Former PF-Zapu cadres warn of dire consequences over Unity Accord

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Former PF-Zapu cadres warn of dire consequences over Unity Accord 25 June 2014 by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa has stirred a hornet’s nest after reportedly saying the position of the former guerrilla movement’s national chairperson is not a preserve of the Matabeleland region “or any other  group”.

With jockeying for positions intensifying less than six months to the former liberation movement’s crucial elective congress slotted for December, ex-cabinet minister and politburo member Sikhanyiso Ndlovu on Monday let rip at Mutasa and warned of dire consequences if the accord was not respected.

“What has changed since 1987? (Joseph) Msika was the national chairperson then. John Nkomo took over from him and now we have SK (Simon Khaya-Moyo),” Ndlovu told The Zimbabwe Mail.

“When uniting the two parties, it was like adding two plus two to give us four, not two plus one. It would be like a three legged pot; a four-legged pot will obviously stand stronger.”

Mutasa at the weekend told The Zimbabwe Mail on the side-lines of a youth conference in Bulawayo that the “position of national chairperson is free and is not tied to any group,-PF Zapu or Zanu-PF. It is free now in terms of the unity agreement”.

Liberation movements-PF Zapu and Zanu-PF after almost a decade of civil strife in the early years of independence inked a Unity Accord in 1987 that resulted in the formation of a united Zanu-PF under President Robert Mugabe, with then Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo deputising him along with Simon Muzenda. Both the vice presidents are now deceased.

Ndlovu argued that not every part of the agreement is on paper.

“They might say it is not written anywhere, but is everything supposed to be written down? Some have tried to go out of tune, but have failed. A united Zanu-PF will stand, but if divided it will fall,” Ndlovu warned.

The former Education and Information minister said statements such as those attributed to Mutasa threatened Zanu-PF’s unity.

“It is all about balancing the unity. If someone doesn’t want this unity then they have to come out in the open. We have been through a lot during the struggle and after independence, and we have said we want the fighting to end, we are a united front,” he said, with specific reference to the disturbances that rocked the country’s south-western regions prior to the agreement.

Top leaders in Zanu-PF are locked in a war of attrition to succeed Mugabe who turned 90 this year, with indications that vice president Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are leading figures to take over the reins.

The two have denied harbouring presidential ambitions, but Mugabe two months ago confirmed there was serious jockeying for his crown and “in fact they (Mujuru and Mnangagwa) are not the only ones”.

Ndlovu warned that Zanu-PF risked falling into the same succession dilemma currently bedevilling the opposition MDC-T since elections last year.

There have been growing calls for opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to step-down, a scenario which led to an acrimonious split by a group agitating for leadership change fronted by secretary-general Tendai Biti.

“We don’t want the fighting in Tsvangirai’s MDC to encroach into Zanu-PF, particularly when we, the revolutionaries, are still alive,” Ndlovu said.

Mutasa has denied reports that he is eyeing the position of national chairperson currently held by Khaya-Moyo who is tipped to be elevated to fill the vice president’s position left vacant following the death of another former national chairperson John Nkomo.

“I have never said at any moment that I want to be Zanu-PF national chairperson,” Mutasa retorted during the weekend interview with The Zimbabwe Mail.

In a transition of the unwritten rule, Nkomo (John) took over from the first post-unity accord national chairperson Msika, who became vice president following the death of struggle luminary Joshua Nkomo, in 1999.

Following Msika’s death, John Nkomo moved from national chairperson-position to vice president, leaving his post to then Zimbabwe’s envoy to South Africa, Khaya-Moyo.

It is this logic that Ndlovu and those of like minds are using to argue the case for the Matabeleland region that the presidium be balanced with the region represented by a vice president and a national chairperson at any given time.


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    Chaka 9 years ago

    Yes, divided they will fall. We are looking forward to the big fall.

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    zanupf fear me 9 years ago

    War vets mostly bogus and longtime seriously irrelevant. Few of them left to face old age

  • comment-avatar
    Wethu 9 years ago

    Whatever. These dinosaurs should be in a museum.

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    Bloody fools squabbling over irrelevant titles. That’s all they care about. Anyone with even half a brain has always known that the so called Unity Accord was Zanu Pf+Zapu=Zanu Pf.They’re mad, like bald men fighting over a comb

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    Dr Ndlovu is accurate by reminding these guys of the Unity Accord of 1987.VaMutasa varikuzama kuchinja ma gaol posts in broad daylight causing the Patriotic Front to exactly appear like bald and clean shaven men fighting over a toothless comb as Zen accurately observes.

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    Exactly sibili what can they do oSikhanyiso without going to Mugabe through Matasa? Just empty useless noise. They must allow Zanupf members to choose whoever they want. Unwritten things are not to be seriously taken. Kumbe vele babaxotshe!

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    ZAPU/ZIPRA have been completely outplayed at every turn by Zanu/Zanla over the last 40 years. They are Just a bunch of morons who can’t even change their bathwater let alone the government.

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    What a useless bunch of izimpimpi (sell outs). What dire consequences are you talking about when you are all beholden to the gukurahundi? Shut up, lingabo sibhedela la.

    These Mthwakazi ZANU PF idiots have never been able to raise any issue pertinent to their “constituences” because they are beggers in ZANU PF – they are permanently scared of being branded tribalists; “the usual default line” of the many gukurahundis who run the show in that gukurahundi party ZANU PF.

    Just read what the ZANU PF impimpi in the Matebeleland North Province said recently, over the furore about the “non-Ndebele teachers” who are teaching our kids in Shona and contributing to the high failure rate in the province.

    Her immediate response was that “….I am not a tribalist…”. The question to her is “how does the issue of children’s failure in school and the contributing factors have anything to do with tribalism?”. I dont think she would even dare answer that.

    Mutasa is right; if he wants the party chairman position let him go for it. In fact let all ZANU PF party positions be occupied by Shonas – who cares? It will never make any difference to us, because their presence in there has never made any difference to us.The only individual in that party who has any record of doing anything that has benefited Mthwakazi is Jonathan Moyo and he was never PF ZAPU!!

    We long told these impimpis that they should stop the pretence of that “gukurahundi unity nonsense” because unity simply doesnt exist and has never existed. Its all been on paper – not where it mattered most; the bread and butter issues. All this has been at the Mthwakazi region’s expense whilst they and their families benefited and got fat and fat beyond recognition.

    There is no ZAPU in ZANU PF – ZAPU long left and is currently led by Dumiso Dabengwa. Whats left in there is “umsangano kuphela” – PERIOD!!

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    Straight Shooter that is the straightest shot you have ever fired.

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      Straight Shooter 9 years ago

      Indaba yami i straight. All my shots are always stright – they are shooting stars!!

      Off the album, “STRAIGHT SHOOT”, by Bad Comapny – 1976!!

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Off the album, “STRAIGHT SHOOTER”, by Bad Comapny – 1976!!