Baba Jukwa investigators keen to question Gumbo

via Baba Jukwa investigators keen to question Gumbo | The Zimbabwean 30 July 2014

Zanu (PF) information secretary Rugare Gumbo may soon be summoned for questioning over the Baba Jukwa case.

The joint investigation by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Law and Order section and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has already seen two cabinet minister appearing for questioning.

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo was summoned to Harare Central Police Station last week to give a statement on his possible involvement in the Baba Jukwa project, which revealed Zanu (PF) secrets through a Facebook page.

Moyo is said to have played an active role in recruiting Edmund Kudzayi to unmask people behind the project , in collaboration with military intelligence.

Kudzayi has already indicated in court that he was seconded to Moyo by Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who, like the information minister, has strong links to the army.

Sources told The Zimbabwean that the joint investigation team, which includes a senior CIO operative who is posing as a police superintendent, was keen to interview Gumbo, under who Kudzayi worked during the election period as a volunteer to help design the party’s publicity strategy.

“If the investigators really want to summon me for questioning, they are free to do so. They know my office and can come in at their convenience,” Gumbo said.


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    they will not come to your office sir but you have to report at harare central

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    feared by zanupf 6 years ago

    Soon the whole population will be tortured to establish the existence of a ghost