Muchinguri backs beheading of rapists

via Muchinguri backs beheading of rapists 19 June 2014 by Staff Reporter

PEOPLE who rape should be beheaded, Women Affairs minister, Oppah Muchinguri has said, joining First Lady Grace Mugabe who made a similar call weekend.

Muchinguri, addressing a rape awareness campaign in Harare, said sentences currently being passed by the courts were relaxed hence the need to be tougher and execute those who abuse women.

“Rapists should face lifetime imprisonment, in fact I support what Amai Grace Mugabe has called for, even having their heads cut is very essential,” she said.

“We have people like Robert Gumbura (Jailed rapist) and they should not die in jail. This is time for action, no theorising but action,” she said.

Grace Mugabe told a World Blood donor day celebration in Chinhoyi over the weekend that rapists should be beheaded as a way of ending the vice and to deter potential offenders.

“What has become of our society when a two month old baby is raped by her father; when a five year old baby raptures a uterus after being raped by an uncle, when a 104 year old grandmother is raped by a 22 year old man?” Muchinguri asked.

“What has happened to our churches when Satanism seems to be in control, with certain men of the cloth preying on their flock and when traditional healers prescribe raping of minors by their fathers as a way of getting rich or curing HIV and Aids?”

From statistics released by authorities from 2012 up until the first quarter of this year, 3 571 adult women were raped while 7 411 children were abused.

When Grace Mugabe made the statement regarding the beheading of rapists, it sparked an uproar from the general public with some pointing out that the practice was from the dark ages and primitive.

But Muchinguri said it was the only way to reduce the vice which is now a threat especially to the future of school going girls.


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    let him (or her) who is without sin cast the first stone

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    “What has happened to our churches when CORRUPTION seems to be in control, with certain men WHO CLAIM TO HAVE DIED FOR ZIMBABWE preying on BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS and when SO CALLED LEADERS prescribe BEATING UP OR KILLING by CIO AND YOUTH as a way of getting rich or STAYING IN POWER”

    my own answer to this question by Muchinguri

    “What has happened to our churches when Satanism seems to be in control, with certain men of the cloth preying on their flock and when traditional healers prescribe raping of minors by their fathers as a way of getting rich or curing HIV and Aids?”

    If she can answer my question then the rest of our problems can be solved

    had holier than thou politicians with logs in their eyes but bleet on about crime in the country.without the break down of law which these ZANU PF people caused there is no reason crime can be managed and our courts would be able to impatially deal with criminals. But ZPF has ensured that some criminals rapists even go unpunished simply because hey belong to that party.

    ZANU PF is the problem—behead them.

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    Doris 8 years ago

    Not the heads that need cutting off.

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Why don’t they start with all the ZPF youth who embarked on a terror campaign using rape as a tool?? Even better start with the people that ordered it??

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    Rukweza 8 years ago

    Start with zanu pf that uses rapw as a political tool

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    Munatinalsit 8 years ago

    Good idea buts lets start by beheading corrupt public office bears so that this can be carried out without favour.

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    Eugene Bless 8 years ago

    Look who is talking now!!! In as much as I cannot stand rape, but let those suggesting beheading prove their perfection. Rape, murder of individuals for their political opinions are very serious crimes and let`s have the same sentence as suggested by these just ladies. God is watching

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Beheading these two woman will reduce verbal pollution.

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    There you have it. Blood thirsty people. Beheading is a barbaric medieval way of doing things. This should show you the mind set of these people. Imagine watching a man or woman having their heads cut off. I personally am against the death sentence. On the other hand I think that the world has evolved and civilized countries that still have it do it in the most humane manner they can. Now you get these two foolish women talking about a beheading? What about if the woman identifies the wrong person? Oh my goodness we are ruled by LOK an SHAN.

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      Reverend 8 years ago

      Hi Doc, I am afraid I do not agree with you on the the death sentence of murderers an rapists and also those who torture people…and it is Biblical that if a countries law includes the death sentence then so be it, you are required to know that you will be put to death if you are found guilty. Barbaric means are of course the road of barbaric people and Im afraid that is what we are dealing with in the government of Zimbabwe at the moment.These murderers and villians have stayed in power by the most barbaric means and when that changes they will find that their own evil will be wrought against them. They have raped, tortured and murdered to the extent of genocide which is the most heinous barbarism you can imagine. Take care brother

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    There you have it Dr Do Little et al. Why don’t we consider castrating women with such thoughts…..?

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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    This idiot woman must know of many rapes and murders , she is part of the evil system that has genocidal blood running down their arms, if you cannot put a real respectable rule of law in place we do not want you–you my dear should be one of the first to hang!!!

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    Calling a spade a spade!!!..

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    Davy Mufirakureva 8 years ago

    Some of rape cases are setups therefore innocent people will be killed.

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    Fixzimbabwe 8 years ago

    Indigenisation also implies “upgrading” moral standards to the African average.

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Including chiyangwa mliswa kaukonde van hoogstratteen mtongo kereke munyardzi karikoga kaseke etc

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    Madam,l pray that you have a son who will turn out to be a rapist.l will be the cheerleader at his beheading…