$20 each to attend

via $20 each to attend The Zimbabwe 14 October 2014

In Gwanda, there were complaints of residents being coerced into attending the first lady’s rally. There were further reports of citizens being given $20 each, in exchange for their presence. In her speech, Grace ripped a page out of Oppah Muchinguri’s memoirs and had a go at Joice Mujuru.

“Some people like to ride on the back of the President. They think that being VP means sitting in the office and Mugabe working for them,” she said.

In a largely Ndebele speaking community, Grace addressed the gathering at Pelandaba Stadium in Shona. Those pulling strings from behind the scenes had not even troubled to arrange for an interpreter. One wonders if at all the puppeteers care whether Grace’s campaign looks convincing or not. At this rate, the whole thing has the whiff of a con. Sort of like those shady investment brokers that offer ‘double your money back’ deals. They set up office and have a receptionist upfront, typing furiously on a keyboard. But a quick glance at the receptionist’s desk might show a dead computer monitor, or broken phone cables dangling from the wall socket.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    If I was one of the villagers coerced to attend and couldnt hear a word the repulsive sleazball uttered I would count myself lucky. Has she said anything worth listening to since she started ranting around the country? NO.Probably better off not hearing the mumbo jumbo anyway

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    Taizivei 8 years ago

    Why bother comment Lucy if you have heard nothing …don’t lie , you are one of those following up dr grace’s tour religiously you hypocrite and you tjingababili , you are just pathetic and stuck up for as long I have known you from your comments . You surely are a tribalist & I wonder if you do anything meaningful in life .

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      Rudadiso 8 years ago

      Taizivei, on what basis do you label Lucy a tribalist and stuck up? If you have anything of substance to say, you just go ahead and say it. You can not run away from the fact that so far grace has done nothing to ingratiate herself with the ordinary people she has been addressing. All she has done is hurl insults at the perceived enemies of her husband’s.

      If her audience in Gwanda could understand her, they would have had to hear how Grace insulted their men, labeling them irresponsible for daring to fend for their families in other countries. This shallow “PhD” is intent on adding insult to the wounds of those whose relatives and friends perished during Gukurahundi – a genocide overseen by her husband who has done nothing but murder, maim and pauperise Zimbabweans during his 34 year rain of terror.

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      gogosesikhona 8 years ago

      What is wrong with being a tribalist? To the best of my knowledge, all zanu people are tribalists, grace @ Robert included. They have never tried to learn other languages apart from the so-called shona.

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    Taizivei they have to follow her tour. Only a fool ignores his enemy. I doubt if Lucy is a fool. I don’t know about being a tribalist but what I do know is that Grace Mugabe has said some very tribalistic things during her tour. To Lucy well done girl keep your eyes firmly on the ball. After all you have “the power or right to act, speak, or think as you want” on this forum as one of our contributors here defined FREEDOM.

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    there are people who never bother to learn another language not because they are tribalists but tribalists are there its not only zimbabwe with this problem, good governence without marginalising other tribes or provinces is the key to success in any society, unfortunately the zim leadership dont care i am not an admirer of welshman ncube but i agree with him on devolution and i hate zanu for dragging thei feet on devolution,i would like to see mdc t taking devolution seriously in 2018

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    Danny Wedza 8 years ago

    This act of luring people to a political rally by offering cash or bags of seed maize is one of the cheapest forms of dirty politics. It isn’t just Amai Mugabe who does it either, they all do it. What is even worse though is to use these events as a platform to criticize our own party members. This demonstrates political immaturity and greatly undermines the structures of our party. Amai Mugabe should be focusing her criticism on the opposition and highlighting their failures and talk about how she intends to improve the standard of living in this country. Baba Mugabe please bring your wife to heel, she isn’t doing us any good.

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    Cetshwayo 8 years ago

    Grace and mugabe r all tribalists who have never bothered to learn a national language of a country they rule cause of Ndebele hatred bt r quick to ask for votes, not even embarrassed. A true president should knw all national languages, simple. Only tribilist leaders behaves like Mugabe, I’m surprised people hv never realised or pointed it’s out

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    Kolema 8 years ago

    Grace and Robathi??? But how come we have stadiums in Matbeleland full to capacity to listen to them….The rich.poor. Traditional & religious leaders, young and old?