Zanu PF youths stage Harare rampage

via Zanu PF youths stage Harare rampage New Zimbabwe 14/10/2014

A GROUP of rowdy Zanu PF youths in Southlea Park in Harare South on Monday went on the rampage beating up residents and shutting down tuckshops in a campaign that has been disowned by the ruling party.

Trouble started after one of the youths was allegedly insulted while drinking beer at Gora shops by a bar attendant.

A source who witnessed the incident said the youths, who were wielding sticks, then besieged a cabin which is being used as a bar and beat up the owner.

The youths were singing revolutionary songs and chanted Zanu PF party slogans. They then ordered all tuckshop owners and vegetable vendors in the area to close down their businesses.

“These Zanu PF youths came here and demanded that we close the bar saying their colleague had been ill-treated by the owner of the bar,” said a man who declined to be named.

“The bar owner then ran away to his house which is nearby but they pursued him and caught him at his house. They broke the windows of his cabin and began beating him up.

“They returned to the shops and forced every tuckshop to close. They also ordered everyone vending around that area to shut down.”

Zanu PF’s MP for the area, Shadreck Mashayamombe, apologised on behalf of the party for the fracas adding he was going to get to the bottom of the matter.

“I am very sorry for what you are saying is happening. It is unfortunate that I am in Bulawayo busy with the First Lady’s political meetings here in Matabeleland. But be that as it may I am right away going to call my lieutenants who are there and get the information,” said Mashayamombe in a telephone interview. also sought comment from officials at the party’s Harare province head office who promised to take action.

“We are going to inform our security department which will act on that. Those people are not being motivated by the party in their actions because there is no one who has a right to destroy anyone’s property or beat up anyone.

“That is never the party’s position,” said Hazel Chinake Zanu PF’s Harare provincial secretary for information.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    All hell breaks loose , the big dogs can no longer reign in their puppies?? Break down in law and order complete.

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    todiizvazvo 8 years ago

    Its high time we should fight back!mavendor adii zvawo?

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    Zanu PF — pure filth.

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    Maybe these lawless nits were sulking because they missed the bus to go round the country wiping that woman’s arze. Missed out on a chance to earn some weed and a few dollars.

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    Violence is zanu policy. So that zanu spokeswoman is talking rubish – and she knows it. To prove my point, lets see what will happen to the drunken zanu youths!!

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    Kevin 8 years ago

    Where were the Police? Useless corrupt enforcers of ZANU PF crimes.

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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Nothing is going to happen to these zpf youths. Lawlessness and looting is zpf game