Gamatox 2 brewing: Moyo

via Gamatox 2 brewing: Moyo – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 31, 2015

ZANU PF politburo member and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has accused sections of the party calling for Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s censure of pushing an agenda similar to that of a vanquished Zanu PF faction.

By Everson Mushava

Moyo said he smelt “Gamatox 2” after Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment chairperson Justice Mayor Wadyajena on Wednesday moved to press contempt of Parliament charges against Kasukuwere.

The Higher Education minister took to Twitter to vent his frustration over the onslaught against the Zanu PF commissar.

Gamatox was derisively used against a Zanu PF faction linked to former Vice-President JoiceMujuru that was accused of plotting to oust President Robert Mugabe through unconstitutional means.

Moyo wondered how a Parliament dominated by Zanu PF, which controls the House could propose to nail a fellow party member.

“Moves in Parly to charge ruling Party’s Commissar? This smells like Gamatox 2 and Nieebgate 2,” Moyo wrote.

“With the leader of the House, chief whip, Speaker of Parliament, portfolio committee majority and its chair all ours how do we move to charge our commissar?”

Moyo said the calls for Kasukuwere to be censured were personal, not legal.

“This is not about rule of law. In fact no law is at issue in this matter,” he claimed.

“The purported charge is personal and has nothing to do with CSOTs! (Community Share Ownership Trusts)”

On Wednesday, Wadyajena alleged that Kasukuwere openly threatened him when his committee was gathering oral evidence on the Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust.

Yesterday, the youthful MP stood his ground and maintained that the decision to invite Kasukuwere to appear before his committee was informed by Section 107(2) of the Constitution.

The section compels a Vice-President, minister and deputy minister to attend Parliament and parliamentary committees in order to answer questions concerning matters where he or she is collectively or individually responsible.

Wadyajena said Moyo should acquaint himself with the Constitution and parliamentary rules before making unfounded statements.

“The honourable minister must be reminded that he who alleges must prove instead of sidestepping issues, but if indeed he said that like you are saying it, I urge the good Prof to acquaint himself with the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the Standing Rules and Orders of Parliament,” he said.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda is expected to soon make a ruling on the case.


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    P Svosve 7 years ago

    Cde Moyo, you are scary… so to you a Zanu PF member must not be punished for wrong doing? STOP it cde loud mouth. We need a functional govt admin, a functional economy … and not protection of cronies!

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    This Nathaniel Manheru Jonathan Moyo is a pure idiot. All along many of us have been mislead into believing that this political turn-coat was a really Professor (in the true sense of the word). It is now abundantly clear that either Professor is just one of his many names given to him by his grandmother at birth (just like Manheru & others); or, at worst this fool is a fake professor who needs to be investigated how he got such a privileged title when most of his utterances parades him as a brainless dunderhead. Surely, how can “professor” be so dull as to fail to see clear legal issues; and only see some imaginary Gamatox 2, Gamatox 3, ….,even Gamatox z. A pathetic fellow indeed!

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    FromTheHip 7 years ago

    Moyo getting angry on behalf of Tyson? Looks like Mliswa was onto something when he labeled this pair ‘gay gangsters.’ Whatever happened to Moyo’s threat to sue Mliswa, by the way…?

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    Petros Magomazi 7 years ago

    Professionals and technocrats in government are supposed to be paragons of reason and common sense. When they become more and more like village politicians you begin to wonder as to the value of education. Minister Kasukuwere should explain what happened to the CSOT that were announced to great fanfare but never delivered on the promises. Bringing the executive to account for these and other issues is what parliamentarians should be doing without fear or favour. So Prof Moyo and other spoilt politicins in Zanu PF should learn and accept that their actions are subject to scrutiny by parliament and the solution is to deliver services to the people and not to attack parliamentarians who are doing their job. I really disappointed by Prof Moyo.

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      Mr (Prof) Moyo is coming out now as a G40.How can he try to defend the indefensible. Tyson is a self proclaimed thug. He even lied to the President about these CSOTs that the President was shocked and felt bad in Marange when he thought all was well.
      Wadyajende is above board. Mujuru was fired after telling Mr (aka Prof) that you dont wash your linen in public. Now its hitting his own girl/boyfriend he is trying to take us for a ride. Only if Mugabe wacho was still sane to analise these things. But eish. Cecil was a lion. President vedu rave bere remunhu. Wish hunters can come for this hyna. Hunting fees freeeeee.