Tsvangirai to speak on deepening economic problems

via Tsvangirai to speak on deepening economic problems | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Monday, January 20, 2014

Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai will on Tuesday speak on the deepening political and economic problems facing the country.

His address at a Harare hotel will be attended by the business community, the media, students and civic society leaders. Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News that the event has been necessitated by the multi-layered crises confronting the country.

The MDC-T leader is expected to proffer possible solutions to the problems, including the protracted salary battle between government and civil servants. Civil servants are demanding a minimum wage of $540 from the current $297.

The government has said it can only afford $375 for the least-paid worker, which represents a $79 increment, which civil servants described as peanuts.

Tamborinyoka said the country is on its knees, yet the leadership of the country does not seem to have a clue on how to solve the challenges.

“Some even have the luxury to go on leave, as if all is well in the country,” he said, in reference to the ageing President Robert Mugabe who went on leave to the Far East earlier this month but returned last week.


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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    mthokozisi mbambo 9 years ago

    Nothing will help on creating forums speaking on these issues, the govt is now capable of dealing with such institutions since MDC was born. We will survive as we did and do now.

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    mucha 9 years ago

    What solution should we expect from this illiterate TEA-Boy? He is only trying to seek political relevance.

    Every time he cries that the elections were stolen from his nose even at a time when he was the country’s PM. He is a fool. That’s why most people don’t vote for him. If they do,they risk hearing him next time saying “OH, THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM ME”by the clever ones in this world.

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    It seems as some have forgotten that Morgan has also paid a heavy price. Sure, he is not perfect but none of us are. And yes, the MDC walked into a trap last year. That is the nature of the beast! Morgan has a heart in place of degrees in violence. None of us have even heard the address and everyone is criticising. What a country we have become? No wonder we are missing God’s blessings.

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    Oh and by the way! As sure as God made little green apples those elections were stolen. Judgment day will be a very interesting day!

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    It is important for Tsvangirai to genuinely find solutions. On the other hand, it is important for Tsvangirai to cooperate with the goverment in power and use his knowledge and skills to improve things, especially where he thinks things are not going on well. We also need to stop being judgemental about the meeting, we must wait and see if the meeting is going to find a solution to some of the problems the people of Zimbabwe are facing.I wonder were Roy Bennet is, it seemjs Roy had some ideas also to find ways to improve some of the difficulties we are facing in Zimbabwe. But it is of paramount importance for MDC to cooperate with the ruling part Zanu PF for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe, Africa and the whole world. Zimbabwe is not a very large country, Zimbabwe is a small country compared to most of the African states, also Zimbabweans are people committed to peace, and also they work hard. Also Zimbabwe is a beuatiful country with beuatiful climatic conditions, vast lands of precious minerals, so why experiencing problems. It is because we are not cooperative.

    How can a house divided by itself stand?

    When the political parties cooperate with each other and try and find ways to move foward, the situation in Zimbabwe will improve drammatically.

    The cooperation is not only for black Zimbabweans, but also must involve white Zimbabweans including white and black commercial farmers without prejudice.

    All political parties in Zimbabwe must play their role to mould our beautiful country back to the glory days!

    We do not need people who are always mourning and looking for other countries or parties to blame for our failed economy. It is important to look at ourselves, at our weaknesses and then we can try and fight to improve the weaknesses and become a strong nation.

    God bless beautiful Zimbabwe!

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    Richard 9 years ago

    Oh there we go! Mucha as poisonous and immature as ever! Say something intelligent for a change.