Tsvangirai fear grips Zanu PF

via Tsvangirai fear grips Zanu PF – DailyNews Live by Margaret Chinowaita  6 APRIL 2014

Political temperatures are rising again in Zimbabwe amid worsening factionalism in Zanu PF, as well as renewed and inexplicable pressure being exerted on MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai by authorities.

While factional interests within President Robert Mugabe’s party have simmered mostly out of the public glare over the past decade or so, they have burst into the open with a frightening pace since Zanu PF’s disputed victory in last year’s harmonised elections.

At the same time, there appears to be renewed and as yet obscure interest by authorities to pressurise and “kill off” Tsvangirai politically.

The latest incident was the alleged barring of the opposition leader yesterday from visiting Tokwe-Mukorsi flood victims who are camped at Chingwizi.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the MDC leader was due to visit the Chingwizi holding camp this week, to interact with the people and to give some assistance to the victims of the humanitarian crisis.

However, the Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, allegedly told the MDC leader’s emissaries that Tsvangirai would not be allowed to interact with the people at the camp.

“Bhasikiti said if the MDC leader had anything to give the people he ought to leave it at the government’s provincial offices in Masvingo where it would be taken to Triangle and then distributed to the beneficiaries,” Tamborinyoka said yesterday.

But Bhasikiti expressed surprise at the assertion, adding mystery to the saga.

“That cannot be true,” Bhasikiti told the Daily News, adding, “I received a call through my secretary that the former Prime Minister wanted to make a visit and a donation to the people at Chingwizi. I had a programme but I deferred it and decided to wait for Tsvangirai.

I viewed this as a noble and important visit but the former PM’s office called to say they would not make it tomorrow because their truck was not ready.

“They said they would make it on Tuesday next week. Perhaps they had nothing and they assumed that they would be barred. It is not true that they have been banned.”

Bhasikiti said there was no way he could bar donations of food that was fast running out in the camp.

“We do not have enough food for this month,” Bhasikiti said. “We are appealing for mealie-meal which is running out by Friday next week. We are facing starvation in the camp if food supplies are not donated or provided soon.”

The Masvingo provincial minister reiterated that he would welcome the former PM to Chingwizi to receive his donation.

However, Tamborinyoka was adamant that Bhasikiti did not want Tsvangirayi in Chingwizi.

“It is shocking that a whole government would bar the former prime minister of the country and the leader of a party in Parliament from seeing for himself the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis, and interacting with the victims,” he said.

“As a party, Zanu PF is so used to partisan distribution of food that they may want to misrepresent all assistance to the unfortunate victims as coming from Zanu PF.

“There is absolutely no reason why president Tsvangirai would be barred from visiting and interacting with the people at Chingwizi unless the government’s provincial leadership wants to politicise this unfortunate humanitarian crisis and peddle all assistance as coming from Zanu PF. It is patently criminal to take advantage of a national disaster for political capital.

“For president Tsvangirai, however, human life is more important than politics. He will be taking his assistance, including food and blankets, to the provincial office because this is a humanitarian crisis demanding our attention as Zimbabweans, regardless of our political affiliation,” Tamborinyoka added.

The families are living in tents that are closely pitched, raising a risk of an outbreak of communicable diseases. Some families with more than 10 people are living in a single tent, amid worrying reports of cases of sex for food.

Political analyst Shepard Mntungwa said last night that there was a clear move by Zanu PF and the State to destroy Tsvangirai politically “once and for all”.

“If you look at the heightened and negative State media press against Tsvangirai and how there have been sustained State attempts to shore up the lesser than stellar efforts of the MDC’s rebels to dislodge him

(Tsvangirai) from the leadership of his party, it becomes obvious that the war drums against him are beating harder.

“The only thing that is not clear is why the authorities are doing this at a time that the MDC leader is short of resources and is not looking particularly strong. One can only surmise that the idea is to divert national attention from the ever-worsening economic crisis facing the country, and obviously some hawks feeling that this is the best time to finish him (Tsvangirai) off once and for all,” he said.

Meanwhile, about 123 tonnes of food is needed monthly to feed the 2 800 households at Chingwizi, with aid agencies such as the World Food Programme (WFP) yet to secure the required funding.

