Mugabe slams small houses

via Mugabe slams small houses December 8, 2013

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said yesterday small houses should not exist and need to be destroyed in remarks targeted at his Cabinet ministers.

Cabinet ministers and senior officials in Zanu PF have been embroiled in messy divorce proceedings instigated by infidelity among spouses.

In his remarks at the wedding reception of former central bank governor Gideon Gono’s daughter at a colourful function in Borrowdale yesterday, President Mugabe admitted that his ministers were involved in extra marital affairs.

“Dai taiziva zvemasmall houses taiti we will go and destroy because they shouldn’t exist at all,” he said.

“What do you need a small house for? What has happened to your big house? Why do you want to spend more time with a small house and not a big house? Do your children know about the small house?”

Gono’s daughter, Praise, exchanged vows with Tshalahika Malaba at Christchurch in Borrowdale. The reception was held at Palm Estate also in Borrowdale.

Mugabe said his family and Gono’s came a long way. He said his family had comforted Gono after his children were expelled from Australia.

As a gift to the newlyweds, the First family offered to buy a dining room suite from Adam Bede. They also gave the newlyweds US$6 000. Bona Mugabe and Bellarmine weighed in with US$2 000 and US$1000 respectively. Gono gave the newlyweds a house in Borrowdale Brooke.

The First Family also assisted in the wedding preparations. Zanu PF national chairman, Simon Khaya-Moyo and secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa also attended the wedding reception alongside executives from the corporate world.



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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Doris 10 years ago

    Didn’t Grace live in the ‘small house’ before Sally died?

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    jongwe power 10 years ago

    If the country has a “small house” or adultery epidemic, blame the parents and leaders of those wayward folks. What did the role models do for 34 years before suddenly finding out that their sons have impregnated a dozen women, or their daughters defiled themselves before the age of 14? If our elders would rather obsess over politics than the moral upbringing of their own damn children, then maybe that just means that adultery is okay in our culture.

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    simon 10 years ago

    Senile Bob…practice what you preach. Disgrace was your small house as Doris mentioned. So two faced and your actions never follow what your mouth produces!

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    Come on Gono you can do better than that,you have so many houses.At least give them one each and maybe later, one for each new born.

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    Blackhammer! 10 years ago

    Guess who’s talking? A catholic who had a ‘small house’ while the wife, Sally, was on her death bed. And guess who was making her tea while she was dying? Grace, and that is nothing to do with giving praise to the Lord. Men were sent to prison for daring to tell as it was. Enough lectures please. Thanks a lot! And there is no running water at Harare hospital and others nationwide! Man we got a problem.
    Simon M Tozvireva.

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    simon 10 years ago

    we know what the problem is….its a disease of cancer nature called zanu-pf. seems to be no cure for it at the moment!!! keeps coming back