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via State of the nation – Reality bites | The Zimbabwean by Jera 22.01.14

Secretary of foreign affairs, Joey Bimha laments that his ministry might fail to pay school fees for the children of foreign diplomats, owing to insufficient funding by the finance minister. Bimha also bemoaned the dilapidated state of the ministry’s buildings. ‘In the year that Zimbabwe will host the Sadc summit, the image of the ministry needs to be representative of who we are,’ said Bimha.
Here’s the thing. Zimbabwe’s rundown buildings will be the true representation of the country. A pauper cannot strain his emaciated wallet to serve caviar and prawns for breakfast just because some guests have arrived. After all, it is Sadc that endorsed the dubious 2013 election and, through Mbeki’s plot, allowed Mugabe to remain in office, even when the electorate has said otherwise in 2008. Let Sadc see the results of their scheming – the potholed streets and regular power cuts. As for the pampered princes and princesses – those poor children of diplomats – they will benefit from a good dose of reality.New political party

Mqondisi Moyo has formed a new party, called Mthwakazi Republic Party, whose goal is to create a break-away state from Midlands and Matebeleland. Moyo says that the people of the region were never consulted when the Republic of Zimbabwe was created. Moyo also cites the segregation of people from Matebeleland and Midlands as another reason for seeking divorce from the ‘failed state’ of Zimbabwe. The party intends to rebury the victims of Gukurahundi and to commemorate the massacres annually.

In spite of Moyo’s assertions, it is hard not to see that the MNP is formed on tribal basis. Women are largely excluded from business, as are persons with disabilities. Should these groups also seek their own independent state? If MNP genuinely wish to uplift the lives of people, they should instead lobby the government for increased development in Matebeleland. If indeed MRP’s intentions are noble, it makes more sense to support existing opposition parties whose ideology matches theirs because each new party only means a weaker opposition and stronger Zanu (PF). What might be a huge stumbling block to the realisation of Moyo’s Mthwakazi dream is that a national referendum would be required before a break-away can be achieved. Because the core principles of the MRP appear tribal, it is likely that his party would be outnumbered.

Robert Mugabe is attributed with promoting unity and peace. A superficial peace has been achieved by the use of force. The advent of secessionist parties – Matebeleland Liberation Organisation, Patriotic Union of Matebeleland, Matebeleland Liberation Front and now Mthwakazi Republic Party – is a result of long harboured grievances, mostly related to the unresolved issue of Gukurahundi. Zanu (PF) has, for decades, pretended that Gukurahundi did not happen. Those responsible for the atrocities were rewarded with medals and promotions.

The 1987 Unity Accord is inadequate in that it was only a handshake between Mugabe and Nkomo, while those at grassroots level, who endured the murderous Fifth Brigade, were neither compensated nor publicly acknowledged. History still labels former Zipra freedom fighters as ‘dissidents’ and Matebeleland lags behind in development. The likes of Lookout Masuku, ex Zipra commander, are still considered as ‘insurgents’ while the late Solomon Mujuru, his Zanla counterpart, is regarded as a gallant fighter, meriting a hero’s burial.

New vision for Zvayi

Joblessness has been like a new pair of spectacles for suspended Herald editor, Caesar Zvayi. In a Facebook update, the disgraced Zanu (PF) shoe kisser, once blind to the flaws of Mugabe, writes about the dilapidated state of the roads, power shortages and lawlessness of kombi drivers, before ending with ‘it is high time we took people to account.’ If Zvayi hoped to make a difference in society, his opportunity came and went. Instead of using his influential position to highlight these issues, he devoted his time to kissing the shoe (if not worse) of a tyrannical president and slandering Nelson Mandela.

Another Zanu (PF) sympathiser, musician Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzei Mukombe). has been arrested, ostensibly for wearing camouflage gear but, in truth, for revealing police corruption. Mukombe is known for his sycophantic praise for Mugabe and once said, ‘I wear it (combat gear) to show that I am a fighter and stand for what I believe in. Just like President Mugabe.’ Mukombe was present when an Avondale traffic officer demanded a bribe from his uncle, Gibson Savanhu, who later lodged an official complaint. The reaction of ZRP was to transfer 33 members of the Avondale traffic unit to different stations and to arrest the singer.

Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charity Charamba’s explanation for the transfers is that they are ‘in line with the organisation’s policy.’ Charamba’s face-saving explanation would be believable if it was two or three officers transferred – but 33 is a large number. Regarding police corruption Charamba said, ZRP will ‘swiftly descend on the culprits and sternly take appropriate disciplinary measures.’ Transferring dirty cops to different stations hardly constitutes ‘sternly taking appropriate measures.’ With unemployment exceeding 80%, it should not be difficult to replace corrupt cops. Meanwhile the 33 dirty cops are free to demand bribes elsewhere.

