Two #mugabe henchmen pass on

via Two Mugabe henchmen pass on | The Zimbabwean 05.06.14

Two of President Robert Mugabe’s trusted lieutenants, former cabinet minister and Zanu (PF) spindoctor as well as politburo member, Nathan Shamuyarira, and Lovemore Chipunza Sekeramayi, a senior election strategist, have died.

Shamuyarira, who was Zimbabwe’s third Foreign Affairs minister, passed on at West End Clinic in Harare.

Webster Shamu, the Zanu (PF) national commissar and Minister of ICT, who hails from the late Shamuyarira’s province—Mashonaland West—confirmed the death.

Health Minister, David Parirenyatwa, said: “He passed on at around 22:30 after having been admitted on and off for some time. In the end, he had problems with a chest infection; he had been unwell for a while.”

Born in 1929, Shamuyarira, a trained journalist, was the first black editor of an African publication, the Daily News in 1956.

Between 1959 and 1962, he was the Editor-in-Chief of the African Newspapers, after which he left to join the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) but later ventured into university teaching in the then Rhodesia and Nyasaland before moving to Tanzania.

At independence in 1980, he joined the government as part of the information portfolio and was later appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 2000, he resigned from government, saying he needed to concentrate on party affairs, but he had started experiencing health problems. He then led the information department of Zanu (PF) as its chief spindoctor.

Considered a godfather in Mashonaland West, Shamuyarira however left active politics in 2010, saying he needed to concentrate on writing Mugabe’s biography, but he did not complete the task.

Sekeramayi, who had been Chief Election Officer at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) since 2007, yesterday died from an undisclosed illness in Lesotho where he had gone for a meeting of chief elections officers in the southern African region.

He was 67.

ZEC chairperson, Rita Makarau confirmed the death in a statement yesterday.

Sekeramayi had worked as civil servant from 1982 as a District Administrator, Provincial Administrator, Deputy Registrar General and Deputy Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

He presided over the controversial 2008 elections in which his commission delayed releasing results of the first presidential poll by about a month, in a move that critics say was meant to rig the election that MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, won.

Both Shamuyarira and Sekeramayi are likely to be made national heroes.


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    Finally, some good news! Bravo! More please!

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      Qiniso 8 years ago

      What kind of a person are you DL? There is no honor in rejoicing a death of person whether you like him or not.

      • comment-avatar
        John Thomas 8 years ago

        These two have the blood of many on their hands

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        Qiniso, what kind of a person are you? Are you not glad that there are two less tormentors of the people of Zimbabwe? These people have become obscenely wealthy and have caused untold suffering and death to their fellow man. They do not deserve any respect at all. In fact, after the taxpayer is forced to pay for their interment at Heroes Acre, if I could I would spit on their grave because they have never ever shown any remorse for their actions, nor respect for their victims. Mugabe and all of the members of the politburo and the current and former ZANU-PF cabinet ministers all deserve the same treatment. No respect.

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        Fellow forum writers, Qiniso is right. Even god takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked and we are told not to rejoice even hen an enemy falls. If we indulge in hatred and revenge are we then not the same as them. It is only God’s love and grace that will shatter the evil that presides over our nation. Let us begin again. Yes, god’s judgment hangs over this nation. We desperately need to repent.

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          NBS you are hypocrity like your fellow ZPF. what you are writng is against your heart. After all noone is revenging here. God is actually doing it for us.

          Viva God. Let more come inot the fold and not only faint on the parade.

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            DD the only One I ever aspire top be more like is the lord Jesus Christ Himself. I don’t like ZPf either but I refuse to have a heart full of hatred, bitterness and revenge

      • comment-avatar
        Straight Shooter 8 years ago

        When it comes to gukurahundis – I dont need that honour. I would rather do without it and I will never regret saying so!!

  • comment-avatar
    bill mills 8 years ago

    Change will only occur, ‘one funeral at a time’.

  • comment-avatar
    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Dying like flies. Dogs

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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    I await my celebrations for the demise of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.

  • comment-avatar
    Zeezee 8 years ago

    At long last they are starting to all die off! Perhaps there is hope for Zimbabwe

  • comment-avatar
    jones peter 8 years ago

    I don’t have any respect for any person who presided over:

    1. Gukurahundi massacares
    2. Murambastwina operation
    3. 2008 elections

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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    What an absolute pleasure. The day has started well. One can only hope that it will continue and eventually the geriatric old dog will go the same way! Then we might have a chance to save the country they have ruined.

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    As for Nathan Shamuyarira, its good news and good riddance. He gives the Zezuru a bad name.

    How can a normal person; a normal human being claim Gukurahundi was all ok, all fine, and he has no regrets whatsoever? I hope is gone straight to the burning fires of hell and is in good company with the ever enduring Lucifer!!

    How does one find ok to rip open a pregnant woman’s stomach in order to get rid of a dissident foetus?

    How does a normal person find it ok to demand that innocent villagers dig up their own graves and get inside so they can be buried alive?

    How does a normal human being find it normal to demand, at gun point that innocent villagers speak and sing in Shona; a language they never knew or had ever spoken in their whole lives?

    How does he explain the huge number of villagers who were killed throughout the those years, versus the tiny number of the so-called dissidents killed; and even worse the tiny number of so-called dissidents who eventually surrendered at the end of the exercise in 1987 – proving beyond reasonable doubt that the overkill efforts had other ulterior motives other than the officially stated ones?

    How does one explain how all this has to do with eliminating the dissident problem? Or could it be the whole exercise was never about dissidents in the first place, it was always a long-planned programme to Shonalise the region of Matebeleland – typical Rwanda-style ethnic cleaning!!!

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    Daniel 8 years ago

    Qiniso, respect is earned,not a right.

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    gonzo 8 years ago

    news good or bad usually comes in threes look out bob you dont join your mates.

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    Mukadota 8 years ago

    And so the serious games start. So Sekeramayi went to Lesotho for a conference thing, obviously feeling ok to make the journey etc, and then suddenly he dies of ‘an undisclosed illness’. I wonder which faction he belonged to and how the other faction got to him in a foreign land……….very cleverly done; and now lets see who’s next on their respective hit-lists.

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    MikeH 8 years ago

    All that matters is that they are dead, thank you very much.

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    Passmore Moyo 8 years ago

    May their souls rest in peace. Wishing a speedy recovery of all broken hearts. May God be with their families.

  • comment-avatar
    Will the Doctor 8 years ago

    At last, some good news out of Zimbabwe.