Time for drastic measures: TYC

via Time for drastic measures: TYC | The Zimbabwean by Mkhululi Chimoio 18.09.13

Zimbabwean youths here have formed The Youth Chapter, an organisation that seeks to use young people to address economic, political and social issues of the African continent.

“We want to take drastic measures that will see young people drive the economy, shape the social life and determine the political discourse on the African continent and we remain unapologetic about the path we have chosen,” said TYC Director of Communications, Mxolisi Ncube. “We have been standing on the sidelines for far too long while geriatrics kill our relatives, loot our resources and destroy our future. From Cape to Cairo, Africa shall reverberate with the sound of the youth.”

TYC Secretary General, Skhumbuzo Maduna, urged young people to join the movement to fight malevolent dictatorship.

“Young people should address the wrongs that have been inflicted on the masses by the geriatrics in African politics,” said Maduna. “Some of these dictators like Robert Mugabe, Omar Al Bashir, Dennis Sassou Nguesso, Paul Biya and King Mswati III are living symbols of racial and tribal hatred, terrorism and violence and the arrogance and cruelty of power.”

TYC President, Butholezwe Nyathi, urged unity among young people.

“We have seen some political parties thriving on dividing young people and abusing them to push their violent agendas. We are here to stop such behaviour and we need a united front,” he said.



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    Jackson 11 years ago

    I like the courage you are building. Keep that courage and maintain it, even, as you are well aware that if these dictators really see you as a threat to their hold on power,they will direct their might power,(the politicised security forces)at you. So bear in mind that its going to be a rough road to travel.

    But thumbs up from me.

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    khabo 11 years ago

    Young boys your voice must be heard, but i am worried that Mugabe will call you dissidents because of being Ndebeles , watch out, be a bit diplomatic . Your confrontation must differ from an opposition party .