Tendai Biti’s zero sum game

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Tendai Biti’s zero sum game 15 July 2014 by Clemence Manyukwe

MDC Renewal Team leader Tendai Biti has been criss-crossing the country projecting his faction as the country’s main opposition party ahead of that led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

Last week, Biti together with other leading figures in the Renewal Team such as Elton Mangoma, were in Bulawayo as the MDC faction continues with manoeuvres to pull the rug from under Tsvangirai’s feet.

Over the weekend, Biti rubbished questions over his health that were mainly raised by his former lieutenants’ by saying he was not ill, as he signalled that his political foes must not count him out as he is prepared to slug it out for the long haul.

There is no doubt that Biti has managed to sway in his favour some who were previously sympathetic to Tsvangirai in his seemingly scorched earth policy against the MDC-T leader.

These include western embassies, former commercial white farmers, a number of Non Governmental Organisations as well as some members and ordinary supporters of the opposition party.

Biti has also managed to forestall any expulsion of lawmakers from Parliament who have aligned themselves with the Renewal Team.

Despite that early record to contain Tsvangirai in the opposition party’s infighting, there are some who are asking: How far can Biti go with his Renewal Team in the rough and tumble of Zimbabwean politics?

Is the Renewal Team an opposition party to reckon with or the political project will suffer the same fate as previous opposition forces such as ZUM , ZUD or even the MDC-T itself that has split a number of times as power eluded it?

“The biggest challenge to this project is that it lacks a driving social base, and its constituencies are a few same faces. It has in the short term failed to demonstrate its potential. Its genetical location as an alternative to Tsvangirai’s leadership is its biggest conundrum. Criticising Tsvangirai, himself over-scrutinised cannot be a substitute for a coherent, alternative political future or discourse if the project represents any,” said political analyst Gideon Chitanga.

Since parting ways with Tsvangirai, Biti and his lieutenants’ have not unveiled any clear plan for Zimbabwe, beyond their renewal mantra.

The former finance minister has not made the most of his perceived strengths’ and advantages over Tsvangirai.

Unlike, the MDC-T leader, Biti seems to be acceptable to other opposition political players like Welshman Ncube, Dumiso Dabengwa as well as Lovemore Madhuku and this could open opportunities for future alliances for his outfit.

His stint as Minister of Finance in the inclusive government also endeared him with the western world that appears to be retreating from Tsvangirai.

And also, unlike Tsvangirai, Biti is seen as a “thinker” even by his political foes’ own admission.

However, so far this appears not to have helped him in his fight to wrest influence from Tsvangirai.

Political analyst Rashweat Mukundu said Biti has a mountain to climb to convince many.

“The Challenge with the Renewal Team is that they have to craft a new message beyond protest politics which has so far failed to win the MDCs power. The Renewal Team need to be known for something other than attacking Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said.

“Renewal sounds catchy but needs fleshing out in terms of what needs renewal. There are as many other things that need continuity and consolidation rather than renewal. Renewal may then narrowly focus the Biti team on replacing Morgan Tsvangirai and not changing anything in real terms.”

There are others who think that Biti and his lieutenants are for now victims of the binary nature of local politics.

One analyst, Ricky Mukonza is one of them.

“This has nothing to do with what they can or cannot do; rather it is due to the binary nature of Zimbabwean politics that has developed in the past 14 years. In the eyes of the political supporter, you are ether on Morgan Tsvangirai or President Mugabe’s side. They are, however, unlikely to make any meaningful impact beyond 2018, “said Mukonza.

Zimbabwean political time flies and 2018 is just around the corner. Only the flow of seasons will tell if Biti will awaken and exorcise the ghost that has haunted all the country’s opposition parties and relegated them to the dustbins of history.

So far, nothing points to a major shift on the horizon due to the Renewal Team’s entry on the political radar.


