‘Croc’ youths push Saviour, Moyo ouster

via ‘Croc’ youths push Saviour, Moyo ouster – New Zimbabwe 11/11/2015

AS factionalism intensifies in Zanu PF ahead of the party’s December conference, a pro-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa youth grouping has demanded the immediate resignation of Saviour Kasukuwere.

The Children of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (CZNLWVA) group said Wednesday that Kasukuwere, Zanu PF’s national commissar, insulted the country’s liberators in May this year.

They insist Kasukuwere must either step down or risk being forced out.

The local government minister attacked war veterans in May during the Harare East House of Assembly by-elections, calling the ex-fighters drunkards.

The war vets reacted angrily through their representative body, asking Kasukuwere to apologies, but up to now the Zanu PF political commissar has not responded.

Kasukuwere, President Robert Mugabe’s nephews Patrick Zhuwao and Philip Chiyangwa and higher education minister Jonathan Moyo are said to be part of a Zanu PF faction opposed to Mnangagwa taking over after Mugabe.

Addressing journalists in Harare Wednesday, CZNLWVA said Kasukuwere should apologise before the party’s December conference.

“Even the preamble of the constitution talks about the respect to war veterans,” said the group’s leaders.

“The state and agencies of government, at any level, must respect war veterans. Even in the party constitution they are supposed to be respected.

“No wonder why his Excellency created a secretary in the politburo to represent war veterans, war collaborator and ex-detainees.

“Whoever speaks against them it means that they are violating the constitution of the Republic and also the constitution of the party.

“So whoever goes against this constitutionally is supposed to be arrested because it is a constitutional matter.”

Kasukuwere could not be reached for comment as he was said to be in China on government business.

CZNLWVA also attacked Chiyangwa and Moyo, saying their continued stay in Zanu PF was going to destroy the ruling party before the next elections.

“G-40 is a group of counter-revolutionaries and elements of traceable sell-outs with people like Philip Chiyangwa who was once charged of espionage and selling state secrets a few years ago,” said the youths.

“We are also afraid and suspicious that Professor Moyo is fulfilling his goal and mission of destroying Zanu PF from within like which he vowed to achieve through clandestinely parroting factional agendas on his Twitter account.”

In 2005, Chiyangwa was, together with Godfrey Dzvairo, the then Zanu PF external affairs director, and two others arrested and charged for selling state secretes.

He was however, cleared of the charges.

President Mugabe last year attacked Moyo, describing him as the “devil incarnate” and accusing the then information minister of trying to divide Zanu PF from within.