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via Transform Zimbabwe April 17, 2014

The Zimbabwe Tragedy

What happened to our hopes and dreams of building a more equal, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe? Where is the dignity and freedom for which our liberation heroes shed their blood? What is left of Zimbabwe – the Jewel of Africa – 33 years after Independence?

  • We see a leadership obscenely feasting on the nation’s resources while the masses remain mired in poverty. The average Zimbabwean now earns less than at Independence.
  • We see our economy so mismanaged that hyper-inflation has wiped out our currency and we cannot even feed ourselves. Two million Zimbabweans now survive on donor handouts.
  • We see those struggling for our rights and democracy being imprisoned and beaten, and sometimes killed. We have become a people that live in fear of our own leaders.
  • We see millions of Zimbabweans now living in the Diaspora, having fled out of fear or economic ruin, surviving as strangers in foreign lands.

We ask you: Will our leaders ever put our welfare above their own? Will they ever guarantee our human rights, restore democracy, and uphold the rule of law? Is there any hope that our government will adopt economic policies that generate strong and sustainable economic growth? There is none. Our merciless leaders have become deaf to our pleas and blind to our misery.

The Zimbabwe Dream

But let us not shake our heads in despair at the tragedy of what Zimbabwe has become – nor what it could have been. No! We must rather shake ourselves out of our self-pity, transform our lives, and commit ourselves to making the Zimbabwe Dream come true! The time has come for us to take matters into our own hands and to chart our own destiny. The path may be steep and the journey long, but with hope in our hearts and faith in our quest, we will prevail.

Transform Zimbabwe!

The 9th December 2013 was an historic day.

It marked the formation of Transform Zimbabwe under the inspired leadership of Jacob C.S. Ngarivhume (pictured), a devout Christian.

Transform Zimbabwe, our new party, is founded on Five Pillars for national renewal and responsible government.

  1. 1.      Creating a New Culture of Politics

The foundation of responsible government lies in the core values and principles of a truly democratic political culture. Creating a new political culture begins with our own inner transformation that makes trust, tolerance and integrity a way a thinking and behaving, and a way of life. Only then can we become worthy role models for our families and communities and leaders of our nation.

  1. 2.      Strong and Principled Leadership

Transform Zimbabwe’s leadership is based on three core principles. First, all leaders must be imbued with an unshakeable inner strength to uphold our most cherished human values and the principles of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. Second, all leaders must be held to account through transparent processes and subject to checks and balances. And, third, all leaders must be chosen freely, fairly, and without fear or intimidation. By abiding by these principles, Transform Zimbabwe will cultivate leaders at all levels of society who are dedicated to serve the people, who lead by example, and who inspire respect.

  1. 3.      Good Governance

Transform Zimbabwe is committed to the principles of good governance. The first is democracy. Free, fair and peaceful elections are only the starting point. Democracy must be deepened by the clear separation of powers and by ensuring that our state institutions – especially the police and judiciary – serve all citizens efficiently and impartially, regardless of their gender, ethnic origins or political affiliation. The second key principle is respect for the rule of law. Judicial rulings based on just laws must be respected without exception. But how can we know that our laws are just? It is because they must adhere to the third principle of good governance: respect for human rights under international law.

  1. 4.      Building a Competitive Economy

Transform Zimbabwe promises a path to prosperity based on economic renewal and growth. This will be achieved by the building of an inclusive, synergetic and competitive economy. There is essentially one criterion for us to grow and prosper. It is increased productivity. The equation is simple: the more investment we attract and the better businesses perform, the faster we grow and the more jobs we create. The basic mechanism to allocate resources efficiently and meet demand is through the market.

  1. 5.      Empowering Citizens

An inclusive economic policy is founded on the empowerment of citizens. By empowerment we mean creating an enabling environment to provide every Zimbabwean with the opportunity to realise their full potential and to earn sufficient income to care properly for themselves and their families. How can this be done? A fundamental prerequisite of empowerment is access by all to a decent education. But it also means extending property rights to as many citizens as possible and creating fair and efficient markets in which all citizens are free to participate in order to maximise their productive and earning potential.

Join Us!

What others fail to do for us, we must do for ourselves. Where there is a political culture of corruption and impunity, we must nurture a political culture of goodwill, trust, tolerance and integrity. Where we have leaders who are intent only on power, personal gain and self-enrichment, we must replace them with leaders who are dedicated to the welfare of our people and our nation. Where we have a government that denies its own people the protection of the law, human rights and democracy, we must form a government based on the values and principles of good governance. Where we have self-defeating economic policies based on patronage and populism, we must deliver a strong and competitive economy founded on market-based economic principles.

We urge you to add your voice to our just and non-violent struggle by joining Transform Zimbabwe!

May peace be with you and God bless our beloved country


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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    First time I have had of these guys, and they get locked up. If Zanu hates you, then I am hooked.
    I will be following you closely.

  • comment-avatar
    Chaka 9 years ago

    You could be the guys

  • comment-avatar
    reader 9 years ago

    Sounds good and this is what we are looking for Paste to FB and all other social sites support is there even in the rural and tribal areas.

    But keep on coming to visit us and when you are arrested advise us soon so we can come and sit in till you are realeased.

    we must do this with all arrests WOZA, Transform,MDC, whoever if arrsested for talking and being opinionated then let us know quickly people will form and make these ZANIODs notice we object.

  • comment-avatar

    Sounds GOOD. I am sure there is also this issue about tribalism that Zimbabweans need to address as soon as possible. Please my fellow country people do not be polarized on tribal lines. If i may suggest to the next government/leader on what is the best way to tackle this issue. I should feel that the Ministry of Education should compulsorily introduce Ndebele and Shona languages in all schools in Zimbabwe from primary to ‘O’ Level and they should be passed for some one to be considered for the next level of education, of which three languages should be a pre requisite.This may sound awkward but I am sure it is another way to go. We are all Zimbabweans and nothing will take away this from us. Can Transform Zimbabwe please spread your wings across the whole of Zimbabwe so that we all are informed once. I hope you are not a regional block.

  • comment-avatar
    Ruzivo 9 years ago

    Viva Transform Zimbabwe, we can and will totally transform our beloved Zimbabwe.