Parliamentarians Urged to Curb Corruption by Declaring Assets

via Parliamentarians Urged to Curb Corruption by Declaring Assets by Thomas Chiripasi for VOA Zimbabwe 26.09.2013

An anti-corruption lobby group, the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) on Thursday petitioned parliament calling on all legislators to declare their assets saying this will improve transparency and accountability issues in the country.

CAC director, Terry Mutsvanga, delivered a petition to the speaker of the House of Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, urging the legislature to move a motion compelling all parliamentarians to declare their assets as they begin their five-year term of office following the July 31 polls.

Mutsvanga said the declaration of assets by parliamentarians would be an important milestone in the fight against corruption in the country.

Mutsvanga said legislators should not find it difficult to declare their assets if government is serious about fighting the scourge.

At the official opening of the eighth parliamentary session last week, President Robert Mugabe took a swipe at corruption saying his government will do all it can to stamp it out.

To this end, Mutsvanga said Mr. Mugabe’s call for an end to corruption must be supported, starting with the country’s elected officials.

Since the majority of Members of Parliament were elected into the august house under a Zanu-PF ticket, Mutsvanga said he hopes legislators will heed their leader President Mugabe’s call for zero-tolerance on graft.

Transparency International ranks Zimbabwe on position 163 in the world on its 2012 Corruption Perception Index, meaning graft levels in the country are among some of the highest worldwide.



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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    Declaring today, how about when going out how about using vazukuru s’ names. Hameno ngatimboedzai asi zvinenharo. Remeber kuti 1980-1985 these guys were not operating an bussines but vaingoshandisa mazita evamwe. Zvakazonyanya ipapa apa padollars apa zvakatonga. munhu wese ngabatsire kufumura vanodaro.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    Oh, they’ll go after some poor cop just trying to collect enough to pay his kids’ school fees, but never question the source of a ZANUpf minister”s assets. (No intent to justify that cop for his theft, just demonstrating how selective the ZANU’s system of “justice” is.)

    If the search for corruption were more than phony ZANU window dressing, there would be investigations into how all those farms came to be in the possession of Mugabe cronies and party bigwigs. As long as they hold those properties, it’s not “history” and something to be shrugged away, swept under the rug, and forgotten. There’s your corruption, Mister ZANU-PF… so let’s see some action. I didn’t think so.

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    They do the talk but dont act the talk. They ar all corrupt cz if u ar not corrupt Mugabe wl not give u a ministerial position. The truth z Bob z stil d president at almst 90yrs bcz he z corrupt so ar thoz close to him. In dat party ZANU PF positions ar given by Bob himself according to hw loyal u ar to him, isnt dat corruption? He cant get rid of corruption cz he z part of it, he d mst corrupt individual in dat country wth hs CIO guys. They ar above the law so who wl arrest them. They ar controlling d judiciary, legislature, military, police all govt organs so jst forget. Thoz guys ar goin to do whatever they want wth the Zim masses / electrote until donkies develop horns. There z no hope for zim. The future z so bleak. Its so disappointing. Only tym wl tell.