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via No Zimbabwe dollar return December 10, 2013 NewsDay

FINANCE and Economic Development minister Patrick Chinamasa will present the long-awaited 2014 National Budget on December 19.

The budget is traditionally presented at the end of November.

“The Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa advises that he will present the 2014 National Budget in the House of Assembly and Senate, on Thursday December 19 2013,” Finance secretary Willard Manungo said in a statement yesterday.

The Budget announcement comes as the acting Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Charity Dhliwayo said the central bank had no plans to re-introduce the Zimdollar.

“As monetary authorities, the Reserve Bank confirms the pronouncements made by the Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Development on several occasions regarding the continued use of the multicurrency system,” she said. “As monetary authorities, we wish to assure the business community and members of the public that there are no plans to reintroduce the Zimbabwean dollar in the near future.”

Chinamasa presents the budget at a time the country is facing a myriad of economic challenges, among them a biting liquidity crisis and an acute shortage of water and electricity.

Finance deputy minister Samuel Undenge had earlier defended the delay, saying the Constitution gave them up until January 31, 2014 to present the Budget.

Addressing a Press conference at the presentation of the 2012 population census in Harare, Undenge said the nation had to bear with them as they came into office late and needed time to analyse national resources at their disposal.

“As a ministry, we will abide by the Constitution and ensure we will present the budget in tandem with it (Constitution) as it instructs that we do so by January 31. Let’s be realistic, traditionally consultations used to be done between June and July. You do not enter office and present a national budget the following day. We need to analyse the resources we have first,” he said.

Undenge also promised that civil servants who have not yet been paid their annual bonuses would receive them. He, however, declined to give dates when the funds would be released.

“Yes, they are going to be paid. They (civil servants) are in the process of being paid,” he said.

Teachers’ unions last week wrote to Public Service minister Nicholas Goche demanding clarity on the payment of bonuses. A meeting between the unions and the ministry scheduled for yesterday to discuss the issue was postponed to today. Uniformed forces received their bonuses together with their November salaries, triggering fears of preferential treatment by government.

The census national report revealed that Zimbabwe has a population of 13 061 238 comprising of 6 280 538 males and 6 780 700 females. The distribution pattern cites Harare as the province with the highest number of people — 2 123 132 and Bulawayo, with 653 337 inhabitants, being the least populated.



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    Washumba 8 years ago

    Chokwadi chaicho tinoda chaizvo kucontributor zviri positive but team iyi inenge Tahiti zvinonetsa. Taneta nekumwaya mbeu inovira paruvare haikure zvachose.

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    cyrus nkululeko 8 years ago

    The zimbabwen sotuation is a metter that need unity of other leaders of different organisation to boycott there current president because he is driving a sinking ship

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    Charity Dhliwayo does not kno whether the Zim$ will be introduced or not, she will be told, lets go thru the liquidity cunch pa xmas and panew year apa, musi wa3 january, she ll be told to start the mill. But all the characteristics of good money will be missing

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    bingo wajakata 8 years ago

    Not with ZANU PF, I will never ever, repeat, never ever trust this regime. Its up to you people to decide whether to put your cash in a bank or not but do not say you were never warned. When has this regime ever made a promise and kept it? I will keep my cash somewhere safe and you can keep your Zimbabwe!

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    I am afraid Bingo is correct. Once trust is broken it is a very difficult thing to repair and that trust has been broken repeatedly. The President needs to step down and retire, and there needs to be a short GNU brokered whilst we head to free and fair elections. That is the bottom line. WE cannot build a nation on a lie and all the buried trash that is our sin. To a government who refuses to open up the ballot boxes and election material I ask: how do you expect our trust? It has been too long and too much. How the SADC and AU leaders ad Ban Ki Moon can even fete and laud Madiba and his principles after aiding, abetting and condoning the whopping great lie that was July 31st I do not know!!!!

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    well done NBS, I still think the Zim $ will be introduced by paying the civil service with them and thereby introducing “more” currencies to our multi currency economy…

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    In spite of all the statements from Zanupf to the contrary, the financial instituions are saying that there is no money in the coffers and, unless they come up with a brilliant plan (that would be a first!) introduction of the Zim dollar is the “easiest” option to them. They may, as aforementioned, pay the civil servants initially but very soon the pigs will be at the trough. They will reap benefits from a ridiculously biased government exchange rate and the banks will change your US dollars to Zim, with no referral to the savers. As said before it is up to you where you keep your US dollars but I know in my case keeping them under my bed (or even on a table outside the front door!) is safer than the bank.

