Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees 32/2014 of 29th June

via Bill Watch Parliamentary Committees 32/2014 of 29th June | The Zimbabwean 30 June 2014

Committee Meetings Open to the Public on Monday 20th June

Parliamentary Portfolio and Thematic Committee meetings resumed on Monday 23rd June after a three week break. The Senate and the National Assembly will resume sitting next week, on Tuesday 1st July.

The committee meetings listed below will be open to the public on Monday 30th June.

Open meetings on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday will be notified in a separate bulletin to be circulated as soon as possible.

Members of the public may attend these meetings, but as observers only, not as participants, i.e. they may listen but not speak. The meetings are at Parliament in Harare. If attending, please use the entrance on Kwame Nkrumah Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Please note that IDs must be produced.

The above details are based on the latest information from Parliament. But, as there are sometimes last-minute changes to the meetings schedule, persons wishing to attend should avoid disappointment by checking with the relevant committee clerk [see names below] that the meeting is still on and open to the public. Parliament’s telephone numbers are Harare 700181 and 252940/1.

Monday 30th June at 8.30 am

Portfolio Committee: Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services

Oral evidence from Telecell on Telecash

Committee Room No 311

Chair: Hon Chamisa Clerk: Mr Munjenge

Monday 30th June at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Transport and Infrastructure Development

Oral evidence from the National Railways of Zimbabwe on operational challenges they are facing

Committee Room No 1

Chair: Hon Midzi Clerk: Ms Macheza

Portfolio Committee: Environment, Water, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

• Oral evidence from Harare City Council on progress made regarding upgrading of water treatment plants at Morton Jaffray Water Works and their management strategy in adhering to regulations that control housing developments on mapped and protected Harare Wetlands

• Oral evidence from Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate on the construction of Tokwe Mukosi dam and environmental issues

National Assembly

Chair: Hon A. Ndlovu Clerk: Mr Mazani

Monday 30th June at 2 pm

Portfolio Committee: Finance and Economic Development

Oral evidence from the Reserve Bank on the stability of the banking sector, its measures to deal with liquidity challenges, and the legislative framework governing mobile banking operations

Committee Room No 4

Chair: Hon Chapfika Clerk: Mr Ratsakatika

Portfolio Committee: Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Oral evidence from the Chitungwiza Municipality Town Clerk on the grievances against the municipality’s workers representatives

Committee Room No 1

Chair: Hon Chikwama Clerk: Ms Masara

Reminder on Emailing Parliament

Members of the public, including Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, can at any time send written submissions to Parliamentary committees by email addressed to