SA police investigate the killing of Zim Embassy official

via SA police investigate the killing of Zim Embassy official | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu 21 October 2013

The South African Independent Police Investigative Directorate is investigating an incident in which the police shot and killed a Zimbabwean embassy official over the weekend, a news report said on Monday.

A Sapa news agency report quoted police spokesman Moses Dlamini confirming that on Saturday ‘investigators attended the scene’ of the shooting in Pretoria.

According to the report Dlamini said preliminary investigations showed that Lucky Hakueri was shot dead after he and his colleague tried to run away when police details called at a housing estate in Lynnwood to investigate a robbery.

Reports said Hakueri, a security officer at the Zimbabwean embassy, was with his friend, waiting outside another friend’s complex in Glenwood Road at about 2pm.

On being approached by a plain clothes police officer, who was allegedly holding a rifle, the two attempted to flee leading to the shooting.

The South African Independent on line quoted a friend saying she thought the police had suspected both Hakueri and his friend were criminals. On the other hand Hakueri and his friend thought the officer was a carjacker, the paper said.

The Zimbabwean embassy has approached the police for ‘an explanation of what prompted the shooting’.

The paper said the other shooting victim was ‘wounded in his right side and remains in intensive care under police guard.



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    Bla inno 11 years ago


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    zim4u 11 years ago

    Thi is very sad and this is how SA police lack experience you don’t just shoot @ people first the police didn’t identify themselves since they were not in uniform second they should have shot @ tyres of the car & call for backup as they were not far from the station I have watched the clip these guys were murdered justice must be done here

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    Zvapasipano 11 years ago

    Rest in peace

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      TICHATONGA 11 years ago

      This is sad. President Jacob Zuma should send his police guys for training here in Zimbabwe. Remember the Marikana shooting where innocent mine workers were shot dead and nothing happened. Shame on South African overzealous police force.

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    Bambanani Sizwesakithi 11 years ago

    Sad incident indeed. May Lucky Hakueri’s family find comfort in the Lord Jesus during this difficult time

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    This is sad.In South Africa,if you are facing such situations,do not run away.Take your shirt and cover your face.Do not look the assailants in the face.Look downwards until they are gone.Do not run away.I know its God’s way though painful.Robbers rarely shoot victims who cooperate.

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    Chitova weGona 11 years ago

    SA police are criminals in uniform. They are so trigger happy and they do not value human life at all. I blame the system they are born into- violence. Lock the culprits up!

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    chamboko nyasaland 11 years ago

    our zim security Guards are well trained and displined than SAPS.not to talk of our Zrp.

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    So sad. the guys were running away. They were not a threat to the police. The s.a police have lots of vehicles to deal with fleeing pipo. Shame

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    reason 11 years ago

    These trigger happy idiots are poorly trained, as compared to their
    zimbabwean counterparts, remember how the got hammered in CAR.
    They need training, the robbers are far much better than the police themselves.

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    chipaz 10 years ago

    the robbers are bcoming more better than the police