No climbdown or climb-up: Gono

via No climbdown or climb-up: Gono – Southern Eye by Obey Manayiti 1 June 2014

FORMER Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono says policy reviews and adjustments at any level of implementation are necessary to keep blueprints relevant.

Gono, the Zanu PF Buhera Senator designate, was speaking in Mutare during a Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) awards ceremony for Manicaland chapter on Friday.

He said no policy was static and calls for reviews should not be viewed personally.

Gono’s comments came in the wake of reports that the government was in the process of reviewing the controversial Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act, which is scaring away foreign investors by creating uncertainty in the economy.

The former central bank boss has been calling for a sober approach to the policy, warning that a one-size-fits-all approach would be detrimental to the country.

Gono told the ZNCC awards delegates that every blueprint should be flexible.

“Accordingly, blueprints or plans must never be static instruments of direction or power. When necessary and desirable they must be adjusted, they must be relooked at and remodelled to take in exigencies of the situation on the ground,” he said.

“It should never occur to anyone that the revision of a plan is a climbdown or a climb-up or that such a process must be personalised to read as victory for or defeat of anybody.

“Neither should plan reviews or adjustments and enhancement be seen as a failure of a policy now or before,” Gono said, adding that when adjustments are made they should be progressive.

Gono said there was need to have a buy-in of the ZimAsset for the plan to work.

He, however, said it would be improper for him to go into details of the blueprint ahead of his successor at RBZ John Mangudya who has not made comments on ZimAsset lest he be accused of “poking his nose into other people’s jobs”.

Gono said for any blueprint to work there was need for a buy-in from everyone involved.

“All plans, be they economic, social, political, religious, family, district, provincial, national, regional, continental and international share one commonality if their objectives are to be realised,” he said.

“These objectives could be growth, profitability, expansion or prosperity objectives: They must be moved from paper to the ground. On the ground there must be buy-in and it is from this buy-in or lack of thereof that excitement is generated or lost.”

But Gono said while necessary, the “buy-in from the ground” was not a sufficient condition for achieving intended results.

“Other ingredients are needed to for success and these are the requisite technical expertise upon whose shoulders movement must take place,” he said adding that there should be sufficient resources to fund the programme.

Gono proposed the incorporation of religious leaders as key participants in the visioning process, the drawing up of plans, their implementation, evaluation and revision.

Meanwhile Samuel Tauya, proprietor of Golly Bakeries, won the Manicaland businessman of the year award.


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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Didn’t know idiots still listened to the arch buffoon and master criminal gono rrhoea

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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago


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    The Casino fool at it again.

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    Noise makers and no impute. Its like all of you are in a high school debate and are in a group that oppose but never contribute by injecting your thoughts and ideas. Your comments most of you does not attract readers like me sometimes i read the news available and avoid comments below .

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    write another book you fool…take your time about it and do it from the other side of the world!!!

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    Zim Patriot 8 years ago

    Lest we forget, Gono brought us the highest inflation in the world for a country not at war and with no natural disaster? Lest we forget the opulence he created for himself, lest we forget all the money robbed from our Foreign currency accounts in our Zimbabwean banks, lest we forget the toilet rolls and condoms only for sale in our grocery supermarkets, lest we forget? We as Zimbabweans deserve better Fiscal policies, we as Zimbabweans of every tribe, race and creed deserve a better economy, we as Zimbabweans deserve equal business oppurtunities, to the politically connected, we as Zimbabweans deserve more accountability from civil servants in Ministerial and other leadership positions, we as Zimbabweans deserve transparency with the resources from minerals in Zimbabwe. We deserve better health and education and job oppurtunities….instead all the Economic policies implemented are closing companies and chasing away investors, the changes made to the investment policy re indiginisation is exactly the same policy just window dressed to appear investor friendly, nothing changed…foreigners still have to cede 51% of their investment, why would any sane person part with the majority of his investment in Zim when he can go to any other country in Africa with booming economies and quicker returns on 100% of his investment? Lest we forget who is sabotaging our economy, it is not sanctions or the whites or the west but our very own people with their lust for personal greed, selfishness, short sightedness, ignorance, vindictiveness…..Cry our Beloved country CRY!!!!!!!!!We need to humble ourselves and pray to the Lord our God and ask HIm to intervene and remove this dark cloud from our leaders and nation….

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    damba 8 years ago

    incorporate religious leader my foot.yes no climb up or down -we going round and and round at Square 1

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    Msizeni Silwelani 8 years ago

    And this is the man whom during his tenure as the RBZ governor turned the bank into a ox-drawn cart and plough-share supplier. We are going in circles indeed, we have run short of influential opinion leaders to grace events of national importance. Meanwhile Zimbabwe burns.

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Ho Ho Ho Mr Fixit giving lectures how to fixit?!

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    JOHNSON 8 years ago

    The policy is a climb down from a recalcitrant unreasonable hardline stance which formed the letter and spirit of the current nationalization policy. Does it mean that the policy was done before any research on the likely impact on all stakeholders were carried out? If not what was the rationale or justification of the controversial policy? What is known is that it seemed to be based on exclusion of key stakeholders, the investors and the public. The public seemed excluded because there was no operationalization of the business concept especially how all Zimbabweans could benefit. On the part of investors (Diaspora, foreign or local) they were not consulted and explicitly excluded. As a result only the irrational political rhetoric and propaganda was used as justification for the pursuit of a grossly unreasonable policy and refusal to listen to the mandarins of economic sense. Moreover the public suspects the fat-cats of planning to sideline them as they craft policies which further only their own personal or sectional interests. However people of Zimbabwe are very suspicious and very (if not too) analytical using past experience and current trends to evaluate the likely impact of sectional policies to benefit the oligarchy. These guys climbed down but they dont want to admit. They expected freebies for the BRICS. Oh my God! But the BRICS don’t fund national budgets of other nations. That should have been clear from the outset. Next time all stakeholders should be C-O-N-S-U-L-T-E-D. Understand this you hard heads. No consultation not success.

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    Kutukana hakubhadhari 8 years ago

    I would like to ask for an honest, non-political response to this question: What is the way forward? How do we move out of this political and economic quandary?

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Indeed…What is the way forward?? Perhaps supporting or even participating in the grand dialogue that Mwnozora is trying to rubbish!! See the 7th article in todays menu.