Mujuru calls on Zanu-PF officials to desist from vote buying

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mujuru calls on Zanu-PF officials to desist from vote buying 08 December 2013

Vice-President Joice Mujuru has called on Zanu-PF officials to desist from using money in their bid to land positions in the party.

Speaking at a Mashonaland Central provincial co-ordinating committee meeting here yesterday Mujuru emphasised that leadership positions in the revolutionary party are priceless as thousands of lives were lost during the liberation struggle.

“We all know what is happening in our structures, people are being bought so that they vote some individuals into leadership positions. That is unacceptable . . . this party is priceless, thousands of young boys and girls paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy this freedom,

“Even if you are rich you cannot buy your way into leadership positions, if you have really worked for that money you can’t splash it like that.

“Please, district leadership, don’t be bought, unotoitwa kuiswa muhomwe nemunhu kutonzi uyu munhu wanhingi, it must stop because that’s not the Zanu-PF we know. What we know is a servant party,” she said.

She implored cadres to return the revolutionary party to its heyday.

“What brought independence was real commitment and dedication, not even a single person used his or her money to be elected to leadership positions. We no longer have that commitment and dedication to serve our people. We don’t want your money, please keep your filthy money.”

The Vice-President noted that some senior party members were destroying the party with their corrupt and promiscuous activities.

“The other time we were discussing with the President and we have agreed that our leadership, especially the Politburo, has destroyed our party. Let’s build our party and give it a good image.