MDC-T bars State media from meeting Tsvangirai

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | MDC-T bars State media from meeting Tsvangirai 29 April 2015

MDC-T yesterday continued its assault on state media journalists, barring them from the party’s Bulawayo offices where its leader Morgan Tsvangirai was addressing a meeting.

The blocking of journalists followed threats on public media journalists by Tsvangirai last Saturday when he alleged that they were Zanu-PF proxies.

Yesterday, party security barred journalists from entering the offices but the privately owned Daily News was allowed in and had an interview with Tsvangirai.

“Did he (Tsvangirai) call you here?” asked one of the security members at the gate before another said, “The meeting isn’t open for the media.”

On Saturday, Tsvangirai chased away a ZBC cameraman from Mucheke stadium in Masvingo where the party was holding a rally.

“I saw a ZBC cameraman here and asked him what he wanted at our rally. I told him to leave. ZBC has become a Zanu-PF representative at our expense. I tell you all journalists who are here, you’re going to be answerable one day on what you do, as we’re going to take action,” said Tsvangirai.

A senior party official, Murisi Zvizwai also threatened to poke a ZBC cameraman in the face saying, “You should broadcast what you’re recording here, if you don’t do that, you will be in for it.”

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu last night claimed the party was open to all media houses.

“I can’t comment about Bulawayo because I wasn’t there. However, we’re a democratic party and we’re open to all media houses in the country. Each time you’ve called as you’re doing now, I’ve always entertained you for a comment,” said Gutu.

“The ZBC covered our rally in Harare yesterday.  I called Terrence Mapurisana myself to extend the invitation.  I had to apologise first because the invitation was sent at short notice.”

Gutu declined to comment on the two specific incidents in Bulawayo and Masvingo saying journalists should get in touch with him if they had problems covering the party.