Ex-PM still seeks Biti gang Parly recall

via Ex-PM still seeks Biti gang Parly recall New Zimbabwe 14/10/2014

FORMER Prime Minister and opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai still wants errant legislators who rebelled against his leadership to be recalled from Parliament, it has emerged.

The MDC-T split for the second time in 10 years early this year, following its electoral thumping at the hands of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in harmonised elections held last July.

After the often violent spat, Tsvangirai sought to have lawmakers who threw their weight behind secretary general Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, recalled from the national assembly.

The move hit a brick-wall after Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda referred the party leaders to the courts of law.

However, the Tsvangirai faction spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora claimed Tuesday they are still trying to get Biti and his supporters who have grown in number since the April split recalled.

“The MDC is still working to have these rebels expelled from the national assembly because they were elected on our party ticket. Now that they have formed their own party they cannot continue to sit in the House on an MDC ticket.

“We are still going to recall them and we will do that in terms of the law which requires us to write a letter and withdraw any member that we want,” said Mwonzora.

Mudenda, after receiving letters from both the Tsvangirai faction and the MDC-Renewal group as the Biti and Mangoma-led group is now known, washed his hands off the feud.

“Parliament has no role to play in the internal disciplinary actions, disputes or differences within political parties, which matters may be appropriately dealt with by a competent court of law,” said the Speaker.

Biti has argued that Mudenda can only act on instructions from him because “I am the bona fide party secretary general and the only one mandated to write to the Speaker”.

While Mwonzora claimed Mudenda’s move was Zanu PF’s way of abating the Renewal group in the MDC-T fight, Biti insists Tsvangirai should approach the courts if he feels aggrieved.

According to sources in the Renewal group as many as 36 lawmakers are now aligned to their cause although no less than 26 have now come out in the open, up from the 9 initially thought to have “defected”.


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    todiizvazvo 8 years ago

    even mwana ari grade one knows renewal-mdc is not a registered party,so why are they given a platform of a party? police should not authorise any of their meetings or campaigns full stop.At the same time MDC-Tsvangson iri patight unless Renewal-regularise by registering as a party then these guys are just rebels inside MDC-T.Parliament cant do much on that,

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    gandanga 8 years ago

    Biti haana basa tichasangana kuma votes siyayi vadye kokupedzisira

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    Bruce 8 years ago

    I wish if MDC T may read inbetween the line. Biti and partners are sponsored by ZANU PF to cause confusion in main stream MDC T this will help ZANU PF sort it self and also point to them as confused group. ZANU PF realised that MDC N is finished and MDCT has whethered that storm. For MDC T to pursue recalling and going to courts, which are presided by ZANU PF is waste of resources and creating more enemies within rank and file of MDC T which will only get to the advantage of ZANU PF. The enemy is not split but ZANU PF so rather ignore all these little fights, gear up for the 2018 and get all the information about voters roll, legislation issue regarding the elections and go out there educate people about that. In the public there need to know how you as MDC T will solve economic challenges not whether Biti is out of parliament or not.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    MDC-Renewal,BITI,Mudenda,Mangoma=ZANU PF