Angola defence forces moot ‘English school’

via Angola defence forces moot ‘English school’ | The Herald May 22, 2015

AN Angolan general has called for the establishment of an “English School” to cater for Sadc Special Forces from non-English-speaking nations in the region to ease communication during joint operations.

Brigadier-General Joao Baptista Paulo said 12 out of the 15 SADC region used English language as their official language, leaving out Mozambique and Angola that use Portuguese, and French-speaking Democratic Republic of Congo.

“It is known there are three official languages spoken in a majority of countries in the region — French, Portuguese and English. During the meetings and trainings there are always interpreters,” said Brig-Gen Paulo.

“Communication is always a challenge within the SADC Special Forces. We would obviously recommend the creation of a school for members to make it easy to communicate.”

He said Angola had started training of the English language for Special Forces, but said the decision on whether to have the school or not lay with the high command of the SADC region.

Turning to the Special Forces, he said the training had helped foster an understanding among member countries.

He said he felt welcomed in the country and attributed this to the cordial military and civil relations between the two SADC countries.

“I have always been well received in the country. It is because the relations between Angola and Zimbabwe date back a long time. We have never faced any problems. Cooperation between Zimbabwe and Angola permits that we can work together freely,” he said.

South Africa’s Brig-General Rudzani Maphwanya said Zimbabwe had always been warm to visitors.

“Zimbabwe is like my second home, having stayed in the country before. As welcoming as it was then back in the 80s, I still feel the same warmth,” he said.