Partisan input distribution

via Partisan input distribution | The Zimbabwean by Tony Saxon 18.09.13

Zanu (PF) headmen have allegedly drawn up lists of beneficiaries for farm inputs, all of whom are President Robert Mugabe’s supporters.

Perceived MDC-T supporters claim that they are being sidelined, even though the money for input support is being drawn from the Ministry of Agriculture’s budget.

Headmen, working with members from the Zimbabwe National Army and senior Zanu (PF) officials, are in control of the programme. The move is seen as a way of rewarding those who voted for Zanu (PF) in the recent elections. Villagers told The Zimbabwean last week that they were told only Zanu (PF) card-carrying villagers would receive seed and fertiliser.

“Suspected MDC-T supporters were left out and the headmen only wrote down the names of people who are well known Zanu (PF) sympathisers,” said a villager from Chief Chiduku’s area.

“It is not fair at all. The government of Zimbabwe and not Zanu (PF) sourced these inputs. The most difficult part is that the beneficiaries will sell these inputs,” said Tafadzwa Chitsike, an MDC-T coordinator in Headlands.

“I do not see why villagers perceived to be MDC supporters are being denied access to the farming inputs for their tobacco. This should not be politicised,” said Chitsike.

The major beneficiaries are from the new resettlement areas. War veterans interviewed said MDC-T supporters should not receive anything as the land reform was a Zanu (PF) initiative.

“This is a Zanu (PF) thing so what do MDC people want? They have money from donors, let them go and buy the inputs elsewhere,” said Kenneth Machemedze, a war veteran in Headlands.



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    Typical ZANU-PF bull-sh*t. As long as Mugabe directs people to act pseudo-tribally and turn against each other, the country will never achieve it’s true potental. The people who use their energy fighting each other will be destined to a small life that will not improve. Ever.

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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    “destined to a small life that will not improve. Ever.”

    Well-chosen words that exactly fits the sad reality.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    Mugabe is on record saying America is bully to smaller nations and back home his party is a bully to smaller parties-Mugabe is a hypocrite.