#mugabe’s boycott of EU/AU summit ‘insignificant’

via Mugabe’s boycott of EU/AU summit ‘insignificant’ | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 

Delegates to the EU/AU summit that kicked off in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday have described President Robert Mugabe’s boycott of the event as ‘insignificant’ as most African leaders apparently ignored his call to snub the gathering.

Mugabe refused to travel to Brussels for the summit, in an apparent protest against the refusal by the EU to allow his wife Grace to accompany him. The EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Aldo Dell’Ariccia, last week said the bloc had not given a visa to Grace because there was no program for wives of presidents and there was no need for her to attend.

Only South African President Jacob Zuma appeared to go along with Mugabe in boycotting the summit, but his government was quick to point out that he wasn’t attending because of ‘other commitments.’

Elliot Pfebve, the newly appointed MDC-T chief representative to the EU, said most delegates thought Mugabe’s decision to boycott was based on ‘emotion and concerns for his family rather than what is best for Zimbabwe.’

Pfebve, who was in Brussels attending a two day EU/AU business forum at the beginning of this week, said that Zimbabwe could have benefitted substantially, due to the presence of high level investors.

The business forum was attended by leading business personalities across the globe, diplomats, chief executives of multi-nationals, former Presidents of various countries in Africa as well as current leaders on the continent.

‘President John Mahama of Ghana gave a presentation on the need for investors to visit Accra. He took questions from investors on some concerns they raised and in the end, Ghana signed deals worth billons of dollars.

‘Since Zimbabwe is struggling to attract foreign investors, this was an opportunity for Mugabe to meet would be investors and discuss ways of trying to co-exist in the harsh economic environment in the country,’ Pfebve said.

The MDC-T representative to the EU said there was a suggestion by other delegates that Mugabe’s non-appearance will damage his reputation as the first deputy chair of the African Union.

‘He tried to influence other African leaders not to attend the summit, which he failed, and people were asking why they would want to boycott when the event was supposed to benefit the continent.

Pfebve said that Africa has over a billion people and why would Mugabe try to hold the whole continent to ransom, just because his wife didn’t get a visa.

The senior MDC-T official added: “That is abuse of power. Mugabe is not President and husband to Grace Mugabe but President and leader of all Zimbabweans. ‘

The summit brings together 28 European countries and 54 African Union members, minus Zimbabwe and others who are being represented at ministerial level.


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    John Thomas 7 years ago

    See that Bob. Nobody cares. You are disappearing before our very eyes. Getting smaller and smaller. Every move you make takes you down. Viva!

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    Roving Ambassador 7 years ago

    Poor Bob,snorkeling in corruption s…t

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    misodzi 7 years ago

    Its a blessing he did not go because he was going to be sleeping throughout the summit and bring nothing back home.A selfish old man with rotten ideas.

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    Senzachena 7 years ago

    Dear Oh dear, what no comment from Apolitical! Maybe it is at last sinking in that he is the lackey of a geriatric old fool who has lost the respect of his peers throughout the world. Especially those on the continent of Africa who voted with their feet and basically said “Up Yours” to his “instructions” to boycott the conference.

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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    The EU is white and ours. It’s not African and we have taken it, we have given it to the rightful people… Those whose extraction is Black who happen to be at Brussels are welcome to do so, but they must do so on the basis of equality. One wonders why he wanted to go given his historical quotes. Change a few things around and you can see what a racist dictator he is. No one missed him haha

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    easily fooled 7 years ago

    Not going was better than going. I imagine him in Brussels, given a chance to the podium to tell investors why they would investor in Zimbabwe, he was going to rant. We dont care about investments coming from you the imperialists. Keep your Europe, and I will keep my Zimbabwe. If you see any investment or even a pin…..(except this house in Singapore…which I cant hide anymore)…..take it.

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    Totally insignificant! A relief actually!

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    The EU think nothing of him but more embarrassingly his peers on the African continent did not give him a second glance with his call for boycott. I imagine him sulking and sucking his thumb in the corner. Any respect is fast disappearing.

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    Chidhongoti 7 years ago

    Mugabe is just a good for nothing old brainless fool who has lost respect and will never regain it. He should just die. He has caused so much pain in our beloved country. See now? All the African leaders could not stop going to represent their people because of one old fool. Even Zuma did not heed his foolish call. He has issues to deal with in his own back yard. Why would he heed poor Mugabe’s call? What would he gain from it. Mbwa!

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    Saddened 7 years ago

    Just a pity these African leaders didn’t have the courage to speak out about the flawed election last July but then it only affected us as Zimbabweans so they didn’t care. So much for those who go on about the renaissance of Africa – not while we are led by geriatrics.

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    Saddened, sorry for the election of July, who else would you give the election, the slave Tvangarai and his MDC, no i never agree, this Tvangarai is going to recolonize the regional and all Africans as well. On the other hand, i encouragingly inform you that you are the leaders of Africans who insisted their property to remain their land and distribute their people while EU is unacceptable the goal and that is why they run after Zimbabwe all the way all the time.