Take it easy, VP Mujuru advises Mutasa | The Herald

via Take it easy, VP Mujuru advises Mutasa | The Herald November 25, 2013 by Freeman Razemba

VICE President Joice Mujuru on Friday advised Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa to take it easy when people criticise him.

She was speaking at a Zanu-PF fundraising dinner after Cde Mutasa, who is also the Zanu-PF secretary for administration, claimed people were scandalising him through the media.

VP Mujuru said she would not respond to any utterances made on her in the media, saying the best way was to keep quiet.

“I want to advise our secretary for administration that what makes me remain smiling is that I give myself a lot of time to think about others and say to myself, if I were to respond to certain utterances how far will that go?” she said. “The best thing is to just keep quiet, take your bible, you read. So, I want to advise Baba Mutasa tonight, Ambuya vangu, Amwene vangu, Mrs Mutasa, I know she goes to church, she has a Bible. Please borrow him and he reads Proverbs chapter 11 verses 5, 6, 7, 9 and 18. You find your answers there. I thank you.”

While introducing VP Mujuru to the guests at the dinner, Cde Mutasa had said he had never heard Vice President Mujuru on any occasion saying that she longed to be the President of Zimbabwe.

“There are those that are scandalising us through newspapers,” he said.

“I think that is absolutely wrong, misusing the media and in certain instances when people behave that way, that is sometimes referred to as corruption.

“You don’t use your office to scandalise those who are not in the same office and those who cannot respond to those words.”

In apparent reference to a Herald editorial comment that chastised those who were trying to draw the paper into Zanu-PF factional politics, Cde Mutasa claimed he had been referred to as a“ dwarf in huge robes”.

The comment, though did not refer to a specific individual in that regard.

“You see, when you refer to us as dwarfs in huge robes, how do you expect me to answer? Because I am not in charge of any newspaper. I can only go to newspapers to answer, but which newspaper will I use if my own newspaper refers to me that way.”

He said if VP Mujuru was going to be the President of Zimbabwe in future, it would be because people would have chosen her.

Cde Mutasa said when President Mugabe elevated her to Vice President, it meant she was better than others.


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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Comedy of errors. Nb. What’s this blasphemy on the bible from evildoers?

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    Mangamajaira kunakidzwa nekutukirira, kunyomba, kunemera, kutsoropodza uye kurevera vebato reMDC nhema. Tukanayi mega marombe evanhu.

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    the Zimbabwe I know…
    come next elections, rigging or not, zanu pf is going out. these comedians are wasting our time.
    they shouldn’t even be in office had it not been for our equally comic and equally stupid tsvangirai.

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    the same bible tells u not to be like the pharisees, and the golden rule
    “ida mumwe wako sekuda kwaunozviita”
    muchatidawo here ma ordinary zimbabweans we now fear for our future. how many graduates are there in the neighborhoods sitting in corners of streets.

    isu pachiroma tinoti tirangarireiwo Mwari, kuti muchavatyawo here Mwari nhai vatungamiriri vedu, makapinda mukapika makabata “THE HOLY BOOK”
    woe to you