State media calls for punitive ‘anti-sanctions’ laws

via State media calls for punitive ‘anti-sanctions’ laws | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell  November 26, 2013 

The ZANU PF mouthpiece Herald newspaper has taken its propaganda campaign about western targeted restrictions to new levels, publishing calls for new legislation that punishes anyone who denies that the measures affect Zimbabwe.

The calls were contained in an opinion piece, calling on Parliament to enact an ‘Anti Sanctions Law’, in order to “bring before the courts of law anyone accused of breaking the laid down provisions of the law.”

“People who deny the existence of sanctions will have the great chance to tell the courts why they say there are no sanctions. But there could be stiff punishment for them to suffer if they fail to convince the courts with their denial arguments. The Anti-Sanctions law will also enable our nation to deal effectively with saboteurs and locally-based individual or institutional Western proxies that daily work clandestinely to ensure that the sanctions are biting,” the piece by a person called Shortie Bwidi reads.

Bwidi adds: “The anti-sanctions law will clip the long tails of quisling politicians with inflated egos who, whenever they open their mouths in public, leave no one in doubt that they are citizens of a country other than the Zimbabwe they disparage all the time. An anti-sanctions law will place bits in the mouths of the Deborah Bronnerts and Bruce Whartons of the diplomatic world.”

Political analyst Clifford Mashiri said such publications suggest that ZANU PF is “desperate” to maintain the illusion that the targeted measures are to blame for Zimbabwe’s myriad of problems. He told SW Radio Africa that such threats against public opinion are indicative that nothing has changed in the party.

“This is only an attempt silence the opposition, silence critics, cause fear and appease Mugabe. People know the so-called sanctions are not the problem in Zimbabwe, so they (ZANU PF) are trying to make anyone who criticises the party on the sanctions an enemy,” Mashiri said.

The ZANU PF rhetoric about the measures has been consistent for years, but in recent months the campaign has been ratcheted up to new levels.

Mis-information about the measures and the affect they have on Zimbabwe have been published and vocalised repeatedly, with the restrictions being used as the scapegoat for all the problems caused by decades of ZANU PF mismanagement, greed and destructive policies.

The latest issues to be blamed on ‘sanctions’ are widespread hunger, the poaching crisis at the Hwange national park, the cholera outbreak of 2008 and, most recently, the water crisis in Harare.

Stanley Mungofa, the City of Harare Director for Environmental Health, on Monday said the measures were to blame for the Council’s failure to provide clean water and proper sanitation to Harare residents. Mungofa made the remarks during a media briefing held at the Ministry of Health offices, where officials were quizzed on their preparedness to deal with potential disease outbreaks that traditionally accompany the onset of the rainy season.

SW Radio Africa’s correspondent Simon Muchemwa reported that Mungofa was put on the defensive after saying that ‘sanctions’ were to blame.

“When asked to explain what he meant, he indicated that when it comes to the issues of the Morton Jeffrey waterworks, no new infrastructure and no new system has been installed since it was built over 20 years ago, and they can’t make any new changes because of the sanctions,” Muchemwa explained.

He added: “They (the City Council) should have seen the problems coming even since 1998, but they failed to utilize the opportunities to build new dams and new reservoirs. Instead they chose to reward themselves high salaries, at the expense of service delivery in Harare. That is not the fault of sanctions.”



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    Godfrey c 8 years ago

    Will that change anything? Stiffling debate why? If the government can affard to purchase vehicles from Europe and US is still the biggest buyer of our goods what is wrong in saying that maybe the sanctions on Zimbabwe are the incopertance of Zanu pf government. These are the actions of a desparate regime. Ko makambo bireiko maelections acho kana musingagone kutonga nhai?

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    Tiger Shona 8 years ago

    Attempts from the criminals to keep their ill gotten goods.

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    gideon nkala 8 years ago

    I kindly appeal to these zanu pf thieves to see reason and sense. Sanctions? What sanctions? Lack of fdi is our problm. Now these stupid thieves want to chase away the few foreigners in the country all in the name of indeginization. The moment these pple leave we all knw wat is going to happn to thse bznesses. Where u used to get bread u shall get old pieces of clothes as flea markets. We cant all be business men.

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    Zanupf plunging to even lower depths. Madness is a symptom of syphillis. Ask any doc

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Its a good idea though. Without sanctions, Mr Mugabe could be 60 years old. Anyone who refers to him ass the 89 year old must go to jail. Anyone whoo use the word “targeted” goes to Maximum Prison, anyone who fails to acknowledge Prof Moyo as intelligent technocrat to jail. The jails will be full. Smith tried it, it failed to work.

    One certain thing is that, as the situation worsens, I ll be forced or rather persuaded to pick up my bhazuka and point it to the administration, before I fire. I hope I ll hv ammunition enough.

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    In which way are sanctions hurting us yet we have looked east? Isn’t it we told those imperialists to go and hang, to hell etc. Why are they only hurting us terribly and not Cuba, Iran, Venezuela etc. Even Libya was under sanctions for decades bt their economy ddnt collapse e same naSmith and Botha in SA? Y y only Zim has bn so negatively affected? These sanction have bn there for decades now so why up to now u haven’t development bursting measures? Its surprising during elections u promised to circumvent them so y crying always. Those who imposed them told u what to do for them to go and its very simple, uphold e rule of law, restore property rights, implement reforms etc. Its gud for Zim to do those things they help all of us

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    Rhodesia had real sanctions and an embargo and the intelligent white man overcame them and flourished. Mugarbage and Dis-grace have Saville Row, Gucci, Harrods sanctions and the idiots are underwater! What garbage, ha! ha!

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Talk about FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. As there is no sanctions on The country then who is benefiting. Are the constrains on business government related , since this government thinks it owns everything. Again it must be said GOVERNMENT YOU STICK TO THE RULE OF LAW AND LET THE BUSINESS PEOPLE STICK TO BUSINESS. Something you all forgot from your university days.

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    Dayford 8 years ago

    Zanu Pf will always blame their pathetic failures on sanctions. They know that the ordinary Zimbabwean will find it hard not to believe this, after all they are given a daily dosage of this propaganda thruogh the local media. Children are even taught about this at school…how sad. We know the truth…Zimbabwe does not appeal to international investors because of the lack of Rule of law, corruption from top to bottom, lack of press freedoms, skewed economis policies….the list is endless. We also know that The EU. US and UK provide the majority of financial assistance for humanitarian projects…What sanctions are they on about…Please do not talk about targetted sanctions on individuals and Zanu owned entities.