EU remains sceptical of Mugabe, official

via EU remains sceptical of Mugabe, official 16 August 2014

A SENIOR Germany official has said that the European Union (EU) remains sceptical of President Robert Mugabe’s government despite the easing of sanctions and moves to re-engage Harare.

The official, who requested anonymity for diplomatic reasons, said while the human rights situation in Zimbabwe had significantly improved over the last few years, the EU remains unsure of the direction the country is taking.

The EU imposed sanctions said to be targeted at Mugabe and his lieutenants in 2002 for allegedly stealing elections and gross violations of human rights.

Mugabe blames the sanctions for plunging Zimbabwe into an economic tailspin.

However, since the formation of a government of national unity in 2009, Zimbabwe has enjoyed a period of relative peace leading the EU to begin a process of easing the punitive measures.

Most of the sanctions were lifted this year with only the travel ban on Mugabe and his wife, Grace, maintained.

But the rapprochement has been criticised by the opposition in Zimbabwe with MDC-T leader and former premier Morgan Tsvangirai saying Brussels insist on commitment to democratic values and principles as it re-engages with Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Tsvangirai claims Mugabe stole his way to victory in last year’s elections but his challenge against the outcome was dismissed by the country’s top court.

Speaking to journalists who were on a week-long tour of Germany, the federal government official said the West remains sceptical of the 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader’s plans.

“Our assistance to Zimbabwe will remain indirect, that is through the private partnership investments, not government-to-government because President Robert Mugabe is not a favourite of Western governments,” he said.

He however, added that Zimbabwe remains one of their favourite investment destinations in Africa because of the human resource base the country had.

“Zimbabwe has educated people and infrastructure whose attributes any serious investor would need to do business and this makes the country unique from other African nations,” he said.

Harre and Germany have also been at loggerheads since 2000 over the continued seizure of properties protected under bilateral agreements.


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    Mugabe can say the truth in their face thats why sanctions remain in force. If EU is sincere on the issue why cant thy arrange to meet Mugabe face to face and discuss their fears. Its farce democratic face they pretend.

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      Kevin Watson 8 years ago

      Papajose you obviously cannot read and understand what is written. If you actually read the article instead of spewing ZANU PF stupidity, you would have read the following, “most of the sanctions with the travel ban against Mugabe and his wife, Grace, maintained.” The Europeans are allowed to chose who they let visit them you complete idiot and they prefer not to have a man who stole property from Germans in their country.

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    Mscynic 8 years ago

    Pathetic Europe. Cannot stand on principle; vacillates according to which interests are affected – right now probably diamonds (stupid bling that can be synthetically produced). Syria, Ukraine, Iraq. Africa. Wimps

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    I remember in the 20001 when Mr Morgan Tsvangirai when campaigning the Manicaland region,at the time when Western Illegal sanctions stated to bite…he said,”AMUSATI MASHAYA,MUSHAZO SHAYISISA”…now kushaya kwasho is biting in his pocket…now sanctions turns against the one who called the piper….EU must remove its illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe unconditional…they must not listen to this SELL-OUT..Mr Morgan Tsvangirai………

    • comment-avatar
      Straight Shooter 8 years ago

      Silungisani Ndlovu
      Akucasise ngesintu; bekathini uTswangirayi? Please translate what Tswangirayi was saying – dont assume we all understand.

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    STRAIGHT SHOOTER….U Morgan Tsvangirai wayejabula ma ebona abantu sebeqala ukuswela ukudla ezitolo,ebahoza ethi” alikakusweli ukudla yikho lizakuswela kakhulu kwezayo”. ngoba leyo Sanction owayeyicele ukuthi kuma Americans yayisizwisa isizwe seZimbabwe ubuhlungu ngedlala….manje leyo ZIDERA OWAYICELAYO ngibona isisidla lubi kwesakhe isikhwama…lenhlanganiso yakhe ye MDC-T AYISELALUTHO ama Sanctions asetshaye kubantu be Zimbabwe nakuye ngoba almost 90% NGOs had abandoned him and his cronies…yiyo incazelo engithi ngikubekele yona STRAIGHT SHOOTER………