Russia’s Industry, Trade deputy minister jets in

via Russia’s Industry, Trade deputy minister jets in | The Herald October 15, 2015

The Russian Federation Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mr Georgy V. Kalamanov arrived in the country yesterday, leading a delegation of 15 Russian business people to explore areas of investment in mining and agriculture.

The delegation will be in the country until the weekend and are scheduled to pay a courtesy call on President Mugabe. They are also expected to meet Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Mines and Mining Development and Energy and Power Development.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgar Mbwembwe said the delegation consists of business people with interests in various sectors of the economy.

“The visit is a follow up on the visit by a high-powered delegation from Russia which saw the formation of a Zimbabwe-Russia joint commission which is a working group on mining development and investment cooperation,” said Deputy Minister Mbwembwe.

“With this visiting delegation, we are discussing as a cooperation, the opportunities for investment in the mining and agriculture sectors.

“Today, we will discuss opportunities existing in the mining sector. We have formed two working groups.” Deputy Minister Mbwembwe added that the two groups have listed areas of interest and will look at the details of how it can be done.

“We will look at where exactly the interests are. The idea is for them to invest and trade because they have a lot of expertise.”


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    We are neither free nor in a democracy. What sovereign nation would depend on foreigners when citizens cannot get reciprocal benefits in other lands. Concessions after concessions. Loan upon loan. Where has the money borrowed previously gone? Fat cats and Swiss banks. Thieves are selling our country. We think it is investment. We missed the freedom ideals and we are paying heavily for giving our so called liberators too much honour. Enough is enough. ZANU has to go.