Dabengwa messed his record, says VP Mphoko

via Dabengwa messed his record, says VP Mphoko | The Herald April 27, 2015

VICE President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday shared his disappointment at the departure of Zapu President Dumiso Dabengwa from Zanu-PF saying the former Zipra intelligence supremo had soiled his otherwise illustrious liberation history.

VP Mphoko addressed Zanu-PF supporters in Pumula and Mpopoma constituencies yesterday as part of the party’s campaign launch for the June 10 by-elections in the five vacant seats in Bulawayo.

He addressed three other rallies on Saturday in Makokoba, Luveve and Lobengula constituencies.

Zanu-PF will be represented by Cdes Godfrey Malaba in Pumula, Joseph Tshuma in Mpopoma, Tshinga Dube in Makokoba, Ntandoyenkosi Mlilo in Luveve and Maidei Mpala in Lobengula. VP Mphoko said he and Dabengwa, among other veterans of the struggle, had gone through difficult times during the war and it was sad that Dabengwa decided to leave Zanu-PF.

He revealed that during the Sipolilo operation at the height of the liberation struggle, he, Dabengwa, Joe Modise of the ANC and other fighters had to drink their own urine as they had run out of water.

“Dumiso did not join Zipra, we formed it. I operated with him in Sipolilo. We drank our own urine in one of the operations when we had travelled for more than 60 kilometres to a place where there was no water. We opened our water bottles, shot into them and waited for the acids to evaporate. We then ate Russian chocolate and drank our own urine,” said VP Mphoko.

“We went through many things together. This is part of our history that we are proud of but Dabengwa has messed his record. You can’t go all the way to the top and then reduce yourself like that.”

VP Mphoko said the late founding nationalist Joshua Nkomo had signed the unity Accord with President Robert Mugabe, bringing together PF Zapu and Zanu to make Zanu-PF, the only genuine revolutionary party in the country.

Before VP Mphoko, Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Absolom Sikhosana said Dabengwa used to command a lot or respect before forming Zapu.

“Of all the people, it’s so painful but we are forced to say down with Dabengwa. We had so much respect for him but we say down with Dabengwa,” he said.

Cde Sikhosana said all parties that have opposed Zanu-PF since Independence have all crumbled with time, including the MDCs, that failed to field candidates for the by-elections in fear of a humiliating defeat. VP Mphoko urged Pumula residents to vote Cde Malaba, saying opposition parties and independent candidates will not bring development to their area.

He called on the MDCs to stop misleading the people of Bulawayo by making false promises that they would bring about development yet they were outside the Government. “There is no MDC or Zapu minister in Cabinet. All ministers are Zanu-PF and the Government is Zanu-PF. You get better representation with legislators from the ruling party, who have the capacity to attend to your problems,” said VP Mphoko.

He said Bulawayo had suffered massive de-industrialisation leading to job losses and the situation could only be turned around by Zanu-PF MPs.

VP Mphoko called on party supporters to register as voters to ensure the party wins.

He castigated factionalism and urged the youths to desist from being proxies of other politicians. “Youths should be Zanu-PF and not belong to individuals. If you belong to a certain person, when they fall, you fall too. If you are a Zanu-PF youth, on the other hand, you have a longer life in the party,” he said. VP Mphoko urged the youths to emulate the party’s leadership so that they become good leaders tomorrow.

Meanwhile, VP Mphoko announced that he had assigned National Consultative Assembly member Cde Angeline Masuku to co-ordinate projects, especially for women, in all the constituencies starting with the five vacant ones.


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    Svosve 7 years ago

    It’s now clear! The Zanu PF govt has long practiced discrimination and this is clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Will human rights lawyers please take legal action to reverse this brazen unfairness!

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    Svosve 7 years ago

    Wow! This is scarry. Is VP Mphoko a democrat or NOT? So it means a liberation icon ceases to be a hero if he/she leaves Zanu PF? And why should tax payers fund Zanu PF heroes?

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    Yebo kusebenzani khonokho 35yrs lenzeni dlanini lithule umsindo hayi ukuchothoza abanye

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    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    This is “Politics of Poverty” at best. What has Dumiso Dabengwa to do with the economic meltdown the people of Bulawayo in particular, and the whole country in general are experiencing after 35 years of ZANU rule? Mphoko has to drag Dabengwa’s name to the mud to try and boost his credentials. The truth of the matter is that Zimbabweans do not know you Mr. Mphoko, demonizing Mr. Dabengwa does not make you popular. You could do a lot to prove to this nation what you are made of by delivering tangible forward-looking programmes to benefit all, instead of denigrating people who command more respect than you do. Name-calling will not bring food to the millions of Zimbabweans who are suffering.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    Iwe Mphoko whoever you are. You talk so much rubbish it is coming out of your ears and every hole in your stinking body. Dumiso is no Mugabe creeper like you and your type. The people of Bulawayo will vote for who they want not because you say so. Your ZanuPF destroyed Bulawayo and now you are sent to grovel to them for your browny points . Go to Hell you murderers.

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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    Mphoko of no record cannot about records of other people. He has been in office for less than five months and each time he has opened his mouth he has blundered.

    How can Zanu PF MPs turn around the situation in Bulawayo when they have failed the whole country? There is no need to talk like job losses are only happening in Bulawayo when they are happening everywhere in the country where Zanu PF has totally failed to run the country.

    A good government is there for all its people not just for its supporters. But Zanu PF has proved over the years that its there only for its top leadership.

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    Mphoko imboko for real. Can Naison Ndlovu christen him for uttering junk

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    Jabulani Sibanda 7 years ago

    Mboko never went to war he was working for Ian Smith goverment for reference ask Aneious Chigwedere and Chihuri