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via Voice of reason The Zimbabwean 14 October 2014

Mugabe appears to have distanced himself from his wife’s campaign. Take out the attacks on the West and the homophobic rants, Robert Mugabe is not a bad public speaker. There is no evidence of his involvement in Grace’s dreadful speeches. Perhaps this is to give the impression that he had nothing to do with her Women’s League nomination.

Another theory is that while a seat on the politburo will be useful in protecting the President’s interests, post retirement, Grace is not Mugabe’s preferred successor. For Robert Mugabe, the point might be to let the succession wrangle continue, while he remains firmly glued to the presidential seat.

Amidst all the scheming and name-calling, there has only been one voice of reason within the ruling party. Cephas Msipa fears it may implode. He suggested to Mugabe, five years ago, that he should indicate his preferred successor. “Unfortunately he didn’t agree with me…. The key is in the President’s hands. He holds the key. This thing (factionalism) must be nipped in the bud and I hope one day the President will act on it,” said Mspia.

Under Mugabe, the industrial sites of Zimbabwe have become graveyards. The supermarkets are stocked with imports, which 15 years ago were produced locally. Urban dwellers carry bundles of firewood and water containers. In the countryside, forests are steadily vanishing beneath the pickaxes of mouse hunters, gold-panners and firewood vendors who, without the foggiest idea about agriculture, took over commercial farms. If Zanu (PF) were to implode, it would not be the first thing to have been ruined under Robert Mugabe’s watch.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Good chance the nation known as Zimbabwe is going to go down with RGM forever.

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    Mr Mugabe is so hooked on the succession race that he has thrown his wife in there as a dark horse…. just to make it more exciting.
    But indeed, he intends to remain president as long as he draws breath.

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    This is turning out to be one long drawn out soap opera which thrives on addition and subtraction of main characters by death or misterious disappearances to spice it up and keep viewers glued to their TV sets.

    The rest of the house would be burning around them but they are so intent on seeing what happens next? Who is going to kill JR Ewing?
    Those who are fanatics out guess each other on the possible outcomes.

    In Zim the so called analysts tell us possible scenarios and want us to believe they can read the Old Fart’s aging mind.

    Well I will add my 2 cents worth.


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    Wilbert Mukori 8 years ago

    There is no voice of reason in Zanu PF because after 34 years we would have heard it by now if it was there! What we are hearing are the voices of panic and confusion as the party implodes!

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    well said Wilbert, brute force could well be the order of the day….brace yourself…