  • comment-avatar
    Jenandebvu 9 years ago

    Biti made some serious miscalculations. He was inspired by power and money as opposed to the desire to set Zimbabwe free. As of now, he has to start building from below zero. The starting point is look for a better Jacob Mafume. Zimbabweans are tired of hearing Morgan being scolded at. He President Mugabe has successfully done that until he realized that he was becoming irrelevant. People don’t want to hear that Tsvangirai is ugly (because it is there for all to see) but who says the country must be ruled by handsome Roberts…..as if thus not enough, at 90 all the handsomeness is swept away (after all).

    After all the handsome Bitis also get sick and possibly die before winning the democracy fight. Do u think we are continue worrying about “womanising”? first you have to take away a president who had a romatic affair with his secretary while his noble wife was dying of kidney ailment somewhere. Or a Tobaiwa Mudede, a registrar general who also father a big percentage of the registered and unregistered Zimbabweans.

    BITI, NCUBE, MADHUKU are already finished. they are President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s blue eyed boys….period

  • comment-avatar
    Terry Hwesa 9 years ago

    Other than castigating Tsvangirai for his bad behavior what are the policies of the so-called Renewal team. Please tell us what you stand for instead of spending time on Tsvangirai’s personal issues. I am anxiously waiting for the first Renewal Team rally. This is the ultimate test of the Renewal Team’s popularity. Why are they avoiding holding rallies? Do they know something that we don’t know.

  • comment-avatar
    woundedbaffallo 9 years ago

    Biti and Co kangani muchikwikwidza samaMP saka totodawo renewal next election tiriko mabranch chairman emdc anodawo zvigaro zvepamusoro

  • comment-avatar

    So far Biti’s Renewal Team is nothing more than the party of “pasi naTsvangirai!”

  • comment-avatar
    Ed Mrehwa 9 years ago

    We demand democratic change & that is what Biti & team are trying to achieve. Or is it a Tsvangirai & Mugabe only tussle which has only had one predictable outcome. If we always do what we always done, we will always get what we alwalys got, so in this instance why would one need elections at all? We might as well emulate China, which even though it does not have public elections it still manages to change its leadership every 10years.

    • comment-avatar
      Tinomunamataishe 9 years ago

      That’s not the point @Ed. Continuously attacking Mugabe or Tsvangirai or both without policy formulation is not the solution.

      Unfortunately Biti has just become a one tricky pony and the electorate is not going to buy that. The multiplicity of choice is therefore not there in the end and that same electorate loses.

  • comment-avatar
    Chat2206 9 years ago

    Morgan is More! biti and his team are finished, what a political suicide to deviate from the ‘mainstream MDC’, ask Ncube he knows!

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Biti and friends will not succeed. Ngavavhunze Ncube kuti kuzhe kweMDC kwakamira sei. Kune chamupupuri chaicho chinosimudza mikono chichirashira kure nevanhu! Biti is going the same way because
    haadikwi nevanhu. Ambassodors,NGOs and a few commercial white farmers do not make him win elections. The general populace matters most and from the evidence on the ground they are not interested in his doomed project. Akanyangira yaona! Come 2018 he is going to lose his constituency too and he will disappear from the political landscape unless he joins zanu.

  • comment-avatar
    Mtape 9 years ago

    To be honest, i think the so- called the renewl team has miscalculated big time. The coming in of their spokesperson Jocob Mafume has not helped matters at all. Each time the young man opens his mouth, he is at Tsvangirai’s throat as if Tsvangirai is their main agenda and policy. If this team is not careful,it may end up irrelavant before it even takes off from the ground.

    More pressing than anything else, is the issue of building party structures and outlining the party policies and progams and not telling us about how ‘womanising’ Tsvangirai is. My priceless advise to this group is to leave Tsvangirai alone and concentrate on selling their party ideology, unless they do not have any.They should by now be in the know that by scolding Tsvangirai at any given opportunity, they are making him a Hero and creating more enemies than friends especially if they want to ‘fish’ from the Tsvangirai’s support base.