Cops continue to torture citizens

via Cops continue to torture citizens | The Zimbabwean 30 July 2014

As the Zimbabwe Republic Police continues with the use of torture, human rights lawyers have told Parliament of the need to ensure that the police become aware of constitutional provisions regarding the rights of accused persons.

The police have in recent months admitted to torturing accused persons, resulting in the payment of compensation to victims. Just last week, the Civil Division of the Attorney General agreed to settle with Mercedes Sibanda, who was tortured at Harare Central Police Station.

There have been more such cases in areas such as Nyanga, where action by human rights lawyers has forced the authorities to settle torture victims. But Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) says there is need to move towards professionalism in the police force to completely eradicate rights abuses.

“There is need to ensure that the police become increasingly aware of the new constitutional provisions concerning the rights of accused persons. The police have over the years perpetrated violations against suspects in some documented cases, with torture, and denial of pretrial rights,” said ZLHR during an appearance before the Senate Thematic Committee on Human Rights last week.

“Many international conventions forbid physical or mental pain or suffering on those within their custody or control. ZLHR as well as other lawyers have continued to bring claims against the police in cases of torture against suspects. Anti­torture laws must be drafted and adopted and enforced,” stated ZLHR.

In 2013, a total of 425 people were arrested, and or detained and later released without charge.

“This wastes state resources and violates the rights of those targeted. There is need for extensive education on the constitution to members of the police,” said ZLHR.


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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 8 years ago

    Like I said before ZRP is a bunch of thugs hired by ZANU PF to keep people “in line.” Anyone that speaks out against the corrupt regime & anyone that votes for the opposition is an enemy of the state. PATHETIC!

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    JOHNSON 8 years ago


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    brian 8 years ago

    The quickest way to check if an administration is corrupt is to check if the police force is corrupt. If so, all else follows. It is the universal principle of “listening to the canaries in the mine”.

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    Torture is the most depraved of all human behaviour and is a crime against humanity.
    All instances of torture must be documented (where possible) and the information forwarded to the International Criminal Court.
    Torture in Zimbabwe must cease immediately.