Emboldened Zanu PF youths on the rampage

via Emboldened Zanu PF youths on the rampage 11/01/2015

ZANU PF youths who got a confidence boost through First Lady Grace Mugabe’s backing during the pre-congress period have reportedly gone on the rampage in Mashonaland Central where they are acting with impunity including invading farms.

Sources said the youths have become uncontrollable to the extent that even senior party officials are now afraid of reprimanding them.

“The youths have been running the show with the First Lady since she unleashed her anger on the former vice president Joice Mujuru,” a source said.

“No one in ZANU PF can stand up to them for fear of being labelled Gamatox and now they are using the same power to invade farms in Mashonaland Central province.”

Mashonaland Central provincial affairs minister Martin Dinha confirmed that some rogue youths are causing havoc in his province.

“I can confirm that some rogue elements claiming to be part of our youths have been invading some farms and as we speak two of them were identified, arrested and sentenced to 24 months in prison,” Dinha said.

He added: “It is not true though that the youths have become powerful due to their association with the first family.”

Prior to the congress the youths who travelled across the country became untouchable elements as they enjoyed the support of the first family.

President Robert Mugabe even heeded calls by the youths to punish Mujuru at a stormy meeting in Harare after the chaotic youth league conference.

“This is the result of a process that is myopic and self-centred,” said another ZANU PF official.

“They have created a monster in these youths and now it is turning against them. They enjoyed the barbaric nature of these youths when they chased veterans like Nicholas Goche and other former military personnel from the structures and now look at what they are doing,” said the official.

“They have become unguided missiles and they will keep on opening fire in all directions until they clash with their masters.”