VP Mujuru defends Chinamasa – The Sunday Mail [!?]

via VP Mujuru defends Chinamasa – The Sunday Mail by tinashe farawo | Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday said Government was fully behind Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa in his mandate to lead the country’s economic turnaround.
She also criticised some Government officials for “spending a lot of time in their offices” instead of interacting with key industry players with a view to developing the economy.

The Vice-President, who was addressing the Zanu-PF Mashonaland East Provincial Women’s League Conference here, said it was important for all Zimbabweans to rally behind the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset).

She added that while Zanu-PF fought for the country’s independence without a budget, Minister Chinamasa had given Zimbabwe economic guidelines through his National Budget presentation.

“There are a lot of people saying our Finance Minister is not good enough. Some say, ‘How can a lawyer be the Finance Minister? (President) Mugabe is only taking his cronies.’ What I can tell you today is we are fully behind him and we will support him.

“As if that is not enough, you have some in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce who think their job is to stay in offices in Harare. Go to the communities and encourage our people to produce and work hard.

“The party liberated this country without a budget. They can control money, but can they control our minds? Let’s make sure that as Zimbabweans, we work hard and produce so that we can have food security at household level.”

Vice-President Mujuru took a swipe at some farmers who expected free Government inputs without producing.
She said the Zanu-PF Government was focusing on food security at household level and a decent living for all Zimbabweans as enunciated in Zim Asset.

“This is our motto: food security for everyone regardless of their political affiliation. But, unfortunately, we have some of our people who are not doing what they are supposed to do at the farms.

“They got very productive farms, but are doing nothing. You hear them boasting of large pieces of land. If you are that kind of a person, you are letting the country and those who fought for this country down.

“Imagine those millions we have wasted in importing maize, yet we can grow it ourselves. This year, the Presidential Input Scheme has made sure that every family has enough food. Let’s continue to work hard as women so that we can produce enough food.”

Yesterday’s conference was attended by Politburo members Oppah Muchinguri, Olivia Muchena, Sydney Sekeramayi and David Parirenyatwa, among other senior party officials.



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    Justice 10 years ago

    What a diatribe -if she is so against corruption then publish her and her former husband’s assets, so all of Zimbabwe can see!

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    Mlimo 10 years ago

    The party liberated this country without a budget. They can control money, but can they control our minds? Let’s make sure that as Zimbabweans, we work hard and produce so that we can have food security at household level.”
    Sure you Zimbabweans work hard so zanupf can have food security. Better still zanupf are still running the country without a budget. And for years zanupf have controlled your minds. Nice touch. Now they’re saying zanupf liberated the country – oh I forgot it was a negotiated peace agreement not a liberation win and where are the other political parties that fought. This is why this woman must never come close to power she’s thinks zanupf did wonders all by themselves and that all zimbos must work for them!

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    Two bloody idiots .Ma Joice shot down a bloody plane with a pellet gun in the liberation struggle.Whole damned lot make me sick to my stomache.Imbeciles the whole lot of you and you deserve what you have.Stand up and be counted bloody whiners and cowards.

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    She must have shot an eagle and she thought its a chopper.

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      Mukanya 10 years ago

      TRUE! you have said Mahlaba, I’ve heard this fire-side tale many times.

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    Zanu PF liberated Zimbabwe of an economy, freed the people from wealth and food security. Ensured they will never become bogged down in the persuit of happiness by even destroying that evil of all evils, Money.

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      vovonde 10 years ago

      “ZANUPF liberated the country without a budget”
      Lest we forget , who was robbing the bus operators all the bus fare in return for s bullet handed to the bus conductor; who was going around levying real $s from us civil servants (monthly); who was robbing the businesses of cash and goods for the boys in the bush; who was going around organising pungwes, raping our daughters using their parents’ blankets; who was going around demanding chickens and goats & sadza (gandana haridyi derere mukoma).I
      Isn’t this sheer hypocrisy nhai Teurairopa. Asi mavakuti makarwa Hondo imi moga, isu povo tinongova povho 34 years after, wr are worse off, you are still looting from us. Tozowana independence riinivo, Hanzi budget haina basa. Unezvokwadi????

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    Saddened 10 years ago

    Work hard must we? How about first providing the jobs you promised. As for standing behind Chinamasa please carry on because it will make no difference whatsoever. He hasn’t a clue and neither have any of you so carry standing in your own queue for your ultimate departure from power!

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    Mukanya 10 years ago

    Zimbabwe we are destined to be led by this ignoramus really.

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    roving ambassador. 10 years ago

    ‘As Zimbabweans, we must work hard and produce so that we have food security at household level’. The Idiots have given up. She is saying your are on your own we have failed as leaders of the nation to provide for security. Its official, people DIY[do it your self] so you go not have to pay taxes to this useless over blotted ,suppressive state machinery.
    Zanu is lost of ideas .
    Just look at the list on idiotic dignitaries , Opha, Muchena, Sekeramai, Parirenyatwa, any successes associated with these names ever. What have they done for you lately accept steal from you.
    Bunch of looters.
    Treasonous malcontents.

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    Mseyamwa 10 years ago

    Hanzi namai mujuru ‘endai munotamba panze nevamwe’.

    ‘Chinamasa needs to be defended from the economy’, I don’t see any other threat around.

    Zvakanzi namuzenda once, ‘kana ZANU ikakupai gudo, rivhoterei’, you are all so obedient. Now the baboons have filled government all we are left with is a banana republic.

    Now that Jonathan has stopped unearthing gross corruption by individuals, mai mujuru can now talk about it freely as if she is against like the rest of us. Vapona murutsva vaakuita senge ndivi vadzima moto wacho.

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    Mapingu 10 years ago

    At last zanu pf stupidity is coming back to haunt them – and the whole country of course. Mapenzi ezanu pf aiti kutamba kongonya paZBC TV nokurima zvakafanana; ngaachirima tivone? Ivo mai Mujuru vakapedzisira kukotama mumunda gore ripi? Wavaitingwaudza vachiti anoda zvokurima wacho mu zanu pf ndiyani? Manje vanhu vari kufa nezhara sei? Kupiwavo chibagwe chaicho neZambia neMalawi asi vanhu vachiti takahwina Hondo yeminda, yeye tine mapurazi, blaa, blaaa, blaaa,….