Biti urges new Zuma ‘curatorship’ for Zim

via Biti urges new Zuma ‘curatorship’ for Zim 16 August 2014

THE MDC-Renewal faction led by Tendai Biti has appealed to President Jacob Zuma to return to Zimbabwe to help “provide curatorship towards economic reform and a roadmap for free and fair elections”.

The faction’s proposals are contained in a 26-page document they presented to SADC leaders at the ongoing 34th ordinary summit in Victoria Falls.

Biti said Zuma had “unfinished business in Zimbabwe” adding that SADC’s Organ on Politics and Defence should be given a new and wider mandate to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.

He said Zimbabwe’s decade-old crisis was manifesting itself in five forms – “the crisis of legitimacy, governance, leadership, the economy, the social and the moral crisis”.

“It is our humble view that Zimbabwe requires urgent intervention by SADC and the AU has to engage Zimbabwe and a fresh mandate should be given to SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security (The Troika) or to South Africa to provide curatorship towards economic reform and a roadmap to free and fair elections,” said Biti.

South Africa’s former president Thabo Mbeki is credited with the formation of a government of national unity between the MDC factions and President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party in 2009.

While the coalition government was marked by bickering between the three parties that included a smaller faction of the MDC led by Welshman Ncube it stabilised the economy by taming inflation that was described by economists as the worst in living memory.

Mugabe however, stormed to a controversial election victory in polls held last July. Both factions of the MDC have rejected the election as fraudulent.

Addressing Zuma, the former treasury chief said urgent action is required to arrest the situation in Zimbabwe.

“Your Excellency, we make the point that failure to act now will result in the unpalatable suffering of the Zimbabwean people and the temptation by others to resort to unlawful and unconstitutional means of redress,” he said.

“Your Excellency, the rest of SADC is stable and enjoying an unprecedented economic prosperity marked by high growth rates. Regrettably, Zimbabwe continues to be the black spot.

“Failure to resolve the continuous Zimbabwean crisis would mean the rest of the region suffering possible spill-over effects. In short, Your Excellency, we pray for action.”

Biti said his party has reservations about SADC’s Election Observer Mission final report on the Zimbabwean polls that he said remained a mystery to member states.

“We call upon progressive members of SADC to do the right thing and come out in the open in condemning the electoral farce that we saw in Zimbabwe on July 31,” he said.

“We know that this report has not been universally endorsed by all SADC member states and that there were dissenting voices even in the Observer Mission itself.”

Biti lashed out at Tsvangirai for failing to provide leadership in resolving the crisis.

He said his former boss can no longer be “considered a democrat or comrade in this struggle, is unclearly unsuitable and has disqualified himself” to lead the struggle.

Biti blamed Tsvangirai’s undemocratic tendencies for triggering the split in the opposition party.

“Over the years, the MDC has developed tendencies and a culture that had led to the deviation from its core values,” he said.

“That culture has included the following: the use of violence as a way of settling disputes, corruption, disrespect of the constitution, a culture of impunity, the existence of parallel structures including a kitchen cabinet and vigilante groups associated with the leader.”

Sources said the document was given to at least four diplomats.

“This letter has been given to South Africa’s Ambassador Vusi Mavimbela, DRC’s Mwanananga Mwawampanga, the Botswana Foreign Affairs Minister Pandu Skelemani and the Tanzanian Delegation to the Troika,” said a highly placed source.


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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    What is wrong with our politicians? You expect other countries to resolve your men made problems and when you are given a chance to change things you mess that opportunity with simple greediness and stupidity.
    Let us assume that SADC comes in to help-Who is going to lead the divided opposition parties to stand against the ruling party? You have to stabilize the opposition parties before engaging the ruling party if you are to resolve the politics of this country.You people from the east of our country should grow up and mature politically before suggesting useless solutions.

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    What is Biti and compony trying to do? Expecting SADC to do what?

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    Daydreaming Biti go to the west and tell them to remove sanctions by EU, America, Australia and Canada. The economy will start to work. As long as theses sanctions that you called for are still there the economy and politics of Zimbabwe will remain bad. Come Elections 2018 ZANU PF will use the thump card of sanctions against you. An ordinary Zimbabwean is feeling the effects while those whom you say are restricted drive latest cars stay in upmarket houses eat the best. The ordinary voter in Gokwe or Jerera and Chitungwiza or Tuli bears it all to the extent of sleeping without a meal. Work up you people Zimbabweans see all this.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Papjose are you a ZANU sellout?

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      Bigus dickus, Matumba, and John Thomas can you go and read the Zimbabwe Democracy Act of USA see for your self you are bootlicking those western countries maybe you are geting something ndimi muri kutengesa nyika tichitambura. Even Obama got the explanation from a youngman from NUST last week during USA Africa Summit and promised to look into it. Put your arguement kwete kumhanya hei you were smoking something, hee you are ZANU PF, Heee you are sellout thats why even those who sympathise with MDC fail even to market their party policies because you fail to say a convincing point. Ichoo

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    chrispen phiri 8 years ago

    ha Biti with your former boss Tsvangirai .you are the root of all these problems we are facing you are sellouts .MDC won in 2008 because you had rigged .Povo voted with empty stomachs .

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    if ordinary people like us here can see the futility of trying to engage Zuma now cant some people in Biti’s own set up see the stupidity of calling on Zuma to re a

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    Cant Biti see that it is very foolish to call appoint Zuma to reappoint himself to solve Zimbabwe’s economic problems? I never imagined that a lawyer could be so low in analysis and render himself void or just politically bankrupt hence irrelevant.

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    Peter Brown 8 years ago

    That is like asking a dingo to look after your baby.

  • comment-avatar
    muchinja 8 years ago

    We use to listen to u sg bt u sell us go and join president Tsvangirai if u want things to change that’s all

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    Wasting time. Opportunity lost!!

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    Chitova weGona 8 years ago

    RIP Biti! You have nothing to offer.

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    My opinion of Biti is dropping by the week. Are you stark raving mad, even considering the thought of asking Zuma to “provide curatorships towards economic reform and a roadmap for free and fair elections”. What planet are you on and have you looked at the mess and breakdown that South Africa is rapidly sliding into, whilst Zuma is at the helm. Zuma has to be one of the most corrupt African Presidents – I agree with Peter Brown’s comments. Wake up Biti !!!!!

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    Ha! Ha! Asking Zuma to be a Curator
    in Zimbabwe, can be likened to asking
    Freddy Fax to take care of the Hen House!

    Beki and Zuma ruined the last Coalition,
    they are both in bed with the

    I agree, stop the destructive Sanctions!
    Ha! Ha! again……..

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    Matumba 8 years ago

    Biti, stop thinking about yourself!!! Think about Zim and the people might respect you again!!

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    jkaseke 8 years ago

    Biti, just like welshman, hates tsvangson with a passion. Unfortunately for biti, chematama ndiye face yestruggle.

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    Dennis 8 years ago

    MaZimboz kunyepera kufunda munoziveiko imi.