Beitbridge one-stop border post soon: VP Mphoko

via Beitbridge one-stop border post soon: VP Mphoko | The Herald August 10, 2015

Government is committed to speeding up processes towards the setting up of a one-stop border post with South Africa at Beitbridge, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has said.

VP Mphoko made the remarks during a visit to assess the state of Beitbridge Border Post on Friday last week.

He said the chaotic situation obtaining at the border post, the busiest port in southern Africa, had increased opportunities for corruption and unnecessary delays of cargo movement and tourist arrivals.

VP Mphoko said under the proposed new order, travellers will be cleared once for passage into either country.

At the moment, people travelling to South Africa queue for clearance on the Zimbabwean side and go through the same process to enter South Africa and vice-versa.

“We are concerned with the situation at Beitbridge where cargo is taking two weeks to be cleared and this results in unnecessary costs on the part of importers,” said VP Mphoko.

The chaotic situation has seen some people avoiding this port of entry.

“So far, we have carried out an assessment of the operations at Chirundu where we are implementing the same concept with Zambia and it has proved to be very effective. The turnaround time of clearing cargo and human traffic is pleasing.”

VP Mphoko said the rationale behind the concept of a one-stop border post was to put in place physical facilities, systems and processes that improve the ability of the two countries to perform joint border controls.

He said the delays at the Beitbridge border post had seen other countries in the Sadc region, Zambia, Malawi and the DRC in particular looking at the possibility of opening up another border post in the Nakala area of Mozambique.

He said Zimbabwe risked losing a lot of potential revenue in the event the Nakala concept succeeded.

At the moment, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is collecting around $2 million at Beitbridge border post a day and the post contributes 70 percent of all customs revenue collected by the parastatal.

VP Mphoko said the facelifting and recapitalisation of the Beitbridge Border Post to meet modern standards was urgently needed.

“The expatriate attitude by some Government workers at the border post, especially those from Zimra is deplorable, he said. It is high time people changed their approach towards work or we will have to change them.

“The country can’t be held at ransom by selfish people. Even during my days as ambassador to South Africa I would avoid this border because ZIMRA has become a Government on its own.”

VP Mphoko said the poor service at the border post resulted in an increase in cases of smuggling between Zimbabwe and South Africa.


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    Doris 9 years ago

    Holy S…….! $60 million a month? Dare I ask what happens to that Revenue?

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    harper 9 years ago

    One stop – never to go again.

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    “The country can’t be held at ransom by selfish people. ” like .. er umm .. mugabe?

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    coster 8 years ago

    This need urgent attention especially the SA side who demands money to give you more days in SA