Cops seize truckload of anti-Zuma posters

via Cops seize truckload of anti-Zuma posters – New Zimbabwe 30/04/2015

A TRUCK loaded with placards attacking President Jacob Zuma over recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa was impounded by police in Harare as the Sadc summit was underway.

Zuma, who was in Zimbabwe Wednesday for the extra ordinary Sadc summit, was received with mixed feelings as some of the people whose relatives were recently attacked in South Africa wanted to demonstrate against him.

But some sympathised with him for the challenges his country was going through in providing help to foreign nationals flooding there.

The body of the truck was also emblazoned with placards written “Zuma the weapon of mass destruction” while others were written “zuma don’t have excuses to butcher people”.

Some placards praised the Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema’s continued attack on Zuma.

In the recent past, foreigners in South Africa have come under attack from local people there and in some cases the clashes have led to deaths.

National police spokesman, Paul Nyathi, said he had not been briefed about the truck which was seized Wednesday but police sources said the driver whose name they did not give, was quizzed by authorities at Mbare police station before being released.

During the summit which was aimed at discussing industrialisation, Zuma briefed fellow regional leaders on the xenophobic attacks and detailed what his government had so far done to solve the problem.

Sources said tempers almost flared with Khama and Zuma telling Mugabe to put his house in order to stop his people from crossing into the neighbouring countries.

But the 91-year old Zimbabwe leader, according to sources, refused to accept that he was to blame for the influx of people in both Botswana and South Africa saying they did so for personal reasons.


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    Chembere Dzagumhana 7 years ago

    Zuma is not the cause of the political and economic decay in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans do not have a right to run to South Africa because its not their country. Please lets not drink tablets for headache when we have a toothache. Best solution is to take off the tooth which is called Robert Mugabe. Zuma and all South Africans are in fact victims of the desperate voluminous influx of foreigners mainly Zimbabweans in their country. The high influx of the foreigners is putting pressure on the South African economy and its people as foreigners are also consuming government free services. South Africa is sovereign state with every right to protect its resources and interests of its citizens. Zuma needs to re-introduce visas and must also include academic vetting in the visa applications. All pregnant women must not be given visas.