Mujuru divides MDC-T

via Mujuru divides MDC-T – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 5, 2015

TALK of a possible coalition between main opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru has divided the MDC-T’s top leadership with some senior officials yesterday denouncing her as a “politically troubled soul”.


Addressing an MDC-T feedback rally in Harare yesterday, national youth leader Happymore Chidziva and former Energy minister Ellias Mudzuri described the so-called coalition talks with Mujuru as “a great betrayal of those who died for the democratic struggle”.

This comes shortly after Tsvangirai confirmed that his party was involved in coalition talks with Mujuru to challenge President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the 2018 elections as one umbrella.

Tsvangirai made the disclosure during burial of former Masvingo mayor Femius Chakabuda where he warned that the project might be stalled by disagreements over sharing of top posts.

But Chidziva scoffed at talk of a possible coalition.

“As the youth, we are very clear, the MDC-T and Tsvangirai have capacity to take power from Zanu PF alone. We will not support the so-called coalition because we do not need it,” Chidziva said.

“It will be a betrayal of those who died for the democratic struggle if we are to be seen to work together with people who presided over the abuse and killings of our people in Mashonaland Central. It is not going to happen under our watch.”

Speaking at the same event, Mudzuri said Mujuru “cannot have people harping for her”.

“The Mujuru issue has been blown out of proportion. She has not said anything and remains in hiding, but we have people trying to speak for her. Leave her until such time she is ready to speak for herself. We cannot be seen to be dragging her into the political game,” Mudzuri said.

Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa said Mujuru “cannot expect to come straight into the driving seat”.

“If she wants to join opposition politics then it is fine, but she cannot expect to come straight into the driving seat. It is not going to happen. There is a good reason why the MDC-T is still in opposition. It is because we are being refined for governance,” he said.

Giving a clearest hint that the coalition was nothing, but a red herring that faces a stillbirth, Chamisa added: “Mujuru is a troubled soul, she has to work and earn her stripes. Mujuru can join the lower ranks and learn from those who have been at the game of opposing Zanu PF for longer.”

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who has assumed the position of information chief in the group of disgruntled former ruling party senior officials, has been quoted in the media as saying People First is ready to work with other opposition parties.

Gumbo has claimed low level engagements have already begun at the behest of Mujuru and Tsvangirai as well as other opposition formations.


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    Newnation 7 years ago

    Fellow Zimbabweans its time to swallow our pride and put the country first. If we are true democrats its time to pull together and address the situation together. Fragmented as before will still lead to disaster. We are already reaping the fruits of fruits of divisive speech from my former Hurungwe West speech. Some people are already thinking of landslide victory for the opposition in 2018 discounting His Excellency saying he is old, let me warn you my fellow Democrats “Kuzununguka kwezino sandikudonha” you will be shocked if you dont come together and balance the equation together. Be reminded that people vote for their party not the person, only a few jump the boat because of the person but the majority go for their party. Highlanders supporters will follow their team to grave so do true Dynamos supporters. If you have the opportunity to add one vote to your side i would say take it. These silly divisions have costed you guys victory so many times and each time you blame vote rigging ignoring the real problem “DISUNITY OF OPPOSITION FORCES” Tsvangirai knows this very well. For me its not about who gets what post ist about the balance of power in the country. All you need is 50% + 1 vote then you take the keys. That is a democratic state we aspire than these so called landslide victories known for breeding BOOTLICKERS in parliament who will clap for what they even know that is leading the country the wrong direction. Fellow citizens I urge you to read ZUNDE manifesto which some of you have already done and see the need to come together like what the nigerians have realised and done to have genuine debate in building their country. I an not asking you to support ZUNDE but just to draw your attention on the need to come together and come up with a voice that can correct the situation/system that has destroyed our country for donkey years. UNITY IS THE ANSWER if anything is to come out of the 2018 general election. If not careful you can win them again and be subjected to serious beating worse than 2008. Then what!!!! REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET…

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    Vana Mudzuri! Now scared of being elbowed from the vantage points on the feeding trough? Manje for your info, Zim political transformation (deposing ZPF, and starting a new dispensation) requires a united opposition. After the 2018 elections, there will be a ‘coalition’ government, and thereafter, parties can pursue solo efforts in the 2023 elections. What betrayal are you talking about? It is strategy. I respect active politicians in opposition, especially given the ruling party’s record and methods. However, opposition politicians, especially those that have remained in the MDC T must not try to insulate the party as a method of self preservation, protection of own positions! That is bad. Kune vanhu vakawanda who can add value, including structuring pacts carefully so that the party can work with everyone, and every party without risking dilution. Remember, this is the last chance for the party, after this, the masses that support the MDC T will be convinced that a new vehicle is required for political change, even the small parties dzavana Biti, Mangoma, Ncube, will be considered. Teererai izvi vaMudzuri.

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    What is been said here is that you (knowingly and willingly) will sleep with a snake( that has the means and the capacity to bite and kill you at any time she wants to)just so you are able to dethrone ZANU PF.(READ MY LIPS CAREFULLY — SHE IS ZANU PF) So who are you dethroning?? — WHO DARES WINS—IF YOU ARE GOING TO RULE THIS COUNTRY YOU SHOULD HAVE THE COURAGE OF YOUR CONVICTIONS– Have as many coalitions as you want but do not JOIN PEOPLE FIRST (P.F.) throw the dice and see who the people vote for!!IT IS OUR TURN TO WIN!!!