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    simon 8 years ago

    lol love to comments and I second them. Once bitten twice shy..infact many more times shy against zanupf. This is going to be interesting what the budget holds for next year. A good start that its already late…….we wait!!!

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    chimusoro 8 years ago

    Charity says the ZimKwacha will not be introduced in the “near future.” By that she probably means in the next few hours.

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    reason 8 years ago

    the funny party is that this stupid website decided to ignore that
    Mugabe received a standing ovation at Mandela memorial in SA. If he was booed it was going to be a headline, never the less we saw it live on TV. No mater how hard you try, you can’t keep a good man down, viva Mugabe.

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    Dayford 8 years ago

    I suspect the previous comment ‘Reason’ is Reason Wafawarova. im sure you are on the government payroll one way or the other hence singing praises for Mugabe. Yes indeed Mugabe was given a good applause by the crowd but that is because the people of South Africa have been let down by Mbeki. South Africans believe Mugabe has done well giving land to the people BUT what they don’t see is that Mugabe is not there for the people of Zimbabwe but for Himself and his cronies. He had no choice but to distribute the land to save his political career as the Zimbabweans no longer wanted him in Power. Why are we begging for food today and importing maize grown by a certain farmer Nicol based in Zambia today who by the way was once a Lions Den farmer who used to fill one whole silo with his produce…Reason dont be daft….think about it Mugabe has become a liability for us. It is time for him to go with a little bit of respect still there for him. He has ruined a once vibrant economy…and please do notb blame sanctions..its a political myth. By the way I am black Zimbabwean sick and tired of our irresponsible leadership living in my own country with no civil liberties.

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    Tafadzwa 8 years ago

    What hope is there for Zimbabwe ? Even if elections are held tomorrow, ZANU will still rig the elections.Now they know how to rig with little violence. Our only hope is to demand transparency in the electoral process. A Unmanaged election maybe

    It is very clear, Mugabe has no desire to see improvements in our situation. Just look at his response to the corruption in the diamonds. Finnace ministry has no money, yet Mugabe does not flinch

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    Did comrade treason not see the master criminal fast asleep at Mandela memorial. It was hilarious watching 84 heads of state avoiding the kleptomaniacal nonogentarian!! Undenge was once the doorman at some zanupf embassy. Shades of gonooooooooooooooo. Near future means imminent in zanupf denial parlance.

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    Mr editor. Your censoring needs moderation. Show some brawn

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    Kuakwa Katiyo 8 years ago

    The Zim dollar might be on its way back hence these banks are holding on to the forex so they can give depositors zim kwacha at zpf announced rate.

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    @REASON yes we know you very well, you are being given nice cars and move around in your plain clothes muchiteerera kuti vanhu varikuti chii. who is against mugabe then mouraya but, the truth uchaiona those nice cars will be burnt to ashes nePovo. it dosnt matter you have guns, once the people are angry there is no more driving your nice cars and some of you REASON will tell the truth of what was happening and that mugabe anofunga kuti achararama for good. we dont want him to die but once he step down a warrant of arrest will also be out for him..Tondera kuti pane vamwe baba vainzi gaddaffi vaizviti handiitike but vakaurayiwa nevanhu vawaitonga so be very careful uchiti viva mugabe kuti imi mugone kuba mari dzevanhu muchamhanya nguva yekupedzisira. what is that mugabe want to do in office that he did not do for the last 33 years? he is now old and its more safe for him to retire. he is always asleep in meetings with other heads of state and its embarassing i tell you. the only person who was going to stop him from contesting the election was mujuru then vamwe vakaronga kuti aiwa anotifumura ngatimuurayeyi but we know zvese muchamama henyu mirai muone>>>> idzi five years hamudzipedzi idzi i tell you REASON. Hona gono atiza basa, unofunga kuti akapusa here.mari yatanga kunetsa ndiyo ichaita kuti muti ahh imi woye takoniwa isu tongaiwo. mapurazi ndeenyu mega, migoghi ndezvenyu mega, makuda mabanks manje and mazvinji acho amunawo ndiwo atanga nyaya yecash crisis newithdrawal limitation muchaavhara mabank acho bvunza vanoziva kuti maBank managers mangani akamamiswa kuharare nepovo nenyaya yemari vanhu vavhurika misoro manje mapurisa dzangova mota vese vese nemamwe akapinda basa six months ago but pay yacho haina kusiyana neyaTeacher mota varikudziona kupi REASON muchamama