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via Govt harmonising investment laws | The Herald October 5, 2015

“Dynamite comes in small packages”, goes an old saying. This aptly describes multi-talented visual artist, dancer, jewellery assembler and photographer Carol Maburutse. Carol, whose stage name is “Red Ruff Rider”, is gifted with talents that are beyond the imagination of many. The 29-year-old spoke about her life and career.

“On jewellery, I buy finished goods and break them into pieces making something new out of it. Sometimes I buy beads among other small things and create something different.

“I started assembling jewellery sometime last year in August after I went through some designs on the internet and it is where I got my inspiration, learning how to do my own,” she said.

Carol said she is destined to live big out of her creations and intends to create jobs for other youths in jewellery assembling.

She said most young people search for useless things on the Internet instead of learning new helpful skills.

“They teach everything on how to create something new or unique making it as your own. And for my designs are call them funky jewellery worn anytime or at any kind of event.

“I want to take my designs to fashion shows and other places. I will also take the works to many influential people in the country.”

Carol said assembling jewellery is very simple, allowing one to come up with pieces of their choice.

“You can always create a name for your jewellery. If one is very creative, it becomes easy for them to assemble beautiful pieces.”

Other than jewellery making, Carol is also gifted in graphic designing.

“I do photography where I derived my love to painting landscapes and nature. Taking up the tasks like participating in exhibitions is inspiring. When I took part on an end of year exhibition at the National Gallery people were captivated and some bought the pieces.”

In photography, Carol find herself getting attached to nature doing portraits on her flora and fauna.

“I take pictures on flora and fauna in many places unseen by a number of people in the country and I do graphic design, playing around with images so that they become more appealing.

“After editing them, I make calendars or other things like anytime cuts. I see myself going places with art since it is one of the people’s favourite. I sell some of my works on Friday or Sundays in Avondale,” she said.

Carol is also a dancer.

Although most people are more familiar with dub stab moves, Carol found herself attached to crazy dancing that she started in 2006.

“Dancing is an ingrained thing since I grew up enjoying dancing. My dancing routine is called ‘crazy dance’, which is a fusion of house, tango and other genres.

“I dance to all genres and would like to tell my fans that Red Ruff Rider is here to stay, she is there to entertain you both young and old,” she said.

On dancing, Carol made it through to one of the country’s dancing competition, “Jibilika Dance Festival” in Harare in its infancy stages.

She failed to make a mark because at the competition, they focused more on hip-hop.

She did art education at the National Gallery School of Visual Art.