R. Mujuru, Senior Minister in the Office of the President and Cabinet Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, Honourable Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Professor Jonathan Moyo, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck J. M. Sibanda, Service Chiefs, Harare Metropolitan Province Minister Cde Miriam Chikukwa and other senior Government officials. Honourable Vice President Joice Mujuru will act in His Excellency the President’s absence.”

Interestingly, the government controlled Herald Newspaper, used a file photo for the story, where a “jovial” Mugabe (see picture below), is seen shaking the hands of Vice President Mujuru, who is equally in a cheerful mood. Other smiling faces behind Mugabe, at the Harare International Airport snap, are long-serving ministers, Didymus Mutasa and Sydney Sekeramayi.

The state media, our sources say is attempting to make a “photo blackout” of the first family, as current photographs, could expose the fatality of Mugabe’s eye problems through facial expressions, and the type of glasses he wears. On the other hand, Grace Mugabe, herself has only had public pictures taken during the wedding of her daugther Bona, at their Borrowdale mansion in March. Present photos of the first lady, could also expose her continued loss of weight, sources said.

“Pictures say a thousand words. That is why the government controlled media decided not to publish current photos. It is clearly Grace Mugabe who is sick, and not the old man (Mugabe).”

Well placed intelligence officials, travelling with the discreet presidential party, confirmed yesterday that Grace Mugabe is the one, who is suffering from a “chronic ailment”, which we are yet to establish.

The Telescope News, was the first online news publication, yesterday to raise alarm on the suspicion, that all is not well, health wise for the first lady.

“It is Amai (Grace), who is seriously ill and she has been receiving treatment at a private hospital in Singapore city for some three or so years now,” said one of the intelligence staffer. “Yes, the President always has his own routine eye check-up, but it is not as serious, as what is being potrayed by the media. You people must do your investigations properly, and you will not struggle to break this one. Unfortunately local media players, are unable to send their journalists to Singapore. In Harare, the populace will remain in the dark. The President, is not severe as the first lady. However, we do not know, what she is suffering from?”

In 2011, Mugabe made a similar, sudden disappearence to Singapore on a Friday evening, to seek medical treatment in the Asian country, but it turned out, Grace, was the one being attended to, for a “serious ailment”, which remains a mystery.

During the same year, the Mugabe’s travelled to Singapore countless times, blowing millions of tax-payer dollars, under the guise of Mugabe’s eye operations and cataract problems.

Charamba, as expected told a local weekly newspaper, at the time, that he had not been briefed about the controversial Singapore trip, which raised speculation about the first lady’s alleged failing health.

“It could be that they went to visit their daughter (Bona) who is on attachment in China, because they usually meet up in Singapore but then maybe there is something else,” Charamba said. “However, it cannot be anything serious. Usually, if I am in Harare, I will go and see him (Mugabe) off at the airport and I would be briefed on the reason on why he is travelling but I am in Kadoma attending a Zimbabwe Media Commission conference.”

Mugabe’s press secretary, also denied that Grace according to media reports, was suffering from a dislocated hip, after slipping in the bathroom at the first family’s Borrowdale residence.



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    Reverend 9 years ago

    God is in control, maybe they will just pop off together…

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    Petal 9 years ago

    what a load of rubbish
    First the comment was Bob going for eye check up
    why are they not using local hospitals ???

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    Petal 9 years ago

    for a 90 year old ones year is totally grey using inecto

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    Petal 9 years ago

    this scum bag really p people off
    meant for a 90 year old ones hair is totally grey is he using inecto?

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    I don’t care what troubles either of them, I just wish they would over with it and disappear.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Grace with HIV? From all her dark alley exploits? That’ll be a laugh,

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      maita 9 years ago

      Why do you think its HIV, if it is it would not be that serious except if she does not follow her treatment well. Most zimbabweans are walking HIV+ but fear the tests.

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    Chaka 9 years ago

    Nothing unusual, all of us get sick. Why not reveal the truth charamba. If it is time for God, Singapore is not a solution. Let her die. What has she done for the country? Looting will will be minus 1 if she goes.

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    If she has got his /aids how many has she infected? hopefully the entire cabinet.

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    Senzachena 9 years ago

    Let it be slow and very, very painful! Not too slow but enough to give her time to contemplate her worthless life. Hope it is AIDS, but probably wishful thinking

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    Mahlaba 9 years ago

    If she goes she will be buried at the Heroes Acre.

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    Harare Metropolitan Province Minister Cde Miriam Chikukwa

    Who is she???

    There must be people only in government for the sole puropse of escorting The Dear Oppresor to and from the air port how interesting

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    too many dirty willies.

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    bobpit mugarbage is now literally a resident of singapore. He however frequently visits zim his milk cow to loot. l pray the plane crushes during one of these numerous looting escapades.

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Perhaps more intriguing is the main article the Grace story was extracted from which alleges the Chinese are holding off funding Zimasset because they plan to use that as part of a scheme to help install and entrench Mnangagwa after Mugabe’s demise.

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    Wish the Mugabes quick recovery.

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Anyone who doesn’t give a damn when so many of his own countrymen express so much hatred against him is obviously not a normal human beings!!

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    Zeezee 9 years ago

    I hope the wicked witch dies! Living in hope

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    Really sadddddd 8 years ago

    LOL, how embarrassing. If i was zambawean, I’d be ashamed if my own leadership had to go to asia for medical treatment instead of my own country. Mugabe spent too much time obsessing about farmers and not enough time developing his medical hospitals.