Farm grab UK doctor gets death threats

via Farm grab UK doctor gets death threats – New Zimbabwe 14/10/2015

UK-BASED medical doctor, Sylvester Nyatsuro, 45, was Wednesday inundated with death threatening messages and demands for his immediate deportation for alleged attempts to stampede a white Zimbabwean off his tobacco farm.

The dispute over the Mashonaland Central property was expected to be heard in the Zimbabwean courts Thursday.

Nyatsuro’s distraught wife, Veronica, currently in Zimbabwe, told that some irate locals have besieged the family’s Nottingham home calling for the General Practitioner’s head.

Zvinhu zvanyanya kuoma manje kuEngland (we are now under siege in England), we don’t know what to do now,” Veronica said.

“People are now phoning, issuing death threats; the local MP and newspapers have also phoned saying he has to be deported.”

Nyatsuro moved to the UK in 2003 and is now a British citizen. He runs a slimming clinic – Willows Medical Centre – in Nottingham.

His wife denied British media reports the couple has deployed violent youths in attempts to force Phillip Rankin, 57, off the 2000-acre property.

She says reports about the couple’s alleged violent tendencies towards the farmer were all cooked up by Rankin to whip up emotions in Britain and put pressure on them to give up the farm.

“People are now saying he (Nyatsuro) has to be killed together with his children. He was holed up in the house for the whole day (Wednesday),” Veronica said.

“We just don’t know how to handle it now and the most unfair thing is that it (allegations) is not true. It is just scary and they are even threatening to come to the surgery.”

Press reports claim Nyatsuro used his close connections with the first family to muscle his way into the productive Mashonaland Central farm which has a $360,000 worth tobacco crop on the ground.

The couple is further said to have visited the Muzarabani farm last month along with a posse of menacing Zanu PF youths and ordered Rankin to vacate the property.

On his part, Rankin has vowed he will not give way to “a British citizen”.

But Veronica spent 15 minutes with our reporter Wednesday painstakingly pleading the couple’s innocence.

“There is no form of violence at all, not at any one time,” she said, adding that they were lawfully offered the property like everyone else and had all along been communicating with a “cooperating” Rankin, even offering him more time to wind up his business.

Veronica admitted knowing the Mugabes but denied the first family ever played any active role in the acquisition of the property.

She further says a lot of the hostilities directed towards Rankin were in fact emanating from the farmer’s long time neighbours he has in the past angered by shooting willy-nilly at their livestock.


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot. ZANU people get used to this. Your time is coming to an end

  • comment-avatar
    Grabmore 7 years ago

    Dear Veronica. Did you or did you not visit that farm this year?

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Zero sympathy you B#tch , sleep with one eye open!!!!!

  • comment-avatar

    Always the case with bullies. Once they are stood up to they turn into sniveling, grovelling cowards. See how it feels now.

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 7 years ago

    Rankin actually bought this farm on the open market. There cannot be any justification for a couple resided in the UK or anyone else for that matter to forcibly take this farm.
    They want surgeries in the UK and farms in Zimbabwe – what kind of people are these?
    In the meantime they spoil it for all Zimbabweans, she can’t complain about anything, she has brought it all upon herself.

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Rhodesians never die, not sure about British Doctors though???

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    Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahhahahahahaaa
    Sleep tight you monsters!

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    Johann 7 years ago

    The British government is responsible for all of this. They orchestrated the empowerment of Mugabe, they allowed thieves and murderers to settle and open businesses in their own country. They even prop up the Zanu govt with aid. Shame on them.

  • comment-avatar
    Stewart 7 years ago

    Does her husband also lie as well as steal. A fine example to to the medical profession and should be reported to the Medical Council for their unprofessionalism.

  • comment-avatar
    edward 7 years ago

    You are trying to take something that does not belong to you!!!! Go to hell

  • comment-avatar
    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    This just confirms that land redistribution under the illegal farm invasions was meant to enrich ZANU cronies. All they want is to reap where they have not sown. I only hope the British citizens will besiege that slimming clinic and render it impossible to operate to give these guys a taste of their own medicine. How does a British citizen claim a farm in Zimbabwe? The crime of these Zimbabwean farmers is just that they are white! I am sick and tired of this xenophobic/racist government.

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    She says “they were lawfully offered the property” – Wow, since when can you “lawfully” offer someone else’s property?

    As they have lived in Civilisation since 2003 they should know full well what theft and intimidation are.

    I 100% support all those who are harrassing this poisonous pair.

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    “Zvinhu zvanyanya kuoma manje kuEngland (we are now under siege in England), we don’t know what to do now,” Veronica said.



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    I don’t get it….Veronica if you did not pay for that farm….how the hell do you even own it…its what the zanu-pf do best smash and grab !!!!!!!