Fight elite wealth plunder: top economist

via Fight elite wealth plunder: top economist. 18 June 2014

RENOWNED economist Godfrey Kanyenze has called on civil society groups to use their influence to fight the continued plunder of the country’s resources by top Zanu PF loyalists and the military.

Kanyenze is a director with the think-tank Labour and Economic Development Research and Economist, which has offered scientific solutions to the country’s economy.

He was addressing an economic think tank and sanctions review meeting organised by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition in Harare, Tuesday.

Kanyenze bemoaned what he said was the absence of a vibrant civic society that has the courage to call government to account.

“All the programmes meant for empowering the nation, you see these few individuals, talk of diamonds in Marange; no one here is even aware of what is happening there save for these few elites,” said Kanyenze.

“The land reform programme, you see these same individuals. Even the Utete Land Commission highlighted this issue. This is what has failed the nation, which was once the bread basket of the region.

“Zimbabwe was a country which used to have a diversified economy, and provided world class training, a country which used to feed the regions. Now we are regressing instead of progressing.”

Kanyenze lamented what he said was a country that has turned dumping ground for poor quality food products from outside.

“We are exporting jobs instead of investing and yet we are not manufacturing; we are even importing manzondora (chicken legs).

“We are highly dependent on imports, and that is a problem. We need to rebuild the value chains which were destroyed during the fast track land programme and this is what we should be focusing on.”

Kanyenze described the current Zanu PF led government as just a bunch of book keepers.

“The country’s ministry of finance is just a bookkeeping office which chases for money, the reason why we have too many taxes,” said Kanyenze.


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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Renown by who?

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    Mandevu 8 years ago

    Yup. This the crux of the fight. Civil society has to stand up. EU get out of here if you don’t like it