Mugabes give Gono’s daughter $10,000

via Mugabes give Gono’s daughter $10,000 08/12/2013 NewZimbabwe

Robert Mugabe has again taken a swipe at men, including members of his cabinet, who have extra-marital affairs popularly referred to as “small houses” and urging people to observe the sanctity of marriage.

Mugabe was speaking at the wedding of Praise Emily Gono and Tshalahika Malaba.

Praise is daughter of former Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono, while her newly married husband is son to former Chamber of Mines Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Malaba.

The First Family blessed the newlyweds with a dining room suite, a dinning set and US$6,000 while Bona Mugabe and her siblings gave a gift of US$4,000. Gono gave the couple a house in Borrowdale Brooke.

Mugabe said those who are in marriage should be faithful to their spouses and be wary of negative influences from friends and relatives that may want to tear their union apart.

“We hear of small houses, sometimes I tease my Ministers saying some of you have small houses. If only we knew, those small houses perhaps we would go and destroy them. That should not be allowed.

“What do you want a small house for, what happened to your big house … you are married to one person and one person alone and if you had wanted you would not enter this type of union but have tried a traditional wedding,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe urged the new couple to be independent and work for their sustenance as they have shown maturity by starting their own home.

Gono, chronicled his daughter’s upbringing urging her marital bliss with her husband, while the father of the groom, said he never doubted that the two would get married as they have been friends for 11 years.

The wedding was also attended by top Zanu PF officials, including national chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo, secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and captains of industry.



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    Kubota Binga 10 years ago


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    How does Mugabe afford such extravegance? A $6,000 cash wedding gift? Last I heard, his annual salery was only about $25,000. Perhaps it’s diamond money?

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    Only $6 000? He could have done more. Perhaps the question to ask is how can he afford meerying at wedding when his house is on fire?

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    Murimi wanhasi 10 years ago

    If its too much…he stole the money
    If its too little …you laugh
    Do u want him to be sad in his own country?even @ a weddin? get real.
    and for your own info tsvangirai wenyu aikandirwa more money on his wedding.
    besides;these days $10th is not really a lot o cash

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    jongwe power 10 years ago

    He is able to splash money at weddings, whilst failing to fork out money for his scholarship and cadetship programmes. Weddings of elites sure take higher priority than education of the proles.

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    mike patterson 10 years ago

    Mugabe is two faced in the extreme in that he has blasted his own cabinet ministers for extra-marital affairs meanwhile he fathered children with a junior employee while his first wife was still alive and married to him.
    What an idiot!!

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      B.Mathe 10 years ago


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    Joel Nyamamhini 10 years ago

    Don`t forget he has a thriving dairy farm.

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    gorongoza 10 years ago

    He is a wife snatcher! must just shut-up on issues of morality. Kukwira secretary pabasa wosa kuzviita mutsvane apa mukadzi achitandadza neurwere. heart of stone. karubbish kemunhu!

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    papa zulu 10 years ago

    Too much freedom at times is not good.There is need to respect our Head of state.Leaders are appointed by God for a purpose.Its only God who will remove him from his position.The truth is that he is there for a special purpose that we can not discern.

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    Isu Zvedu 10 years ago

    I have one of the reasons why Mugabe is our so-called God appointed ruler despite his ungodly stealing of elections. It is that I have the more reason to pray for our dear nation for its freeing from evil.

    Adi Amin, Hitler, Mobutu, Banda and many of these dictators were put there by God? Please…

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    Peter tosh 10 years ago

    Yes God, the Devil is a God too according to the bible. He was not put Busie Jehovah the Almighty, he has nothing with that because he gave man dominion over all things not over man if you read the bible it will open up your eyes.

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    Peter tosh 10 years ago

    By Jehovah