Over 60 000 villagers in the area were affected after torrential rains caused the partial collapse of the Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam wall. The dam is being built by an Italian company, Salini, with funding  from the government and is expected to provide irrigation to the local communal area of Chivi, which is vulnerable to recurrent food shortages due to the area’s low rainfall.



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    Gondobwe 9 years ago

    People should not play politics with people’s lives. Any help from anybody should be welcome. Is Tsvangirai not a Zimbabwean? Ko VaMugabe vakarambidzwa here kundoona vanhu kuChingwizi? (Was President Mugabe prevented to see people in Chingwizi?).

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    The current propaganda against MT is likely to fail because NO evil can surpass the current looting the ruling party officials have done to kill the economy completely.This really works in MT’s advantage thus why they are trying to frustrate him with trivial issues.He should remain steadfast and attack the ruling party on its failures to deal with their looting thugs.These things affect the majority of ZANU-PF supporters who are also not happy with the bosses who have paid themselves huge salaries and allowances at their expense with impunity at the moment. Hunger does not affect particular supporters only but it affects everybody on it ugly path.Any sensible government would worry if the economy is very very bad with no money to pay its political machinery.Mr MT time is on your side if you can pause and implement a well thought strategy.The problem with MDC-T is that you lack common sense,wisdom and proper planning with no compromises in your policies to neutralize your opponent.Do not allow them to divert you from the evils of corruption and looting ,if you were not part to it.

    • comment-avatar

      @Mixed Race I wish for the day I might meet you and others in this forum and I will say I am the doctor and you will say I am mixed race and suddenly Bee, Fallenz, JT,Lindy lou, Mukuyana, the Ambassador (roving) Gondobwe, Rabbit,axe,RBS & REVEREND need I go on. What you have just said in your last contribution makes me think..it is worth it what we do. My point is you have said it all. I want to add that when that day comes ..maybe..just maybe there will be a man or woman called APOLITICAL.

    • comment-avatar

      Mr mixed race for President. I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling pretty fed up with all this political claptrap. I appreciate your sharing. It starts off my day.

      • comment-avatar
        Reader 9 years ago

        Great guys you see we have such Diverse ideas and we have debated this and we are coming to agreement soon we can expand this to others joining a Healthy debate with no Name bashing, swearing or race connotations and the Party for freeing Zimbabwe will be born, tolerance, truth, and positive attitude so we all live together in peace then we reap the blessings GOD gave this country each and everyone of us. No-one is better than the other and we can all learn from each other from the lowest to the highest just listen.

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    DOC, THIS FORUM HAS ALWAYS BEEN DEMOCRATIC. Anybody has a say. We just trying to practice it. Maybe one day we will meet.

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    128 tons for 2800 households. Do the maths. Something is wrong. The officials must be inflating the figures so that they can steal.

    Mr Race is right. The MDC need to sort out the very basics of their politics. Organization, tactics, discipline, strategy. These things cannot be substituted. Without them victory will not come. It is only in fairy tales that good things come to the slothful.

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    The maths gives about 44 kg per household which is not enough for a family of 6,if they are to have about three meals per day.

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      JT there is nothng wrong. a hse hold of 10 in a tent on 44 kg is 4.4kg.remember its sadza morning, sadza for lunch and again for supper

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    jobolinko 9 years ago

    One day zimbabwe will be better without these idiots and zanu

    • comment-avatar

      It is like you are wishing that you are betteroff without your parents. That can only be the mind of a naughty child. Zimbabwe can never move without the movers in the mould of ZANU PF like or hurt it.

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    Ruramai 9 years ago

    Why was it necessary for Tsvangirai to advise Basikiti of the impending visit?

  • comment-avatar
    All Eyes On Me 9 years ago

    In Mthwakazi, we are banned from holding Prayers for Gukurahundi Victims or Commemorating Gukurahundi victims.

    So, there is really nothing surprsing about the banning of Tsvangirayi from paying a visit to the Tokwe flood victims. Its a gukurahundi culture thats all!!

  • comment-avatar
    chirasha 9 years ago

    ah makotsi wadhakwa here chii chavarikuita kunze kwekuba