Mujuru castigates culture of corruption

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mujuru castigates culture of corruption 04 May 2014

Vice President Joice Mujuru has castigated the culture of corruption in the country which she says is scaring away investors and affecting the full implementation of ZIM ASSET economic blueprint.

Mujuru, who was the guest of honour at the Harare Provincial Women’s League Conference on ZIM ASSET, said the successful implementation of the country’s economic blueprint championed by the revolutionary party is being impeded by corruption which is evident in all sectors of the country.

She singled out the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement where she said the cancerous vice of graft has taken root, giving the minister responsible a headache.

She challenged Zimbabwean women, regardless of political affiliation, to benefit from the ZIM ASSET through forming clusters and coming up with home grown bankable projects mainly in the production sector.

Mujuru told the gathering that women should spearhead the economic empowerment drive and unpacked the meaning and purpose of ZIM ASSET, which is hinged on four pillars of food security and nutrition, social services and poverty eradication, infrastructure and utilities and valued edition and beneficiation.

The conference was attended by Zanu PF Women’s League rank and file and also in attendance was the Minister of State for Harare Province, Miriam Chikukwa, the Zanu PF Harare Province Chairperson, Ambassador Amos Midzi and the Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office, Sylvester Nguni



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    And where may I ask did she and her late husband find their massive fortune? Corruption,corruption and more corruption Joice.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Wasn’t she the one that wanted to ban reporting about corruption. The fat cow is one of the worst offenders. Do as I say, don’t do as I do!

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    Zanu and corruption are conjoined and sharing a heart like Siamese twins, so you cant separate!

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    Joice you are one of them so you have no room to talk! Fixing it would be good, not just talking about it.

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    machakachaka 9 years ago

    When the press exposed and condemned corruption, the VP said this was a ploy to destroy Zanu pf. Now that she is talking against corruption, is she trying to destroy Zanu pf too?

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    This is rich!!!! do we all forget about that tonnage of gold she and her relatives were trying, and probably did, flog off….

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Is Zimbabwe’s current VP literate?

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    Waste of space commenting about this useless fudzamombe’ [stork’]. Now that she has killed the cow that feeds her, whats she going to do? Try to be one of us. We all know you Joyce .There is no place to hide.

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    gonzo 9 years ago

    i wonder how much tax she has paid on the money she has got by what ever means?

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    Petal 9 years ago

    Empty Vessels making the most noise icho!!

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    Manyongori 9 years ago

    Mai Mujuru really takes Zimbabweans like unthinking idiots,corruption yamave kutanga kuona iye zvino?Aaarg get real please.This scourge has been left to take root in all spheres of our lives unabated for decades and you talk about it derailing ZIMASSET,veduwe.Just admit you are at yout wit’s end and got no clue about how to turn around the economy given the fact that all your government knows is looting everything without any production.What you dont seem to realise is that economic fundamentals are universal whether you are an ímperialist’,revolutionary or whatever fancy names you want to call yourselves-the fundamentals do not change because of slogans.That is why you cannot even get a bailout from your Chinese ‘all weather’ friends coz they know they cannot pour their money into a bottomless pit-despite the fact that they are looting our diamonds together with the soldiers.You talk about non-produtivity on the farms,really?Today,after 14 long years?Some of us have been saying the same since the beginning but that was because we were not ‘patriotic’enough.Talk is cheap amai,we want action otherwise you can talk kusvika madhongi amera nyanga but if there is no new thinking and new way of doing things,munenge muchingotinyaudzawo zvenyu.What is so difficult about teaching our children that there is nothing for free in the world,that they must work hard and long for whatever they aspire to have?Please go back to the beginning and find the REAL reasons you had to go to war,and i bet you will find the guidance you desperately need.Shape up or ship out!

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    Tinashe Kudzanai 9 years ago

    Joyce Mujuru is the ambassador for Corruption in Zimbabwe, no wonder why she grows bigger and bigger when others are growing slimmer and slimmer… Diversion statements only.

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    The woman has such a short memory!. Should be ashamed of herself. Who told these people that Zimbabweans are fools?