Mugabe won with or without games: Annan

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FORMER United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan says President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF could have won the July 31 elections “with or without games” as the world warms up to the veteran ruler after over a decade in isolation.

Annan, one of Mugabe’s harshest critics, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that Zanu PF was well-organised and the party had experience.

“We’ve seen the economic and political debate and the difficulties in and around Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The last elections have been declared ‘free’ and ‘fair’; I don’t think they used the word ‘credible’.

“I think the results have been accepted and he (Mugabe) has a good party organisation, they’ve been around for a long time, and probably could have won with or without games.”

Annan was no less delicate in considering Mugabe, who has been accused of ethnic cleansing, orchestrating political violence, stamping on civil society and media and rigging elections during his 33-year rule.

“I think he has made a contribution: he was very active in the independence struggle, fought for the independence of his country and also worked with quite a few of the leaders in this region for their own independence — very active members of the liberation movements,” the Ghanaian national said.

“So he has a place in history for that.”

There was little in his remarks to console MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who insists the election was fraudulent and has plunged the country into crisis.

Annan added: “What is important is that Zimbabwe, which had such great prospects, probably has a second chance now.

“It was a breadbasket of the region. When I hear of the World Food Programme sending food to Zimbabwe, it shows you what a setback has taken place.

“I think we should really work with them to pick up the pieces and move forward. Holding on to the past and who was right and who was wrong and all this doesn’t help.”

Last year, Annan slammed African politics, which he said nurtured the “Big Man” system in the mould of Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe.

“The support for the Big Man system — Robert Mugabe an example — created a political culture that simply encourages autocrats and dictatorships,” he said.



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      gonzo 11 years ago

      During Annan’s watch thousands of Congolese people were slaughtered AND 800,000 people slaughtered to death in Rwanda. He knew about it and sat on his hands. He is a traitor, nothing less. Go to hell Annan!

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    Annan has sold out. Why? Investigative journalists should follow the money, especially Annan’s son’s money gathering. Zanu-PF have bought the whole Annan family fo we must expect him to say what he said. He’s just another traitor that sas sold out the people of Zimbabwe for 20 pieces of silver.

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    Leo Marimbe 11 years ago

    Even retired school Headmasters have the audacity to shut up when something is said about schools in general. Annan had his opportunity and its long gone, so why doesnt he worry about the size of his grave and leave “Our Zimbabwe” alone. Everything and everywhere he tries to say something,its either sterile or just straight up pathetic- recently, Syrian conflict,Libya! Unfortunately past UN Secretary Generals have no role in international affairs regardless how much they miss media attention. Anyway Kofi,if you want to schedule a game of Bingo with Mugabe, he is available as he has delegated everthing to Mai Mujuru and the Generals. (But you have to book through Grace)

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    Phyllis Wheeler 11 years ago

    What planet is Kofi Annan on!! More indications of the “Black Brotherhood”.

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    Baba Jukwa 11 years ago

    If Annan spent one day talking and meeting people in Zimbabwe out of the supervision of zanu he would see differently but alas he has also surcummed to the missing 2 billion.

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    Rwendo 11 years ago

    It is logical to expect that ZANU PF’s rigging plan would have had a pre- (e.g journalists floating stories in the media of MDC ‘s waning support) as well as a post-rigging strategies and funding. We should expect more Annan and Zuma-like about turns in the days to come.

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    Jackson 11 years ago

    Annan: Your comments are pathetic. I withdraw the respect I bestowed on you from your days as UN Secretary General. Majority of Zimbabweans respected you as well and I have no doubt they will from now on view you a mugabe crony.

    If your comments, are aimed to confir some legitimacy on mugabe, sorry, Zimbabweans wont give it to him.

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    Precious 11 years ago

    If someone expresses a different opinion from that of mdc it means they are sellouts and conspirancy theories are raised. As long as you continue to put your heads in the sand and refuse constructive criticism you will soon become irrelevant.

