Mutsvangwa blames his boss for Grace #mugabe visa snub

via Mutsvangwa blames his boss for Grace Mugabe visa snub ” Nehanda Radio Apr 02, 2014

Foreign Affairs deputy minister, Chris Mutsvangwa has launched a scathing attack on his boss, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, saying he embarrassed the First Lady Grace Mugabe by applying for her Belgian travel visa, knowing very well this would be rejected.

President Mugabe has decided to boycott the EU-AU summit in protest at his wife being denied a visa but according to Mutsvangwa “What the Minister and the PermSec did was ill advised,” he said.

“It was pointless for the two to apply for the visa of the first lady knowing fully well that it would be turned down. Why did they apply for the visa when there were indications she will not get a visa,” Mutsvangwa argued.

“It’s a difficult ministry. There are only two people; Mumbengegwi and Bimha, I’m not part of the decision making, I’m new there. They run it the way they want, it’s a fiefdom at the foreign affairs ministry and no one knows what the two are doing. But the decisions they make have a bearing on the nation.

“Let me tell you that I’m coming from a revolutionary background with an impeccable record, having fought in the liberation struggle when the minister (Mumbengegwi) was at the margins of the war, sitting somewhere in Europe enjoying the hospitality of the imperialist and the PermSec (Bimha) was working in the then Muzorerwa Regime,” he said.

“So if you put that into perspective, that makes them my juniors. So as a revolutionary and as a comrade, I would not have put my first lady in a position where she is denied visa by foreign countries,” Mutsvangwa said.

The EU removed most individuals and companies linked to the Mugabe regime from their targeted sanctions list but retained Mugabe and his wife. The sanctions were put in place in response to gross human rights abuses.



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    Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Why don’t you discuss this with your juniors in private instead of trying to embarrass them in public? You are a poor diplomat with self praise and pride.You talk too much with less action.

  • comment-avatar
    Small axe 10 years ago

    Music to my ears.Oh so sweet.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 10 years ago

    There is to many patches on the trousers,its proving difficult to patch any more.Things are falling apart. There is fireworks everywhere. The centre is failing to hold. ZANU is imploding in Mugabe’s lifetime.
    I am enjoying this.

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    thembani 10 years ago

    All because of DisGrace.

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    Zimbo 10 years ago

    Here we go again,another one with a bloated ego!No Chris,you are not a revolutionary.You and your Zanu comrades have no clue what the word means.You and your kind are just a bunch of parasites.You have brought nothing but misery to Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 10 years ago

    You are all a disgrace to the Zimbabwean and human race. Go die somewhere.

  • comment-avatar
    Suzie 10 years ago

    Things fall apart

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    easily fooled 10 years ago

    The best man to shut up or jump out of this ministry should be Mutsvangwa. Since when did MaProvea became freedom fighter. Carrying the back of food and cooking food looted in the community doesnt make you a fighter, instead, like anyone in Zanu Pf, you are a coward.

    Do u think Bimha and Simba a small kids. Who was going to dress Mugabe up for the conference in the absence of Grace……i can see you had an alternative concubine for HE excellency. Of late cant you see that they walk “in arms” do you think its out of love….No. the man needs to be walked to the toilet

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    Rwendo 10 years ago

    Azobuda pachena Mutsvangwa uya.

    It was difficult to understand why the Deputy seemed to be aspiring to overshadow his Minister e.g. pronouncements on Mozambique and Dhlakama, then requests to France about the UK while the Minister himself was quiet.

    Sounds like a mixture of bad blood plus a huge, arrogant and ambitious ego.

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    Trying to distract from the Old Man will not work. It was still his final bad/ignorant decision to boycott. He could have gone happily without his spouse like numerous Zimbabwean business persons do all the time when travelling externally.

    Him hiding behind his wife’s skirt tails is now the image in my minds eye, rather than the one shaking his fist telling the whole world to go hang.

    ZPF realise they made a mistake and are trying to correct it the only way they know how. Blame someone else.

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    Fundani Moto 10 years ago

    I believe in free speech; we need more vocal Junior Ministers to expose the rut. This visa request thing was foolish to say the least. Now the whole country has been sacrificed for one individual.

  • comment-avatar 10 years ago

    quarreling over trivialities. Pride of people who are mentally bankrupt. What are the important issues for Zim. Priorities on pride and face saving as though there is something worth saving. Shame, how some people never learn. What we want is action on NORMAL economic policing, not this current high sounding zimasset circus. kikiiii

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    oliver chikumba 10 years ago

    why cant u kill each other thru road accidents,food poisoning & witchcraft as u ar gud at that u dogs frm zanu

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    short 10 years ago

    Africa is still in darkness. What Mutsvangwa is trying to do is a common thing in our history. He wants to buy a good name at the expense of the Humble Zimbabweans. Our history is filled with lies and fake heroism. Like their Master the malawian desendant “mugabe” they will always say they have done so and so just to create names out nothing. Shut up mutsvangwa and just eat.