It is illegal for civilians to wear military attire, but what is strange is that Mukombe has previously performed at Zanu (PF) events, bedecked in his trademark army gear. Zanu (PF) along with their corrupt security personnel have no time for sentiment. Mukombe joins the ever-growing line of publicly humiliated party sympathisers – Masimirembwa, Muchechetere, Zvayi – that have been used and discarded like a prophylactic, after their use has run out.

Going to the chapel

Kereke; noun. A place of worship.

Bikita West Member of Parliament, Munyaradzi Kereke has claimed that Vice President Mujuru, senatorial aspirant Gideon Gono and the head of the dreaded CIO, Happyton Bonyongwe want to kill him. Kereke alleges that Bonyongwe accepted money siphoned by Gideon Gono from the RBZ and fears that Gono’s prosecution will ultimately lead to his own downfall. If the Gono-Kereke saga were a movie, it would be a thriller. But in a country where army trucks have ‘accidentally on purpose’ flattened many who were regarded as threats to the state, the finale may include sombre organ music and a black suit visit to the chapel.

Free at last!

The secretary for information media and broadcasting, George Charamba said government will soon abolish ZBC listeners’ licenses. Only a month ago, Charamba was one of the voices making empty threats about the purchase of sophisticated equipment capable of detecting motor cars without radio licenses at the country’s tollgates. An opinion piece in the governmental mouthpiece, The Herald, raised another moronic idea of motorists compulsorily buying radio licenses at renewal of quarterly vehicle licenses with ZINARA. Thank goodness none of that matters anymore. Perhaps the masses, oppressed for so long, will be encouraged by this one small victory. It is not clear how the ZBC will survive without the revenue from licenses but, quite frankly, nobody cares. We should have a national holiday, marking the end of 34 years of ZBC licenses.

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    Robert Mugabe is the cause of all the problems,die soon

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    Chikumi 8 years ago

    By June (Chikumi) things will be much worse. this is just the beginning. Regai nguruve izcikange nemafuta ayo!!!!

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    Rukweza 8 years ago

    President is right people are wrong,you voted since 1980 for him then you blame him

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    bingo wajakata 8 years ago

    Are you sure we won through genuine votes? I really doubt it. If that was the case why is there so much secrecy when the opposition demand recounts? Why is the electronic voter’s register used for the recent elections still not available. People, think, I know its easier to blame the victim, its a modus operandi used by the police in Zimbabwe, arrest the complainant if the accused is aligned with ZANU-PF and it looks like they have a following. True there are people who voted ZANU PF but I doubt that the landslide victory registered in the most recent elections are a reflection of how the people voted. If you do not have time to analyse the situation why rush to blame the victim.

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    I do not want to comment on the new parties because its their right to form as many as they like,only those which present good national policies will forge ahead.
    The worsening of our economy will expose more things we have taken for granted for so long.Just wait and see how this giant economy quietly reveals all the past evils.The masses who remained innocent of corruption for so long will suffer no more when these spoiled culprits experience real normal life.
    It is a laughable topic when Mr Charamba says we have sophisticated equipment to monitor which car has a radio at tollgate.He is talking to laymen not to those who are technically minded because this is real nonsense to say the least.If your radio is switched off,it does not send any carrier frequency or sideband frequencies,therefore nothing can be detected by the spying receiver held by the police.This is technically impossible.You can only monitor signals which are there at that moment.I now really get it why a non-technical guy at ZBC went to Iran to appear like a clown there.It comes from the parent ministry.

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    adalandoinda 8 years ago

    Why would somebody require sophisticated equipment to detect a car radio?The “busy revenue collectors” at the various toll gates would either check the car or check the car specifications if the car has a mind boggling infotainment system.It does not matter whether the car radio works or not. Guilty till proven innocent.
    Another source of revenue for the “government”.

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    @Mixed race: Charamba fiddles whilst Zimbabwe burns. We will see on judgment day who voted for who because then everything will be exposed and there will be no where to hide. Nikuv will be unable to save them on that day as they will also be facing a mighty and just God!

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    Is it far fetched an idea for the governmentg to consider minting coins in pure gold, silver and maybe platinum as currency. You know like in the biblical times. So if gold sells on average for $100 per 10g they make a 10g gold coin to represent $100 and similarly so with the lower denominations. The only trouble is if the value of gold goes up, the gold coins would dispappear. But still, the reserve bank could keep track of the actual value and make adjustments in dollar values if the gold price shifts upwards significantly.
    Kufungawo kwangu kubatsira nyika yedu yatinodisa.

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    Government can ensure the success of such currency by accepting payments for its services, like traffic fines, passport fees and enacting laws to force banks to accept deposits in the new currency.

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    Jay prazah the fairy runs when he sees a rhodies soldier. His pathetic gear will never save him from the public hiding we are organizing for his shores to watch as hegrovels maiwee