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    Johann 11 years ago

    Did Mugabe have to win? Because when he lost he still won.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 11 years ago

    Annan should ask Mugabe to produce the electronic voters roll as required by law.

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    Mwanawevhu 11 years ago

    He is an African. What do yo expect? The word Principles is not part of our vocabulary

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    Annan is mad.age is catching up wth him.let his mugabe do his tricks wth the economy zimbabweans are waiting for his second round of tricks

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    Chivulamapoti 11 years ago

    Oh! How Precious! Any word against the MDC…how ignorant! Mugabe is a thief, adulterer, illegal alien (Malawian/Ghanaian), murderer, despot, tyrant and is feeble-minded.
    Kofi Anus is an has-been, his family are also thieves and liars (see article “Kofi Annan Stained by Oil for Food Scandal, and Kojo Anus Took Payments Through 2004”). Mugarbage and he would make great bed partners if it wasn’t for Dis-Grace’s huge buttocks in the way!

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    msizeni silwelani 11 years ago

    we legitimised the election outcome by participating in a flawed electoral process, anan is but another clueless former statesman on what corrective action can be taken to aid the situation. Hence his not politically scientific opinion.

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    Do not listen to people like Annan.He was onlyhandpicked to decorate the UN secretary general post after Beutros Beutros Ghaly has abruptly stepped down due to ill health.As an African ,he could have reigned Omar Al Bashir of Sudan.Despite open oppression of the people of Dafur region,Annan never stepped up to stop the barbaric treatment of the blacks there.He actually supported Al Bashir,a moslem just like himself.
    Annan was supposed to push the African agenda and reign in all leaders and preach to them democracy.He filed to leave a mark in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.Neither did he set his foot in DRC, the richest country in Africa, to try and build something for the people.So Mr Annan, better you had not wasted Africa’s opportunity on that seat because as of now,Africa is considered to have had a chance to lead the UN and you did nothing.Now the Secretry General is Ba Ki Moon from Korea,the next is from Ltin America,especially Brazil or Chile.Africa is let down big time by our leaders who pretend not to know our real problems.The live in theories and dreams,and then dream when they are dreaming.

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    Jackson 11 years ago

    I fully concur with you Tino. Should never have been at the helm of the UN.

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    Kubota Binga 11 years ago

    Anything not in line with MDCexpectations is bad. Just shows what this lot is made up of. Your leaders are accepting defeat already and yet you cling to the contrary.

    With such supporters and members alike, MDC(we) are doomed.

    I for one knew our party was not gonna fare well at the election even the very fairest and free!

    And insulting contributers of a differering opinion just shows how shallow minded some supporters tend to be. It’s a shame guys.

    Just need to regroup and take ZANU PF, not wimper about July 31.
    Kubota Binga, Kubota Zimbabwe!

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    Mike Nyathi 11 years ago

    Amazing how participation in the liberation immunises people against any and all crime committed subsequently. Apparently Gukurahundi and a string of other atrocities matter nothing to Annan. Shame on you.

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    adam jones 11 years ago

    Mugabe ‘liberated’ Zimbabwe – then went on to oppress its people even worse than Ian Smith. As we speak whats left of our economy is nose-diving again – now that Biti is no longer there. What Annan?

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    True! I agree. Annan could have changed the face of Africa during his tenure in UN as the head but he failed. He could have helped DRC become a proper state as well as several other African countries, but he failed. He remained chained by a system which put him in place.Imagine how much Africa would benefit if DRC had a proper democracy.Africans wouldnt be dying in the MEDITERRANEAN sea as is the case now.I thought a UN sponsored and administered electoral commission and process could be the answer to any country with seemingly manipulable electoral system[by tyrants]. Why cant Annan advocate for this. Its high time those in power offer their service to Africa unconditionally. We cant continue to die in the Mediterranean sea when the likes of Annan are seating idle. Come on Annan, we still have some hope in you.

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    chaporonga 11 years ago

    Insanity at its best!! I used to think Anna was the only African leader to look up to!!
    Pakacherwa naSekuru pasi peSEA!!